the last cry of hope

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



Chapter one?


I am an ordinary 17-year old high school student,

I live currently with my aunt, my sister is in the

Hospital, her condition is worsening by the day

Yet she tries to hide it from me every time I come

To visit.

We don't talk about our parents a lot, it is for us

A heavy subject, we both have two things that

Remind us of our parents: a pendant that I got

From my father, and a ring inherited to my sick

Sister, we cherish them with our lives.

I wake up to my aunt shouting, brush my teeth,

Take a shower, eat breakfast and get ready to


As soon as I reached the door my aunt shouted:

"Now, take good care of yourself", "sure thing

Aunty, I will come back later" I replied gently.

I got out my house and to my surprise my

Best friend was waiting outside "hey

Man, how are you doing" I asked friendly,

"Good man, how are you?" he asked briefly

Great" I answer happily, we start heading

To school and on the way, we met our childhood

Friend: celty, she greeted us and continuous to

Walk with us to school, we arrived near the

The school gates and as I take a glance at the

Gates I saw an alluring maiden standing on the

Other side of the gate, she stared back at me, my

Heart races and we kept staring at each other for

A few minutes, I was startled to hear the bell ring

I and my friends rushed to the classroom and

Made it just in time, each of us sat on our separate

Desks, the bell rang for the first period and the

Teacher came in and announced that there will be

A transfer student coming to our class, everyone

Was excited to meet this new student, the Teacher

Called in the student, "is it a boy? Or is it a girl

I cannot wait to see" I wondered excitedly.

The doors open and my eyes widen, to my surprise

It was the same girl I saw at the gates, her graceful

Hair brushed through the door as she entered the

Classroom, she positioned herself to face the class,

Her eyes that are as blue as the azure sky meet

My casual normal ones, she began introducing

Herself, "my name is sffera flame blaze, I am 17

Years old, I hope from now on that you will take

Good care of me" she informed gently.

The teacher asked me if the seat next to me is

Empty, I inform her that it is indeed empty

She looked to sffera and told her to please take

A seat next to me, she began walking my direction,

I stared at her as she kept getting closer to me, my

Heart throbbed; she was now right next to me

"May I take this seat?" she asked nicely," of

Course, go right ahead" I replied bashfully, she sat

Down and class began, I saw her writing something

On a piece of paper, she stopped writing, she looks

At me and handed me the piece of paper, it says:

"Meet me on the rooftop after school"

I have my doubts but I decided to go anyways.

School is over and as soon as I heard the bell ring

I immediately got to the rooftop, I see her standing

There, looking at the sky, she turns to me and says:

"I have been looking for you cursious, you see,

I have come to give you an opportunity to save

Your sister I backed down a little, I couldn't believe

That I had a chance to save my sister, however,

There is a catch if you want to save your little

Sister, you will help me and my people fight the

Black dragon.

"What are you talking about? I'm just an ordinary

Human being" I shouted in disbelief.

"Your powers are inherited from your late father,

He was one of us demons" she completed boldly,

"You stand between two choices: either come with

Me and save the world and cure your sister, or

Stay here and let your sister and the world die,

You have until midnight to make your decision"

She said sincerely, she then vanished into thin air.

I was entirely confused, but I decided to go to the


It is 7:00 I have five hours until my final Decision

, I enter my sister's room and as usual

She is still in her coma; I sit beside her and start

Crying a little," I'll be sure to rid you of that curse

Even if I die trying" I said confidently.

Midnight strikes, a flickering red light came from

Outside the window, "have you made your

Decision?" she asked.

"I shall go with you to help defeat this dark dragon

Of yours" I answered with a bit of frustration.

She opened up a portal and we both jump inside,

We both ended up in a large castle viewing a

Beautiful city, "the king and queen have been

Awaiting your arrival" she said.

We proceed to the king's throne" it is me, Sffera,

I have brought Cursious like you ordered" she said.

"You may enter" replied a mysterious voice.

