Supporting the Fine Arts or Barbaric Games: Curriculum Discrimination Against Fine Arts

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This was my term paper for English IV.

Submitted: November 30, 2012

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Submitted: November 30, 2012




Supporting the Fine Arts or Barbaric Games: Curriculum Discrimination Against Fine Arts


In the last fifty years or so, extra curriculum activities have become one of the most important events in school.  For a number of reasons, they are all something that students enjoy having and have grown attached to having in there school.  In the last twenty years or less, there have been recent budget cuts to school programs such as Art, Music and Theater programs while the sports programs – such as football, baseball, softball, basketball etc. – continually gain favor and have very few cuts to them from their programs. This is calling Curriculum Discrimination – a type of discrimination that gives specific curriculum favor over another – that is happening all over the country.

Programs like art, music and theater have been around for centuries well as sports, and both has evolve into what American Society knows it today.  All these programs can be trace back to ancient times.  In ancient Egypt, Holographic were a form of art, this was also their way of commutating with their history, and they have shown their art skills with the pyramids, and Sphinx. Then when you look into Central America’s rich history of sports and arts, you will see that they played as many sports as the Roman Empire did at one time, well as in Greece and its cultural history and style. Even back in Biblical times, they had forms of art. It is in debate that the book of “Easter” is an actual event or a biblical play within the Bible, then the bible has a songbook, which is located in the Old Testament.

The biggest leap was during the late Medieval to the Shakespearean age. All this ties together into what couture has become today, from the from the forms of early football and basketball created by the ancient civilization, to the fine arts that people have grown to love. All this leads up to when public schools are established. Then when the children of all ages and races all got the equal chance to go attend school, and when this happen students were introduced into both sports and Fine Arts where introduced. When they were first introducing, they received the same amount of funding by the government.  Then in 2002 when Bush Administration signed in “The No Child Left behind Act”, it put a restriction on many programs abilities to survive.  When these acts are passing into law, it causes job losses for many people, and hinders many students who want to persuade a career in Fine Arts related career. Whereas sport programs, they are not touched nor they one of the first to get cuts from the school districts they are in. Then to add, they have very few career selections as someone with a fine art degree would have.

When fine art programs are cut from budgets, and then within two to three years schools will see that there is more money spend on education, and their test scores in other classes actually drop.“Within two to three years, every school that cut arts showed a decreased in morale and attendance and increased in vandalism and disruptions, and within three years most of them had to add extensive disciplinary staff to account…” said  Martin Rayala, art, media and design consultant for Department of Public Instruction in an article on Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC).Rayala also states later on that the staff adduction are costing the schools more to keep them than keep the art programs and that they are hurting testing scores in the process. 

When test scores are hurt, the school itself will lose more funding and cause more budget cuts to support the subjects that the students are failing in, so when they get more funding for that subject they will have a higher chance of passing. A proven fact that students who have been enrolled in a fine art program have a higher chance of passing state testing, well as achieving more employability skills.  Where IQ scores and other scores of a student have been dropping dramatically, it has also caused a raise in vandalism and disruptions in school.

Well as lower testing scores, discipline problems have occurred by cutting out fine art programs. When this happens, more students become trouble students, which when students are disciplined repetitively, dropout rates rise, which means more unemployed Americans.  When this happen, dropouts will earn $200,000 less than high school graduates, and over $800,000 less than college graduates, in their lives.  That is more than quadruple in a year time.When this happens, their children are more likely to drop out because of the parents’ level of income into the household or worse commit crimes and cause problems in a community. When problems are happening in a community, their children are more likely to follow what their parents have done in the past.  When troubles are happening in a community, their children are more likely to follow what their parents have done in the past in the constant reparative pattern of a broken home

Having the fine arts programs also have been prove to raise test scores well as IQ scores, and have help improve students’ abilities in the classroom with reading, mathematics, and there social skills such as: conflict resolution; creative thinking; self-confidence; self-control; collaboration; empathy and social tolerance. “The arts also play a key role in developing social competencies among educationally or economically disadvantaged youth who are at the greatest risk of dropping out,” said Sabrina Holcomb in her article called State of the Arts on the National Education Association website.  It also has been proved that fine arts help improve scores on SAT testing, as a study done by College Board – popular site for college prep, and for registering for the SAT testing.

In addition to the fine art, programs also help students with mathematics proficiency when learning how to play a piano. The reason for this is that music written in a faction or time signature. When it plays in a beat, it causes the student to realize that a pattern is happening which will cause the student to memorize the meaning of the music note, which they can transfer over into learning algebraic equations. Then when a student is playing a role of a character that is having conflicting resolution help teaches the student how to deal problems with others.  Then visual arts and traditional dance help students able to designate what they see. It also helps the student with geometry and higher level math skills  When these skills are viewed in this way, the fine arts actually help students for a future and able to help them practice in life activities and become part of the culture of the world.  Then what happens, if there is nothing to help the students stay on the right path.

While fine art programs are being slice constantly, sport programs take very little hit and is one of the most barbaric ways of teaching students how to deal with a problem.  In football, students are praise for knocking out a student, while if they was to do it in the classroom, the teacher would sorely look down on it.  When this happens students forced with a conflict in their mind and actions.When students are being explained how to handle problems aggressively of course, they are going to use it aggressive tactics, which will unlimitedly cause more problems for a student.

When students handle items as such in aggressive behaviors or worse of course, they will experience hardship later in life.  When this happens, students are more having likely has taken some form of steroid.  Both sexes use steroids and the effects on the body are known to cause permanent damages on the body ("").  Students normally pushed by their peers, coaches and sometimes their own family members to use these drugs, are more likely to use them. Normally, the uses of steroid can, and possibly cause major health problems for a student.  Students that also use steroids will more and likely have weaker bones and many other harmful effects to the body. Then when it time to go off them, the students could suffer from many symptoms that could possibly kill them, but if they do not die, they will unlimitedly have massive withdraw symptoms.

  When a student who plays a sport is injury, they are more likely to have minor injuries but also that could cause a lifetime of problems ("Top 10 most common sports injuries and treatment").  It is also acknowledge when a student plays sports, at times; they are more likely to have brain or other injuries during practice or game.  When this happen, it affects their team and the school’s budget well as the future, when a student is injured while playing a game, the school is held responsible for that and are to make sure they are safe, but if they are injury the school must pay insurance on the student. 

It has also been prove that while sports get higher priority, they also get help from booster clubs, where they also get extra money for their programs. Therefore, when this happens, sports not only get their normal funding but a bonus from booster clubs. What happens to the Fine Arts? They get cut because they “don’t have funding” that is required for the program to exist in the school system.

  As people will argue, that sports are beneficial, which they are beneficial, but not as important as the fine arts.  Football and other sports may improve teamwork, and many other things (McEntire). The students are more likely to have a change in self-confidence, and many other tributes for a student that could help them later in their career.

  School districts refuse to see the problems at hand they are facing due to this empathic that more and more students are failing classes, and then they are getting less funding because students of them not being in school due to dropping out. However this can all be prevented if fine arts got more emphasis in school.  Then high school dropout rates will drop, and then students will be able to carry on with their normal every day to day life. 

  Curriculum Discrimination has always and probably always will be in the education system, but it can be limited if few things are realized. That fine arts are beneficial to the students overall performance, but when it is cut it causes students to lose important skills, thus they are no longer able to function as humans.





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