The chronicles of Vlad Tod........

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At the prologue of the book, D'Ablo is murdered by a mysterious person. The man was described as familiar, but lacked further information because D'Ablo died immediately afterward.

Cutting back to the present, we return to when Vlad sees his father and doubts whether he really is there. He thinks he is going crazy from drinking Dorian's blood in the previous book. His dad then disappears, leaving Vlad with Dorian's corpse and a severely injured Joss lying on the ground. Henry later comes and is the one who calls the hospital for Joss. Vlad insists that he stays despite Henry's protests. Vlad and Henry then walk home to Nelly's while Vlad explains what happened during the night. When they reach Nelly's house, they are greeted by Em and Enrico. Em informs Vlad and his Uncle Otis that D'Ablo is dead. Vlad then negotiates with Em to let him go free if he gives her his father, who of which Vlad is still uncertain is alive. Em agrees and gives Vlad until the end of the year to hand over his father. She then tells Vlad that she is actually his great-grandmother. Vlad is immensely surprised, especially when Otis reassures him by saying it's true.

After Em's visit, Vlad and Henry go to the hospital to visit Joss. Two cops confront Vlad about Joss and Vlad answers some of their questions. Joss's mother will not let Vlad anywhere near Joss. After the visit, two more cops confront Vlad outside the hospital. The four cops attack Vlad, revealing that they are Slayers. Vlad knocks them unconscious with his vampire abilities.

Later that day, Vlad begins his search for his father all over town. Soon enough Henry, Otis and Vikas help him in the search. Finally, days later,Vlad decides to go to his hiding spot (the belfry) in the school. When he is there, he discovers his father, who greets him warmly and explains his motives for hiding. Vlad and his father finally make up go to their house as father and son. At the house Tomas says he was hiding from a secret vampire society that wants the Pravus to enslave vampire kind and that they were responsible for the fire and Mellina's death. Otis shows up soon after and gets angry at his half brother for making Vlad suffer for many years. At the end, Snow is turned into a vampire by Vlad to keep her from dying, and Tomas is revealed to be evil and a man who had Vlad just so Vlad could become the Pravus and then Tomas could take his powers. Tomas also killed Vlad's mom, and the man in the charred bed was Aidan, the son of Dorian. Nelly dies at the hand of Tomas, then later Vlad kills Tomas with Joss' stake. Vikas turned out to be Tomas' partner in crime and had helped Tomas kill Mellina, Vlad's mom. Vikas had opened the drapes to burn Aidan. Joss kills Vikas with the Lucis. Also, it is supposedly revealed that Snow eyes turn iridescent green near the end, hinting something. That maybe life would finally go his way.

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Submitted: January 23, 2012



I love Book 5 of the chronicles of Vladamir tod. I'm just going to post some of my favorite parts, lines and other info on here just because I'm bored. If you never read it then you'll be confused of everything. So if you never read it, I suggest you don't read this.

Vladimir “Vlad” Tod– The main character. He is the object of a prophecy that describes him as pie less of the weaknesses. His two drudges are Henry McMillan and Snow (but she is released).

Nelly- Vlad's guardian, old friend of Mellina. Vlad lived with her after the death of his mom. She worked at the hospital and fed Vlad old donated bloodbags. Was engaged to Otis. Dies when Tomas sucks her dry.

Henry McMillan- Vlad’s best friend, and also his drudge, having been bitten by Vlad when they were in 3rd grade. He becomes more loyal to Vlad when his cousin Joss comes back in Eleventh Grade Burns. The friendship he forms with October, one of Vlad's goth friends, grows stronger as evidenced by when he gives her a mix tape, visits the goths' hangout with Vlad in order to see her, and when he decides to ask her to a concert when Vlad turns him down. They are later revealed to be a couple at the end of the novel and are supposedly going to the same college as Vlad in Stokerton.

Meredith Brookstone– Vlad’s ex-girlfriend who he still has feelings for. He breaks up with her at Freedom Fest because he got hungry and was afraid of hurting her. He gets over her when he realizes that she doesn't know him personally.

Otis- A vampire and Vlad’s "Uncle" by virtues of Tomas and Otis having been bitten (created) by the same vampire. Friend of Vikas and Fiance to Nelly. (I love Otis)

Snow– One of Vlad’s drudges. She is regularly fed upon by Vlad and she has a crush on him. She is released by Vlad as a drudge because he has feelings for her but does not want to act on them. But they both stay together as friends and then later on become more than that as girlfriend and boyfriend. Vlad makes her a vampire at the end of the series.

Tomas Tod- Vlad’s biological Father - not creator. Tomas was thought to be long dead. He turns out to be an evil man who only had Vlad because he wanted Vlad's Powers for himself.

Vikas– Vlad’s mentor. A Siberian vampire. Tomas' partner in crime


Now I'm going to present some of my favorite parts in the last book....

 chapter 7: Otis turned away then and Tomas took a step after him, desperation filling his tone. "So what you are saying is that I left I left you, when you needed me the most?"

With barely a pause beforehand, Otis whipped aroud, shoving Vlad out of the way. His fist flew through the air, connecting with Tomas's eye. Tomas flew back several feet, landing on the ground with a thump. Dazed, Tomas sat up and touched his eye gingerly. Otis walked away without another word.


 chapter 9:

Otis's voice grew gruff, like he was on the verge of tears. "I was wrong. Misguided."

"And now?" Tomas asked.

