For atheists: Of messiahs and murderers

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The compact disapproval of islam and some other thoughts for those who still can think

Submitted: July 17, 2013

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Submitted: July 17, 2013



The problem with islam has grown so big that the amount of material available is actually more an obstacle than helpful. This text claims that on all websites dealing with the subject there is too much text and the essence could be put into shorter words. hence, lets play a game. I want you to read only the bold in this text. And later you can read the whole - or discard it. If you find yourself "trying" to read the non-bold text after each bold sentence, well, looks like you discovered an interested. :)

First who am I? Not that it matters, you should rather ask yourself Who are you - are you one of those who buy things because of political correctness or one of those who dare to have an own opinion? This goes to anyone who reads this. I used to hate muslims like hell till i learned they are victims of some deceit - as we used to be force converted to christianity too. many people might wonder why does islam spread by the sword (nowadays by the penis) and it is because it was founded by a violent troupe and also because all they saw was - monotheistic christianity worked great, and monotheistic christianity spread successfully by violent conversion, contradicting to Jesus' ways. You might think so random barbarians decided to do the same but wrong again. Lots of arabs and others were christian - and leave out mecca because its a fiction it all kinda started out in medina and mecca, thats another legend constructed after it.

There are hundreds of websites that bring literally dozens of bible passages to prove the Quran is from the devil, which is ambitious but foolish because the authors are christians who immediately come up with jesus. Thats like telling people who arent into Religion, that Religion A is so bad, because Religion B is so good. Atheists are put off from reading crap like that, and they are pretty right. Its just a random fact that Jesus, the messiah of the christians, is the easiest way to disapprove islam. Islam is hopeless mischief.  i also dont want to start telling the big list of contradictions and why Muhammad is a fiction made up by people who lived later, and i also wont cover up what that fictional person has said (If its about villains i rather quote Darth Vader, he was cool) and why we should mind muslims for having been deceived by the abbasids, and all that. It makes things complex and gives opportunity to protest at every detail. you know, websites that take an hour to read will never become the popular "opinion" of the masses of whether islam is either good, or bad, or whatever. Nobody seemingly understood it needs a disapproval as short as possible. Now, some geniuses come up with "Yeah islam is shit" but no, thats just hateful nonsense as the responses from muslims are 99% too. we need it short and useful. Not everyone is interested in becomeing an expert just to have an opinion. Thus... It takes a short solution that everyone should know like "I dont want to put my hand into fire, it hurts". Simple as that or people wont learn it.. And it is there. it just disappears in peoples neverending amount of quotes and stuff, they dont see its the only thing they require - and that discussion with islam to be "cool" is indiscutable (As putin says he wont haggle with terrorists. I put it simple as that - is islam cooL? You know, you might think it cant be put like that but still everyone knows "Was Hitler cool?" "Sure not, stay away from that".

Islam's prophet and script claims it and they are authentic by not denying Jesus, whereas, it however denies that Jesus is the son of god. Now if you are not a christian, you need to know the essence of christianity is that you acknowledge Jesus to be the son of god , else you deny him and thus are a disbeliever. So this renders the entire statement of islam a mischief. Some even distort jesus yet worse because they didnt dig (at all) what makes him a messiah to the christians, saying the crucification was a hoax. Thats the worst blasphemy possible and they try to a prove their authenticity by a blasphemy. Brilliant, sounds like thats unreal huh? And btw Muhammad was just a person who called himself a prophet - among many other. Additionally, since he didnt even exist, his existence was a hoax. In detail:

First summary: Denying that Jesus is gods son is disbelief. Muslims deny it. You dont have to be a christian to see this doesnt make sense.
Backgrounds arent important at the moment. Facts count - Muslims are heretics and/or blasphemers to christian understanding.

even if Muhammad had acknowledged Jesus to be the son of the christian god:
Jesus said there will be people after him who claim they are prophets. All of them are false because he, Jesus, is the last one. No other way leads to god but by acknowleding him. Muhammad came and said he is the last prophet, successor of other prophets, hence the final. Again, it takes no quotes to see that he is a heretic from a christian point of view, so its indiscutable to go any further. Just use your brain: Christians bring 100000 quotes from the bible to prove 100000 other quotes from the quran wrong instead to say "Our boss has said it clearly enough."

Additional, not neccessary but the cherry atop, a third thing could be mentioned: History (where it becomes interesting for atheists) proves that Muhammad didnt exist but hes a fiction claimed to have existed - by later people who overthrew some christian rulers. So its not even important to discuss what he said, did, thought, and that he laid 9 years olds, tore old women into half and all the "typical things a holy man does" (sarcasm V2.0) because additional to the paradox that this religion cant be anything else but a heresy, we even have the proove its socalled Founder didnt exist but other people pulled the strings in the background.