The doors and my eyes immediately fall on the

Silver plated floor and gold plated throne"

Welcome esteemed hero, we of the demons clan

Welcome you" he greeted me warmly.

The white dragon sure chose a fine host" he?"

Remarked joke fully.

The king came closer to me and asks for the

Pendant, I give it to him, he holds it above his


"You see your father and I were close friends, he

Often used to tell me about how he wanted to visit

The other world and widen his broad horizon, I

Always brushed it off as delusion thinking, seeing

As we are totally different species, however, he

Managed to realize his dream, he also hoped for

The destruction of the black dragon by his own kin.

Now, are you ready to take on his legacy?" he

Asked hopefully.

"I shall provide you with my aid as much as I can

Throughout this mission, after that, I will cure my

Sister "I answered determinately.

Silence fell for a few seconds, the king musters up

Some strength to explain the mission.

"As you may already know you are the light

Dragons' host, the dragons' power is sealed within

You and there are three mages that can undo the

Seals placed on the dragon, your mission is to find

The two mages and regroup with our army at

The South cost of the land" he completes explaining.

"Hold on, what happened to the third mage?" i

Asked confused.

"Oh I almost forgot, my daughter is one of the

Three mages, (the phoenix mage) her strength is

A force to be reckoned with" he added proudly.

She tells me to stand still and puts her hand on my

Head, she then injects some of her magic into me

I can feel the dragon's powerful bloodlust, my mind

Is completely void of any single thought except

Killing anyone before me" Sffera, how about a

Friendly combat practice" I ask with a menacing


She appears to be rather freaked out but she

Accepts none the less.

"Pick your weapon of choice" she implies


"Don't worry about me, you won't defeat even if

You have all the weapons in the world" I said

Laughing out loud.

She picks up a scythe and we both position

Ourselves for battle, the king is the judge of the

Battle, we wait a few seconds to prepare


The king then signaled the start, I dashed towards

Her With lightning speed, I cloak my hand with the

Dragons light and lift my hand up to strike her,

Luckily I was able to control my power at the last

Second and struck the wall, just an inch from her?


I regained my senses and then immediately


I woke up in one of the castle's rooms, I decided to

Get up and explore the palace, I walked for around

An hour and stumbled on the king and Sferra


"If he ever gets out of control again do not

Hesitate to eliminate him" he said discreetly.

"What about the black dragon," she asked worriedly.

"We will do something about it, you will set out

To find the mages and then come to me, for I shall

Use his power to kill the dragon" he answered


I felt completely betrayed, I am fueled by anger

But I tried quenching my bloodlust.

I decide to play along and return to my room, after

A while Sferra entered my room and told me that

We will be leaving soon, I decided to watch them

And continue the mission.

I meet her at the palace Gate and sure enough

The king and queen were there as well, they told

Us the location of the remaining two mages before

We set off the king puts his hand on my shoulder

And says:

"I expect great things from you cursious", and

And with those words we embarked on our


















Chapter two


We set our sights to find the second mage,"

Sferra, where can we find the closest mage"

I asked calmly.

"The closest mage is the forest mage, we

Need about ten days to locate her" she

Answered quickly.

On the way, we were cornered by some

Animals, strangely, though, as soon as they

Looked at me they began running away as if

Pleading for their lives, the dragon's presence

Must have chased them away.

As we proceed to our destination I slowly

Began mastering my newfound power, I tried

My best to hide it from her as she cannot be

Trusted nor anyone for that matter.

Every night after she slept, I got up and

Started training.

I brought with me my father's blade

That the king was trying to hide from me.

My father left behind a letter that says:

My son, if you are reading this letter know

That I am sorry for leaving you and your

Sister at such a young age, it was never my

Intention, it was all because of the kings


After I married your mother we had you as

Our first child, we were overcome with

Happiness, two years passed and to our

Surprise we had your sister, at that moment

I felt as though everything else in life didn't

Matter, however, my old friend seemed to

Have another say in this.

