Why Did God Put Me Here?

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What is Life Really About?

By M L Tillman

It's not until I started approaching the later years of my life that the mental picture of why we are here really started to come into focus. When you are young, life is fun. Life is an adventure.
Discovering the world around you, making friends, getting your first job, having your first romance, becoming independent. You can't wait to go into the world and be your own boss. Once you
actually get there, you see it's not always the way you imagined. You realize your vision of being an adult comes with responsibilities, pressures and disappointment.

To visualize just how fast our brief journey through life actually happens, visualize your life in increments of 10 years. First you are a child of 10. Playing and laughing, crying and learning new
things. Then you are at your 20th birthday. Excited about being on your own and being an adult. Then your 30th birthday is rapidly approaching and you know you have to get serious about your life
choices. Before you know it you are turning 40, which is considered over the hill. The older you get the younger these years seem. When you turn 50 you may still feel young and vibrate but the
younger generation looks at you as old. The people in your life, family and friends are dying off and you are becoming the oldest survivor. You see the entire contents of a deceased person's
lifelong possessions being distributed or boxed up and crammed into storage. Tossed aside and disposed of with no meaning. That special person in your life, the one you looked up to for advice and
support is gone and now it's you taking their place. You are the old one! Now you are being looked up to for leadership and guidance.

So first lets see what we are not here for. We are not here to see how much we can accumulate. With possessions comes thief, responsibility and expense, just to mention a few. We all need the
basics in life but the more stuff you have the more ties you have to your stuff and the bigger the burden.

Another thing we are not here to do is to be selfish. It's not always about you. If you want to truly be happy you have to give of yourself. The more love and selflessness you show, the more you
will get back in return from the people in your life. When a person feels loved, it makes them good and secure. It gives them ambition and true happiness.

Don't be jealous of what others have. Be happy for what you have and don't compare your life to others. We are all different. Each of us were born with different dreams, ambitions, desires, and the
ability to achieve all of this.That's what keeps the world functioning. What you like and want to do is not what someone else likes and wants to do. With a variety of likes and dislikes, all of the
gaps are filled and the world functions. Where you live and what you do is no accident. It is all part of a greater plan.

This is what takes years to learn and this is what we are really here for.

You were born with a single purpose and that is to live and honor God with your life. Tell others so they can experience life the way it was meant to be lived. If everyone lived their life
according to God's will, the world would be the perfect place. Because we are selfish and want to do things our way, our lives get complicated, confusing, disappointing and we get hurt. Everyone
wants to make their own mistakes in life. If we could just see that our Father in heaven wants the best for us. He does not want us to experience pain and suffering but because we don't do as He
commands, He allows us to experience life on our own. Like your earthly parents, He looks out for His children but children must have the ability to make their own choices when they reach a certain
age. Along with bad choices come consequences. Life is a learning experience. As long as we learn from our mistakes it makes us better human beings.

God created the universe and everything in it. We are all His children but we must acknowledge Him to receive His inheritance of eternal life. Without rules their is chaos. A child needs discipline
and guidance to grow properly. When we do things our way instead of God's way, we fall into the traps of sin.

Like most parents, God loves you. He loves you even though you do not listen to Him and follow His commandments. He forgives you if you ask for His forgiveness. His love is unconditional! Only a
parent knows what unconditional love is.

God's only begotten Son, Jesus, came to earth for one reason. To die for our sins. He came as a human and experienced all of the trials we face. Only Jesus lived a sinless life and only Jesus could
satisfy and become the one time perfect sacrifice for our sins. After Jesus willingly suffered on the cross a terrible and painful death for us, even though He had never sinned and did not deserve
this, He was resurrected by God and now sits at the right hand of God. Jesus will plead for you to receive mercy on His behalf when you put your faith in Him and acknowledge Him. It is those who
believe and honor God, repenting when they sin, that are forgiven when their life on earth is up and they stand before God for judgment. One day every knee will bow before God. When that time comes
it will be too late to acknowledge Him. You must be saved in this life. You do not want to spend eternity separated from your Creator, the One who truly loves you! If you are not saved you will
spend eternity separated from God. You will spend eternity with the "wicked step parent" so to speak, who is Satan, in a lake of fire. Just remember no one is perfect and we all sin. But live your
life in honor of God, repenting when you sin, and know that He will give you strength and the reward will be great when this short life is over!

Submitted: January 10, 2018

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Submitted: January 10, 2018




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