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Just the Main Chaters in Beninning storm

Submitted: March 28, 2009

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Submitted: March 28, 2009



Pervious Charters

Note: These are the Main Charters in the story.

  1. KC Carmen- Tall teenage boy with red hair and bluish-greenish eyes. Really upbeat person. Normally is really takes the leadership position of his group. KC has had his fair share of drama in his life but it always turned out alright. KC get his magic powers have not be discovered yet but he comes from the Halo Clan. An ancient warrior past. KC is a senior in High School. His main friends are Jake, Danielle, Lane, and Emily.
  2. Jake Storm- Small guy and a real good friend. Jake has had tons of drama in his life during his senior year of school. Losing his girlfriend and then his baby. Jake has lost a lot but he will later find someone to love but who? Jake gets his magic powers from his ancestors the Aquaus Clan. Jake is a seionr in High School. He is really good friends with KC, Danielle, Lane and Emily.

3. Danielle Sharpie- Teenage girl with green eyes and brown hair. Danielle is always coming up with ideas to power there group. Her past is really not know cause she keeps that part of her life a secret. Just as KC her power has not been discover but her ancestors are the FlareClan. Danielle is a seionr in High School She is good Friend with KC, Jake Lane and Emily.

  1. Lane Jaymen- Blonde hair teenage boy with Blue eyes. Lane is always looking for ways to help everyone. Lane is very talkive about things. His power is Psychic and he comes from the Psyheart Clan He is good friends with KC, Danielle, and Jake.
  2. Emily Jaymen- Blonde hair teenage girl with green eyes. Not much is known about her yet. She is the twin brother of Lane and her power is same as her brother, Psychic, and she come from the Psyheart Clan. She is good Friends with KC, Danielle and Jake.
  3. Raven Song Star- black teenage woman with green eyes. No thing is know about her expect she has lost her brother to the Vuisers. She is the real song but no one know expects KC. Her ancestor’s runs on both sides of her family but all connected to the Nightblades Clan.
  4. Queen Amber- Tall brown hair woman with lovely Green eyes. She is the one that brings them together and she has a strong Connection with there Parents.

New Charters

  1. Jezebel Coal – Small woman with clear blue eyes and light gray hair. The Aunt of KC and Dylan means she has a lot of doing with there powers and things. She has proven to be resourceful and powerful. She is the Sister of Vickie and Jane.
  2. Jane Winds – Smallest of her sisters, She is the only one with out powers. Jane was born with out powers which are common for a group like this but she is very strong and noble and has vase knowledge of history and the other powers.
  3. Cory Holly – Young Aquaus orphan when clear blue eyes and short black hair. His parents died when he was two years old and since then he has never called anyone Mom or Dad until he moved Ms. Storm and Jake. He has only just discover his powers and finds it hard to us it and still is learning how to fight with it along with Jake.
  4. Katie Coal- very young but hyper little girl. She is the daughter of Jezebel Coal. She was kidnapped at a young age and then was frozen at the age of seven. She has been the age of seven for the last Twenty years. She now works for Mr. Eight and the Vuisers.
  5. Flame-Guardian of the Flare Orb. Flame has chosen Danielle as his Protect. Flame is a wise and kind Guardian and always caring for others.
  6. Ms. Nine-Short Mexican Woman with dark eyes. She is the sister of Ms. Ten and Mr. Eight. Her power is the power of Dream walking.
  7. Mr. Eight- Tall strong Ensish man with dark gray hair. Not much is know except he is the only boy out of the last five of his sisters.
  8. Millie- One of the six that stop the Vuisers before. She is kind and really knows how to work with Magic. She is the oldest of the first six.

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