After I had your sister, he ordered me to seal

The white dragon inside your body, he

Threatened to kill my family so I had no

Choice but to obey, however as soon as

I sealed the dragon within you I immediately

Teleported you and your sister to the human

World, your mother and I stayed there to

Fend them off as long as we could, however,

We were soon captured and taken prisoners.

I teleported you to our house, I told your

Aunt that if we do not come back you will

Flea with my children to another land.

And so my son, I leave with you my

Legendary sword "Muramasa" that I have

Wielded throughout the years of warfare my

Country had, I wish you good luck

Sincerely, your father.


When I finished reading the letter I started

Bawling my eyes out, I never wanted to see

My parents so bad than that day.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and started

Training until the morning.

We immediately set off, after a few hours we

Fond ourselves in front of the forest, a wolf

Stood and came towards us and grabbed my

Clothes as if telling me to follow it, we do just

that and follow it.

It leads us deeper and deeper into the forest

Until we reached a vast plain of grass, in the

Middle I can see a grown woman with a staff

And surrounded by animals" greetings, I am

The forest mage, it is a pleasure to meet you"

She said kindly.

"Forest mage, I am the white dragon's host,

I have come to seek your assistance with

Releasing some of the dragon's power" I asked


"the dragon's power is not something you can

Control in your current state" she said


"I have my own reasons to want the dragons

Power, so either you help me willfully or

Forcefully" I demanded stubbornly.

"How about this? Let us battle, if you win

I shall undo one of the seals, but if I win you

Shall leave and never come back" she

Suggested fearlessly.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," I said


We both took our positions to battle, I drew

My father's blade and she her lance.

I began my first move by cloaking my hand

And feet with light, I dashed at her with

Lightning Speed and struck her with all my

Power but to my surprise she evaded it


Before giving her a chance to rest I cut her

Into two halves, surprisingly I only saw

A bunch of leaves.

"What you just cut was a leaf clone," she said

Emerging from the ground.

"Young boy, you should pay more attention

To your surroundings" she said mockingly.

I began laughing out loud. "What might be

So funny?" she asked a bit annoyed.

"Well for starters, how about looking

Underneath you" I implied mockingly.

She looked underneath her and was surprised

To find small white orbs, I quickly flick my

Fingers and cause a huge explosion.

I waited for the smoke to clear out, however

As luck would have it she came out of it

Unscathed by encircling herself with

Infinite leaves.

I decided to end this battle by focusing my

Power on the palm of my hand and blasting

It off with everything I got.

She began doing the same thing and we both

Waited for our power output to reach it's

Maximum, then at the blink of an eye we

Both fired it towards each other before hitting

Her I heard a voice tell me to trust it, I

Didn't know what was going on but I gave it

Control and the power suddenly rose

Immeasurably, I hit her dead-on and finally

Won the battle.

After the battle, we both went to see if she

Was doing okay, apparently, she consumes

Energy from the forest.

"That was a brilliant strategy, however, afterward

Power should have been equal given that

There are still two seals placed on the

Dragons body" she asked confused.

I myself could not give a valid answer just that

A voice spoke to me and gave me its power.

They were both in quite a shock but they

Didn't show any emotion from it.

"Now you have to do as you promised,

Forest Mage" I reminded her joyfully.

"Very well," she said with a defeated look.

She placed her hand on my face and injects

Some of her magic into me, I sensed a sudden

Rush of power flowing through me,

I feel more power surging through me than

The first time.

My head feels like it's splitting open, I began

To hear a voice in my head.

"Welcome cursious, I am the white dragon"

He introduces.

"Before you ask any questions let me explain

The current situation, seeing as I do not have

Much time left" he said hurriedly.

"Now let me start from the beginning:

I and my brother the black dragon are

The two sacred dragons of light and darkness,

We fought each other since ancient times

However, we were both equally matched so

We decided to pick two hosts to represent us

While using our power, I picked you because

You had both the blood of a demon and a

Human and I am sure the black dragon did the

Same thing" he ended calmly.

"Before I go, you have gained some new

Abilities, you shall find out what they are as

You progress through your journey" she

Mentioned before completely disappearing.

