Over and Up--Over and Out!

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My time as a rock god!

Submitted: January 04, 2016

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Submitted: January 04, 2016




Yes, I invented a new kind of heavy metal song,

to entertain the watching thongs--err--throngs.


It promoted projectiling, before the big rock show, and I'm not talking fans.

No, I'm talking about one particular singer--me--if the stands


held anymore than zero, I froze up, like a deer in the freezer,

I would have given anything to not even have been up there,


No, the deer was in the headlights, if you want to get all technical on me.

The blinding spotlights illuminated a blinded me, see,


I drank a half-rack with a funnel, backstage, no, not quite that bad,

but close--I had to have my handy-dandy notepad


close at hand, because I couldn't remember the lyrics sometimes,

even though I had penned those particular rhymes.


Then, once we hit the stage, give me a shovel, cause I'm digging a hole!

Forget about looking cool, just staying up there was a hell of a goal!


We reached the last song--I couldn't even recall the first,

everyone else was happy with the show, I thought I was the worst!


Then, just when I'd somewhat recovered from this one,

here came another--let me tell you, it was no f-ing fun!





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