I Heart You, Archie de Souza

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Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Submitted: February 19, 2013



I love this book personally. It is for people around 10-16 I think. That's just my opinion. Anyone above 10 can read it, and it's just a lovely little (not too hard) book for girls. It's part of a series, but it doesn't really matter what one you read first. Series: Girl V the World.

This book is about a 13 year old girl who is crushing on Archie de Souza, and Archie is crushing on her. Archie is normally loud and stuff, but when it comes to talking to Edi he is shy. (Edi is the main character). Edi finally decides that if Archie doesn't ask her out soon, she will ask him. But he does and they are girlfriend and boyfriend. 

One night Edi invites Archie over, she bails on her friends and set up a romantic dinner for the both of them. He ends up having other plans and she is left alone with a bunch of food. Her parents come home early than she expected, and even though her mother was drunk, she was there for her. 

Edi is still totally in love with Archie, but she doesn't think her friends are that keen on her anymore. She explains everything to them and of course they are on her side. 

Eliza (a mean bitchy girl) is doing a project with Archie, when Edi calls, Eliza is at Archie's house. Archie listens to everything Eliza says, and she forces him to break up with Edi. (Sorf of). Edi is heartbroken. 

Everything works out in the end. :) I don't want to spoil anything and that would be the only reason you are reading this - right? Unless you want to see someone elses point of view. :/ Anyway, thanks for reading! 

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