I then finally snapped out of it, the funny

Thing was that all of this happened in a few

Seconds, the forest mage reminded me to

Take caution of my power.

"Watch out of the water mage, she is the

Strongest mage between us mages" she

Warned us strictly.

We both began heading towards the water

Mages location.

"That was an amazing battle you are surely

Getting stronger" Sferra praised bewildered.

"It is not me you should praise, it is the

Dragon's power" I said humbly.

She seemed conflicted like she did not know

What to do, I thought to myself maybe she

Does not want to be part of the king's scheme,

It occurred to me that I should confirm if she

Really is on my side, but then again it would

Be wise to tell her after my full power is

Unleashed, so I decided to refrain for now.

"Sfera, how long until we reach the water

Mage" I asked eagerly.

"Around a month on foot," she answered.

"However, I have an alternative plan," she said

Feeling useful.

She materializes her scythe and summons a

Giant phoenix made of flame, we both ride on

It and head to "the east coast", apparently

There we will find her.

We took a few weeks to get to the east coast,

Before we arrived my body started to sense

Some strong bloodlust, my body was

Trembling with fear, I couldn't believe it,

After all, I went through this is where I start

Feeling fear? As I keep trembling a hand

Suddenly grabbed mine, I was astonished to

See Serra holding my hand, she didn't utter a

Word as she kept holding my hand.

I felt like I could trust her with my life,

Every doubt I had about her all vanished.

We finally arrived somewhere near the east

Coast, the fear is beginning to disappear as

I hold her hand.

By the time we are there it was night time so

We had to find an inn to sleep at, luckily there

Was one last in open, we enter and ask for

Two rooms, unfortunately, there was only one

Vacant room, this means we were going to

Have To sleep together.

We both enter the room and sit down for a

Brief while, I tell her that she can have the bed

And I will sleep on the sofa, we turn down the

Lights and we both took our much deserved

Rest because tomorrow we will search for the

Water mage.

I woke up early in the morning and went to sit

Beside the window to look at the blue sky,

I began looking at my pendant and

Remembering my little sister that is still

Emaciated from her Illness, I started to cry a

Little, I was thinking that I might not be able

To cure her, I slapped myself in the face and

Convinced myself that I will definitely cure


Sffera started to wake up, I quickly began

Wiping my tears and got out of the room to

Get some fresh air and let Sffera change her


As I make my way through I noticed

That this town is really lovely, everyone was

Living a fulfilled life.

I returned to the inn to see Sfera waiting in

Front of the inn.

"What were you doing you, dummy, we have

To find the last mage" she said a bit irritated.

"Sorry, I wanted to take a walk before we

Begin our search" I said as look deep into her


We began our search by asking the locals if

They ever heard of the water mage, however

Nobody in this town knew what or where

She was, however, one of the townsmen

Notified us of an old legend that says the


If the white dragons ever appears in this

Town and has successfully released two seals

The water mage will show up at the far side

Of The coast.

We both looked at each other with an exciting

Look and we both rushed to the far side of the


After a few hours, we finally make it to our

Destination, the place was quite deserted,

There was no human population at all.

We waited for about an hour but no one

Showed up, we thought of returning to

The town, however surprisingly, the first one

To stop me was the white dragon, it told me

That the water mage was here, however, there

Is only one way for her to appear and that is

By showing her my power.

I thought of doing the same thing I did with

The forest mage so I gathered my energy

And focused it into the palm of my hand and

Released it into the sky it was so powerful

That the ground was shaking voraciously.

Immediately afterward something began to

Arise from the sea, it was a big shell and on

Top of it there was a girl sitting on it, she was

Something between fifteen and twenty years


The shell started moving and slowly came

Towards us, once the shell was before us she

Jumped right in front of me, she had quite the


"Hi there, how are you doing, I am the water

Mage, the last mage for your revival" she

Introduced deceptively.

"Pleased to meet you, my name is cursious, i

Would like for you to open my last seal and

Completely restore the dragon's power" I

Requested cautiously.

