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why we cannot seem to change large industry

Submitted: October 10, 2007

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Submitted: October 10, 2007



Over the last week I have had rather heated discussions with my fiance and my mother due to a few badly written/misunderstood documentaries on large industries. Americans today seem to lack the ability to think beyond step one when itcomes to fixing the problems in this area. I should say rather it's the people my age and younger who misunderstand the truth behind it all. The first documentary was rather biased and one sided in the interviews, though it was not intended to be. It told how Wal-Mart is creating death jobs in it's products factories and how it's security only seems to be to keep theives from escaping and nothing else.

Let me first try to address the first part, the ones on the factories. While Wal-Mart itself may have in the past and perhaps even now have factories in which they either own 100% or own stock in that pay "starving man wages" the truth is that by not allowing Wal-Mart into a neigborhood, or refusing to buy from them in the end will not solve the problem. Rather than doing as we have in times past (which in my 23 years we have already done to Hills, Ames, Sears, K-Mart and more) and trying to run the biggest out of business, instead we should try to go after the real problem as a people. By attacking Wal-Mart in the way of running them out the only thing we do is make room for the next biggest name on the list, whether that be Meijers, Krogers, or some other large business, to come in and do the same thing. The problem mostly lay in the brand companies who build overseas where it is NOT illegal for them to kill their employees slowly by paying them as indecent a wage as 3 cents an hour and charging them rent and utilitiesjust to work there. Companies such as Mattel, Fisher Price, and others need to be made aware that we want their product but not at such a high cost, we can do this by researching and buying off brands made in the United States reguardless of whether we feel they are as good and speaking out to these companies publicly and through our government and telling them "We don't want you to go away, we just want you to change how you make your product, and if you can't at least where you buy your products from!" Tell them we want them to do research as well on their own company, from the bottom up, pay US good, pay THEM good and we will buy from you and be happy to keep returning. Make sure that if one doesn't listen that we research enough not to go to the next cheapest without knowing that we aren't going from supporting one bad system to another.

To address the hatred on security systems in our big companies we buy from we should not just outcry against one, but all known companies that do nothing but stay on the sidelines, aid in laws to help secure ourselves. Make sure these laws are applied directly to the companies and not just in general. DEMAND safety from these crimes not just cry when it happens in a big company that our government should be already placing checks and balances on to prevent it. It is as much OUR fault these things happen in the end as the companies fault. WE do NOT stand before the one great thing that can step in and AID us in stopping these horrible events from happening.


I love America, I love the food I eat, the cloths I wear, the electronics I use to type here and the games I play, but I also understand that I as one cannot change where they come from, but we as an informed people together can make a difference. Stand with me, show the world we can and will change ourselves, thats when they will again be willing to listen to us. Until we change, they won't either.

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