In Reply to Those Who Condemn All Abortion

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I prayed for my baby and was lucky enough after eight miscarraiges to have him. I have had friends who prayed and begged God for a child only to be told that should they go through with having the baby that they would die for certain and the baby would have less than a two percent chance to make it. I see the powems everywhere about how evil abortion is, but has everyone ever concidered that not all mothers who abort did so because they wanted to? Take the whole thing into your sight, not just the bad parts of it. sometimes there is no choice. And what about the teens who told their parents and their parents forced them to? We were told to love everyone by the Lord, so why not give it a try? Why not try to understand the reasons? not everyone wants to.. not everyone has a choice.

Submitted: December 25, 2007

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Submitted: December 25, 2007



People hate my mommy,

they say she's mean and bad,

if only they could have known,

how this made her sad.


I know my mommy loved me,

I know she prayed every day for my love,

I know her and daddy wanted me to be,

but it was my turn to go above.


If mommy had not done as she did,

If she had let me live,

and daddy had held me in his arms,

She would have caused herself great harm.


She was told the day she got the test,

"It's him or you, there is no 'best'."

Daddy loved her so,

and she cried so deep it was felt in my soul.


Not all mommy's have a choice,

the lord can't always give us a voice.

She cried and begged and prayed,

wanting it to be said,

"All will be well."


The doctors told her I would never make it,

even if she had me I would not survive,

She closed her eyes and held her hands to her stomach.

why would God make me to die?


She could have taken that minimal chance,

She could have hoped I would grow to dance,

I'm am happy she let me go,

I just want you all to know,

I love my mommy,

Let her be!


I am alive in heaven,

I see here every day and every word they've spoken!

She comes to my small grave every day,

She doesn't let the pain keep her away.


My mommy loves me,

Let her be.

She hurts so much inside,

don't tell her she should have died!


How can you be so cruel?

How can you be so thoughtless?

I do not understand it.

did God not say "Love your neigbor?"

Did he not say "look after those in need"?

Love my mommy, give her kindness,

She lost as much as I did.

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