"But of course, however, I was sealed a long

Time ago because of my dangerous power

That even the white dragon will find hard to

Beat" she ends with a big grin on her face.

Before I can even utter a word the white

Dragons anger is already consuming my body,

"Very well, we shall accept your challenge,

The white dragon and I are very excited to

Battle you and finally releasing his full power"

I said with a challenging smile.

I went to where Sffera stood and picked up

My Father's blade, before I once again return

To The Battlefield Sfera had something to say:

"Once this is all over, will you possibly marry

Me?" she asked innocently.

My heart throbbed with excitement, I nodded

My head, Sffera was overjoyed, she told me to

Come back alive no matter what, with those

Words etched in my heart I rushed into the







Final chapter


We were now both ready to fight each other

To Death, we both stared at each other's

Eyes With immense bloodlust.

We both began  taking our positions

However, something struck me as odd, she

Doesn't seem to be holding a weapon,

"Do you not have a weapon?" I ask.

"If so I can arrange one for you" I suggested.

"Thanks, but I fight with my body" she


Not knowing what that meant I stayed on


The battle started and I immediately cloaked

Myself with the dragons light, however, to my

Surprise she did the exact same thing.

I cloak my blade with the dragons light to

Make it a lot sharper. I dash towards her

With maximum speed and swung my blade

With full force, but before I knew it she had

Already vanished, then suddenly I sensed a

Powerful punch from behind. I turned around

To face her but she vanished again seconds

After she punched so hard that I began

Spitting blood, I was barely able to stand on

My feet, I was oblivious as to how to see her

Much less attack her, then it suddenly came

To me that using the dragons power means

That I can use its physical features as well.

I began concentrating the dragon's aura into

My eyes, Time began to move much slower

Then it's usual speed, however, thanks to that

I was now able to see her.

I waited for an Opportunity to catch her

Off guard, then she suddenly raced towards

Me, I awaited such a Chance and didn't lose

My focus, as soon as she stood before me

Trying to pulverize my Skull, I dodged at

The last second and immediately countered

By cloaking my hand with light and sending

Her flying with a Dynamic Punch.

My attack seemed to have affected her quite

A lot, however, I myself was in tatters, I knew

That there was no way for me to continue this

Battle any longer so I decided to end this with

My last attack, I looked at her and it seemed

To me that she is at her wit's end as well, we

Both began to muster up all the power we

Had left and concentrated it into our fists,

As we readied ourselves for the last attack

The ground began to shake immensely from

Both our powers congregating into one point.

I stand up and face her, "everything rides on

This one strike if it fails to hit her I will have

Lost the battle" I thought to myself worriedly.

We both raised our hands and looked at each

Other one last time we then jumped with all

Our might towards each other and in an

Instant our fists collided, the impact made the

Ground shatter and created powerful air

Currents, my body began to feel the pressure

As that was the remaining power I had left,

Then a thought crossed my mind, what would

Happen if I boosted the punch? I placed my

Hand behind my back and pushed everything

Out, I blasted through her and sent her flying

To the other side of the coast.

Sferra and I were looking if she would still

Stand up, once I saw her falling to the ground

My mind was at ease and my body shut down

And I passed out on the spot.

After a few hours, I woke up to the sound of

Sferra crying, I was laying on her laps, as

Her tears dropped on my face I was happy

To know that I was still alive, I tried moving

But my body was badly injured, it was so

Painful that I screamed my lungs out.

As I was suffering the water mage approaches

Me, "that was an astounding battle, your

Combat tactics are very impressive, however

You risked too much in that battle, one

Miscalculation and you surely would have

Dead" she said concerned.

She levitated some water from the sea with

Her power and covered me with it, I was

Surprised to see that my body began to heal,

It took a few minutes for me to get recovered,

I was finally back on my feet, "thank you,

Your healing power is amazing" I said

Complementing her.

"Now then water mage, I won the battle,

So I will have you do just as you promised"

I said resolved.

