Life's Blueprint

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Things everyone should know about life, relationships, children and more.

Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013



We have all heard it time and time again, I wish I knew then what I know now. What I would do to go back and do things differently. Well, consider this your time capsule into the future. Most people choose to experience life the hard way, but if you can get past the desire to live and learn, take notes, youwill thank me later. Like an old clothing style that comes back, life runsit's course for all of us, the problems we each encounter along the wayare nothing new.

When we are young, time seems to stand still. As you get oldertime startsgaining momentum. You can't wait to get your drivers license, then you can't wait toturn 18, 21, get married, have children. Before you know it, you are approaching 30. After 30 comes 40, then 50 and you are just now starting to feel the effects of an older age. Although your mind is always young, your body is slowly changing.

Imagine for a moment, a fantasy world, where everyone is honest and polite. You don't have to worry about people stealing from you or robbing you. Someone is always there to help you and build you up with kind words. You are a priority to your loved ones, your boss and other people in your life. Life is wonderful and you cherish and enjoy every moment of it.

Now take the world we live in.There is a percentage of people who are selfless, hardworking and honest with their priorities in order,but majority takes over and the day to day problems are overwhelming. Another day is full of dread. Going to school orwork, encountering people you don't care to be around, dealing with family and loved ones, financial problems and everything else thrown your way.

Knowledge and Prevention will be your weapons. Get off to a good fight. Knowing your oppoent will make you victorious. The good part of this story is in the end. But don't jump to the end, read through this.

We are all human. We gettempted and want to have fun, experience what others do and have.Most of the time it is over rated and leads to trouble and hardships. Our brief journey in lifeis like a flower that blooms and then wilts, it is over faster than you can imagine. Make the most of your life, it is precious andcan impactthe people around you.Every one knows the nerds who get laughed at in school lots of times arethe ones who end up most successful. Stand your ground and don't go along with what everyone else is doing if it goes against what is right. It takes a bigger person to fight than tag along.Defend the weak and always try to be positive. Bad language may sound bad, but you actually get more respect if leave out harsh and foul words. In general, people only listen to the first few words you speak, so make them count. Be humorous when you can, that keeps everyone's attention. Work hard, don't be lazy and set goals. Material objects are fun, but don't work so hard to achieve them that you scarifice your family, friends and health. Most women want to get married and have children. Be patient and wait for that special person. You may think they will never come your way, but you have to be patient. Restraining from sex until you are married is ideal. Most can't wait and with that comes disease, unwanted pregnancey, broken families and all of the problems single parents face. A single parent who is young struggles to finish school or support the child. They not only ruin their life but the child's life. When you have a child you have to make that child your priority. Children take up your time and need attention. Children need good role models. Children who come from broken homes and go through different step parents face many problems. Abortion is not the way to go. Avoiding sex is the way to go, but if you do get pregnant please consider adoption. When you get older that child may come back into your life. Being marriedcan berough. Who you are dating is not who you will marry.The real person comes out after they feel comfortable and secure. No matter how good the person is, thereare going to be differences. Know what that person wants from life. Know their religion, customs and how they treat their parents. If they treat their parents good, that is a good sign. If they have parents who have been married many years, there is a good chance they will think that way. You need to have things in common.Sharing the samereligion is very important.Men can be very selfish, inconsiderate, forgetful, childish and less serious about important matters. A lot of men think getting married means sex all the time, home cooked meals every night and clean laundry. As long as they get that and you let them do what they want,they are happy. Oh, men are visual, wives who gain weight is a problem for some men. Women want mature men who willlove them and be there for them. Share life and family, be fun and responsible.When you have little children, know that stuffed animals are very important to them. They can become very attached to certain stuffed animals. Pets are good for children.Family members and traditions are alsovery important. Children need other family members being a part of their lives, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles. They need yearly traditions they can look forward to. They need to go to church. The blueprint for a perfect life has already been written. It was written thousands of years ago. If we would follow it, we could live in that fantasy world mentioned earlier. Godwants each of us to be joyful and happy and prosper. Evil really does exist and Satan is out to destroy us.We are all sinners because of Adam and Eve, but the good news is, we are forgiven if we ask God toforgive usand put our faith in him. Keep your eye on the big picture, heaven. Our life here is a blimp on the radar, but heaven is for eternity. When you get older all of the things you have start to mean very little. Your family, friends and your health are important. What you did with the life God gave you and how you influenced and helped those around you are what have true meaning. When your time here is over and youstand before God,you want him to be proud of you and reward you for your service to him. Life is not easy, it is a test that you can pass, just believe and trust in God. He is always watching and listening to us.You may not think so when something bad happens or you think your prayer wasn't answered, but hardships are what make us and build chacter. We all know that a spoiled child does not learn value like a child that works for it.If you mess up just ask God to forgive you. He will. Confess that you are a sinner and he is your Lord and Saviour and believe this in your heart. Then live your life for him. Guess what, you are saved. Always put God first, others second and yourself last.You may be last on your list, but you are first on another person's list. Praise God. He is Good and He Loves You!

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