So, sum it up: we have a religion that claims to prove their authenticity by acknowledging the Messiah of another religion, whereas, they actually deny what makes him the messiah, so they dont acknowledge him but commit heresy. And that same Messiah warned : Who ever comes after him is a false prophet. Any questions? Yes, its that easy. Christians would end this with "AMEN" now.

For your interest, one of the backgrounds of this all is that some muslims believe jesus was the way their prophet considered a clever deceiver and betrayer of others - so some of them believe Jesus let Judas be crucified instead of his own. These people (muslims) dont understand the christian ethic of what made Jesus their holy messiah - not at all. The fact he was honorful and would not ever betray people, for instance. Another background is that in the time Muhammad was claimed to have lived, people awaited the "return" of the messiah. Life was dangerous and work was hard back then, dont underestimate. Since he did not come, some people felt god had forsaken them. later those who gained power used this and claimed "Sure he came but hes dead by now but good news I'm a descendant." Muhamad (with 1 M) was the title of the praised one thats Jesus, and the umayads who had ruled til they were overthrown were christian, not caliphs. those who overthrew them, the abbasids, claimed to be descendants of the "Muhamad", the returned messiah who became Muhammad. They constructed a complete life. Interestingly, this "reincarnatin of jesus was a plundering, ravaging savage - just as they, they were nothing else, ending the christian umayads, the era of christianity ended, it was all about power, and to pretend it had been like this since agaes, the umayads were re-labeled ("caliphs") They werent even innovative as you see. And forbid research so this obvious lie could be maintained. Again i dont bring any historic reference. because thats up to you. Im not your messiah to prove anything. i also am not here to flame those who are already victims of a hoax.  Im also not here to convince you, believe what you like (unlike muslims who claim to be tolerant but wont be able to resist to tell me how wrong this all is. Im just here to point out it is all indiscutable to discuss it. And since most muslim comments consist simply of "thats all a lie" - without to bring evidence - why should you (or I) go through the effort for quoting things to deaf ears and blind eyes, either. Are internet trolls worth making up entire piles of text with referrals where they never answer anyway? The only trolls that get replies like that are - muslims. because our western way of society treats them sensitive even when obviously doing what would be called trolling if its any other subject. No, i wont bring quotes, I even like when people have to read on themself. and most muslims dont know wahts in the quran otherwise they'd quote more than they do, and its remarkable how they have the time to troll forums - but not the time to read their book which they claim is the centerpiece of their life. im a cheeky one i know but i work on it so i dont offend the "hardest desert warriors of all time" (as they like to see themselves) - thousand swords cant injure them but some danish cartoon makes them cry - you remember... scary how vulnerable, back in the crusades they shouldve not drawn swords and lances but hold up cartoons - they enemy wouldve dropped (ten thousands) off htheir horses, crying. Well, not the time for that. Anyway. =^-^=

From now on, whenever you are asked what you think of Muhammad, you can say: He didnt exist so i dont care about him. He couldnt do miracles anyway, nor would he wish to do those except for his ego. Pretty unspectacular man."

From now on, whenever youre asked about islam, you can say "They betray everybody, even themselves were originally just betrayed and forced to convert. Its the religion of lies and force. Stop resisting is what they consider finding peace"

And from now on, assuming youre atheist and didnt know before, you can say "Jesus isnt proven to have existed either but he healed people and forgave them sins, whereas the "prophet" killed people for profit and raped their wives, so i guess i know who was the better man and why such a man might be holy to some." Moreover it gives you an insight of "..and what kind of person do you have to be to prefer the second, the ravaging bandit who kills people all the time? You guessed it, either you would have to be a bandit too, dreaming of a leader to justify your bloodline from - or a person whos threatened to be killed if you dont claim to like that man. The latter were the ancestors of all the brainwashed muslims you see these days. Thats why hating these victims of the plot is wrong. Mind them, all they can do is hate, its like a "game dog", he cant for having been made into that.

Please be amused about the comments that will follow, which all limit to either insults or offended crying, but not evidence because theres none - which is their worst fear. The worst fear of people is the fear they might be wrong. Jesus btw taught to forgive people, and to feel for them. See i didnt insult anyone in this text. No, i even do the opposite, i spread the love, the love they fear. I really feel for the poor muslims to have dedicated hundreds of years to a hoax and forgot how their ancestors were force converted, so should you. Last thing those "proud" people want is that others mind them as pathetic victims. But only thats the way to make them curios enough to question and investigate. Islam has grown in a christian environment and the term "islam" existed before Islam. Lots of original muslims were basically christian - thats why there should be no hate but helping to make everybody know and uncover what really happened. Religions drive people apart instead to unify them, as you can see once more.

Thanks for reading and prepare for censorships, protest, riot, foolishness. Not here - Everywhere.

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