She nodded her head and came closer to me,

She put her hand on my forehead and

Injected some of her magic into me and then

Finally acquired the full power of the white

Dragon, my power was immeasurable, it was

Somewhat unbelievable, however, something

Seemed out of place, now that I have full

Control over my power I am able to sense

Human life form from approximately ten

Kilometers, about seven kilometers away i

Sensed a huge amount of people approaching

Us, however, the strange thing is that we are

Approximately twenty kilometers away from


This made me suspicious so I kept an eye on

Them for a while.

"So how was it?" Sferra asked suddenly.

"pretty cool if I do say so myself" I answered

Faking a smile.

As I looked at them again I was shocked to see

That the group of people were planning to

Shoot some kind of giant cannon into the sky.

"Hey Sferra does your father own any

Cannons?" I asked suspiciously.

How did you know that? that is supposed to

Be classified information" she asked


"Just hurry up and answer," I said angrily.

"Yes, the cannon my father possesses is

Called "eternal darkness", it is the only

Device that can summon the dragon, however

One condition must be met and that is:

The awaking of the three mages.

As soon as I realized what was going on I

Immediately dashed to the location of the cannon,

However, I was too late the cannon had

Already fired, we all looked up into the sky,

And to our horror a great black figure

Descended from the sky, it was indeed the

Black dragon, but before he completely

Descended another figure came with it.

My emotions were completely sealed away,

Only one emotion was dwelling inside of me,

And that was complete and utter wrath.

The other figure was none other than my

Sister Serena.

"Black dragon, how dare you?! I'll kill you, I

Swear to God that you will not leave this

World alive" I said infuriated.

"Well, if it isn't my old nemesis and his host?"

The dragon said mockingly.

The dragon spoke through telepathy, just the

Way the white dragon spoke to me.

"White Dragon host" he called, "before you

Come and kill me you have to overcome one

Tiny obstacle" he said grinning and laughing.

I did not understand what he meant nor did i

Want to, I had no other thought than to kill

That being.

Once he ended his speech I immediately

Dashed towards it, however to my surprise

The water mage punched me and Sferra shot

A fireball at me, I was shocked to see that

Instead of battling the dragon they raised

Their weapons towards me.

"Sferra, what has gotten into you?"  I asked

Tearfully shocked.

"Didn't we promise to marry after we saved

The world from destruction?" I continued


"You are wasting your breath, they will not

Hear you for I have complete control over

Their minds and they will keep on fighting

Until they kill or get killed" he said as he flew

Into the sky.

I tried to get past them without dealing

Unnecessary damage, however, they were

Very persistent, even with my full power

Unleashed they are both still formidable foes.

Seeing as it was Impossible to get past them

Without fighting, I instantaneously jabbed

Sferra in her stomach and delivered a flying

Kick to the water mage.

As soon as I was done I picked them both up

And gently placed them on the ground.

"Sferra, before I go I want to tell you

Something, the past few months were the

Best of my life, the hollow life I led almost

Drove me completely insane, the only thing

That kept me going was the site of my Sister

Suffering from her disease, however after i

Met you my life shone brighter than anything

In the world, it pains me to say that was the

One and only time I will sense happiness, i

Know without the white dragon telling me

That to defeat the black dragon I have to fight

With my full power and that can only happen

By sacrificing the life of the host, I already felt

It through the battles I have fought with

Various opponents, so with this I bid you

Farewell and wish you all the best in your life"

I ended sorrowfully.

I looked up in the sky and released the final

Form of my power final judgment which

Enables me to transform myself into a


I flapped my wings and with one jump I ripped

Through the sky and finally met the dragon

Face-to-face, "yo black dragon, have you

Missed me yet?" I asked containing my anger.

"Well no, at least, not as much as she does"

He said as he uncovered my sister.

"You bastard, give me back my sister" I

Demanded fiercely.

? "I'm afraid I can't do that, you see your sister

Is the only demi-human that I reside in for it

Helps Raise my powers exponentially" he

Explained Thoroughly.

