Daddy's Love

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This is a poem about my father he died 2 years ago from cancer. Before he died eight before he felt ill him and me use to go to Boy Scout together and he was once and still is my best friend. Yes, him and me used fight, but I all was forgave him. Now he is gone but I he will never be forgotten but he is my daddy and I loved him so much. If he sees me now from the holes of heaven I sing this song for his name.

Submitted: November 15, 2008

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Submitted: November 15, 2008





Do you remember the promise you made me

A promise that I hold close to the heart

Did you know how much I wanted you to stay?

Did you know that I miss you until this every day?

You made the promise that keeps me moving on

Did you hear the song of the angel's choir?

A song so pure that could change the world

Do you know how much my heart ache?

Did you know that the promise you made keeps me moving on

You told me never to give up keep on moving

Daddy you will never be forgotten

A promise I will make and keep

Daddy you did keep a promise that you kept

Daddy you say that you will always love me

You are my Daddy

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