I was ready to launch an all-out attack on him,

But to my disbelief, he possessed the body of

My little sister, her screams of agony was

Enough drive for me to throw away my life

For her, I watched him possess her until he

Was done.

He was now completely inside of my sister, he

Started talking from sisters body

"I have to admit that your sister's body is

Definitely an astounding body" he said


I just could not take it anymore and instantly

Tried to finish him off but, I just could not kill

My sister even if it was to save the world.

She dashed towards me and sent me flying

The other way with a high kick, her physical

Strength is truly tremendous, however, if this

Goes on I will die before I can do anything,

Then suddenly the white dragon spoke to me

"Cursious, listen to me, I have a plan," he said

Knowing what's at stake

He filled me in on the plan, I was hesitant at

First, but I realized that there was no other


The black dragon began beating us around,

"What's wrong? Given up already?" he asked


After a certain amount of time we were finally

Ready to commence our plan, I dash towards

Him with lighting speed, I punched him on her

Stomach whilst holding back a little, I then

Grab her tightly and zip through the sky and

Make my way to the very top, from where we

Fly no human being can see us, as I look at

Him, He is oblivious as to what is happening,

However, he instantly realized what we had in


"Didn't I tell you that I would kill you?" I said ?


I then immediately discharged all the power

Inside of me, that seemed to have damaged

Him quite a lot, however, it went all according

To plan, apparently, the agony made him leave

My sister's body, "finally, I thought you would

Never leave my precious sisters body" I said


I then reassembled all the energy I have

Discharged and began focusing it into one

Area of my body, "it is still not enough, we

Need at least fivefold what we currently

Have" the white dragon said frustrated.

"I would like to thank you for being the sole

Reason that I could meet Sferra and I am truly

Sorry for not being able to fight by your side

A while longer, it has truly been an honor

White Dragon" I said smiling a little.

With the power, we have already accumulated

I took a moment to fine-tune the energy and

Then pierced the energy into my heart, by

Doing that I have completed the Final

Condition of using the power of the Dragon

To the limit.

Because of the sudden ripple between the

Two souls that resided in one body, the soul

Of the dragon was no longer capable of

Residing inside of my body so it was extracted

And transformed back to its original form,

Now that I have sacrificed my soul for the

Immense power I was now much stronger

Then the black dragon.

We both stared into each other's eyes,

"How does it feel to know that your final

Moments will be spent with the being you

Hate more than anything" I said mockingly.

With a desperate attempt of killing me he

Covered his body with his black aura and

Attacked me with everything he got.

Once he got in close proximities I dogged

His crushing attacked and descended to

The ground.

Before I delivered the final blow I noticed that

My sister and Sferra finally regained their

Consciousness, they both started looking at

Me and they saw the hole that I engraved in

My chest, "brother, what has happened to

You" my sister asked worriedly.

I haven't heard her voice in a very long time,

"Serena, I am terribly sorry, but your brother

Cannot talk with you like we used to do,

However always remember that all of this was

For you, my precious little sister" I ended


I looked at the dragon and commenced the

Final attack, I focused everything I had into

My body and started preparing for the last

Attack, however, my lifespan was shortening,

My body was beginning to get heavier and

Colder, "you think I shall let you rest" the

Dragon said with an angered voice.

It plunged towards me with all its might,

There was no way for me to stop it, either

I dodge the attack and die or either he

Plummets into me and die.

I began losing hope, I didn't think my Decision

Would end up like this.

Just as I was trying to come up with a way to

Safe everyone and not die in the process i

Noticed that the dragon was a few meters

Away from me, I closed my eyes accepting my

Fate, then suddenly as I open my eyes they

Immediately fell on the three mages

Simultaneously striking the black dragon.

"How weak you have become" the forest

Mage said disappointedly.

I'm starting to wonder how he defeated us"

The water mage said dissatisfied.

Sferra and I looked into each other's eyes, she

Let me regret my decision, "I guess we won't

Be able to see each other after this, huh?"

She said in a slightly sad tone.

"What are you saying? I will always live on

Inside of you" I said with a big smile.

She agreed and wiped her tears away, she

Then turned to the dragon and took control

Over the mages, "listen up, we will buy time

For cursious to summon up all his power for

The last attack" she said with an unyielding


The dragon got up again and began attacking

Them again.

Sferra summoned her phoenix and engulfed it

With intense flame, then the water mage

Rode the phoenix and the forest mage

Distracted the dragon, the water mage then

Merged her water with sferra's flame and

Collided into the dragon.

I was impressed by how powerful their

Teamwork was, but I realized that I had my

Own job to do.

I began gathering the energy again, however

It just wouldn't gather, I tried and tried but it

Just didn't gather, I was baffled and scared at

The same time, I didn't know what to do, but

Then suddenly amidst all the chaos my sister

Jumped towards me and hugged me from

Behind, "big brother, to be honest, I really

Don't want you to do this, I want to spend my

Days with you and Sferra and the others, but

I know that that is not possible, because

Whenever you start something you always

Finish it, especially if it was for me, so if you

Have to do it I want you to do whilst giving it

Your best" she said crying and smiling.

"You are right, I am sorry to have let you

Serena" I said confidently.

"Cursious, we can't stall him any longer than

This" Sferra said worriedly.

They all charged their magic and fired

Simultaneously towards the dragon, it was a

Direct hit and he fell down on the ground,

However, it won't be long before the dragon

Rises again.

Everyone looked at me again and was

Worried that I might not make it.

I realized that I had no time left, "everyone,

Fire all of your magic towards me, only then

Will we be able to defeat the dragon, only

Together can we pull this off" I said


Everyone was a bit conspicuous, "please,

Believe in me, this my very last request" i

Said desperately.

Suddenly Sferra discharged her flame towards

Me, I looked at her, "go, do what only you can

Do", then suddenly the water mage followed

With shooting her magic, "I won't forgive you

If something like that beat you, now go and

Kick its butt" she said optimistically.

The forest mage did the same thing, "listen now,

All of us entrusted you with our powers you better

Make good use of it" hiding her tears from


"Before I go, Sferra, please, take good care of

My sister, and don't forget that I will always

Love you no matter, thank you for being the

Light that guided me to this life" I said


She ran towards me and kissed me, "I am

Sorry that I couldn't do more for you" she

Apologized while crying.

"Don't worry. You did enough" I said blissfully.

The dragon woke up and flew to the sky, it

Started gathering all the negative energy from

Around it, I did the same and began sucking

The mages dry until both of us were finally


Once both of us were no longer able to

Extract anything, we collided into each other

With everything we got.

It was an even match until all of them were

Yelling and cheering me on, I then screamed

And plunged into his body, ripping it apart.

Not a second after my body began

Descending Until it plunged right through the

Sea. After my body was extracted from the

Sea, it was obvious that I was deceased.

I was given a proper funeral and surprisingly

Few people of the came to the Funeral,

Including the two mages and, Sffera and


It is never easy to lose a loved one, even for

Me it was an endless suffer, however as you

Go Down this journey of life you realize that

The dead will never come back to life; that is

A fact. However, you will come to see that

Cherishing what you have is much better than

Grieving over what is lost.

The path I chose was filled with thorns and

Needles, however, it was for my little sister,

So I did not hesitate to move forward even at

The cost of my own life, all of what I did was

So that I would never experience such pain


After the funeral, the king was imprisoned

After the kingdom knew of his betrayal. The

Next ruler of the land was none other than

Sferra, that is because everyone thinks that

She saved the land. Apparently, there was a

Catch for the white dragon's final judgment:

If the white dragon is to use his power and

Die of overuse none shall remember him

Only the ones who saw his final moments.

She was given the title "dragon slayer",

However all of that didn't matter to her, she

Only thought of her one and only hero


She always thought of the hero who never

Gave up, the hero who cried both the first

And the last cry of hope.

© Copyright 2019 Ibrahim.s.zeyani. All rights reserved.

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