" I have Nelly." He grew quiet for a moment and when he continued, Vlad could almost hear the smile on his lips, see the bright blush in his cheeks. "We're to be married in the spring."

Tomas chuckled some. "My brother? Marry a human?"

"Nelly isn't just any human. She's special."

"Of that I'm well aware."


chapter 11:

A glyph. Otis was making a glyph. But what for? Then Vlad had his answer. The glyph glowed red. Hot, bright, noticebly red. And Vlad recalled a conversation between him and Otis had about glyphs, and how Otis had warned him never to touch a red glyph. Not ever.

Otis shouted, "Tomas!"

Immediately, Vlad's dad steeped out of the way, as if he'd known full well what Otis had been planning. Otis tossed the paperweight toward the vampires. Instinctively, the taller one caught it. He had enough time to blink questioningly before his entire body crumbled to dust.


chapter 12:

Henry stared out of the windshield for a moment, and then sighed. It wasn't a sigh of frustration or regret. It was one of resolve. "Where's he been this whole time?"

Vlad shrugged slightly. "Every where and no where. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that my dad's not dead."


 chapter 12:

"I...... don't play video games, Henry." Both boys snapped their eyes to Tomas, who looked admittedly ashamed, "That is, I.....I never have. Played them. Before."

Vlad shook his head in a chastising manner. "Well that's something we have to correct immediatley. Wouldn't you say, Dr. McMillan?"

Henry folded his hands in front of him straightening his shoulders and rocking back and forth on his feet. "Yes, Dr. Tod. I'd say the patient is suffering from lack of exposure to kick-butt graphics and gore galore. What do you prescribe?"

Vlad nodded knowingly. "Immediate and intense Race to Armageddon activity. It's the only cure."

Henry raised an eyebrow, a smirk on his lips. "Stat?"

Vlad grinned. "Stat!"

Dragging Tomas into the lvingroom-Henry pulling from the front and Vlad pushing him from the back. -they ignored his pleas and sat him on the couch. Vlad dropped a controller into his hand and gave him the best advice he could. "Don't die."


 chapter 16:

Meredith blinked, the smile slipping from her face. "What?"

"Strength, Meredith. That's what I see in Snow. Her amazing strength." He held her gaze, his lips pursed. Meredith shook her head. "I just want you to be happy." Vlad turned and opened the door. As he looked back at Meredith-at the girl he thought he loved before he knew what love was, he shook his head. "I am happy.....with Snow."


 chapter 23:

Snow was no longer his drudge- she was his match. She was funny, intriguing, confident, and cool. She was, Vlad saw now, everything he had ever wanted in a girl. And as they swayed to the music, they grew closer and closer, until their bodies were pressed together, their foreheads touching.

Vlad pulled back, but only long enough to look into her eyes before placing a tender kiss on her lips. Snow kissed back and when their lips parted, she drew him close, her arms wrapped tightly around him.

When the song ended and they broke apart at last, Vlad swore that he saw the glimmer of tears in her eyes.


 chapter 24:

"Vlad," Snow shook her head. "Shut up." At first, his heart sank. Then she moved forward, pressing her tightly to his in a dizzying, wonderful kiss-one so much better than even the kiss they'd shared on the dance floor- and Vlad''s heart soared up into the atmosphere, through clouds and sky and stars, and it never came back down. He loved Snow. And Snow loved him/ And for the moment, that was all that mattered.


 chapter 26:

Otis entered the room. With a glance at Vlad, who was covered in frosting from head to toe, he distracted Nelly with a kiss. "Darling, let's go out to dinner. I'm sure Vladamir has everything under control and your kitchen will be good as new when we return."

Nelly threw up her hand in disgust. "Did you see-"

"I did, and I'm certain Vladamir will scrub every inch before we get home." Otis led Nelly from the room. With his thoughts, he said to Vlad, "If you don't, she'll murder you, you know that right?"


 chapter 27:

Vlad pushed back, using all of his vampire might, not giving a damn if the bullies realized what he was, sick and tired and ticked off at being treated less than a human being and more like a pinata for most of his life, and did a windmill kick, catching Bill in the knee. Bill went down hard on his left arm, and Vlad heard a snap. But before the crack of bone even registered in his mind, Vlad flipped himself up to a standing with vampiric speed and grabbed Tom by the shirt. He pulled back his fist and Tom's eyes went wide. "Oh my god, your eyes! What... what the hell are you!"

Vlad set his jaw and threw his arm forward in a punch. Tom's blood splattered onto his fist and he threw the bully back, into the lockers. As Tom slid down, landing in a heap with Bill, Vlad turned and walked away. As he did so, he replied, "I'm the Pravus. And don't you forget it."


chapter 28

 His mother-or rather, the woman who would someday be his mother- was talking to a handsome stranger, a man that Vlad knew as Tomas, a man who was a vampire. But Mellina didn't know yet. After all, this was their initial meeting- Vlad had read about in his father's journal a hundred times. She smiled brightly at him and said, "Walk me home?" Part of Vlad feared for her safety. Part of him wanted to warn her that she shouldn't walk home with strange men. Strange men were dangerous. Especially strange men with fangs.

But this was the past, and Vlad was merely reliving ot through Tomas's memories. Vlad tailed them down the street, not always keep his distance, and then, at a particularly shadow-filled corner, he stopped dead in his tracks.

Tomas looked up and down the street. Seeing they were alone, he grabbed Mellina by the arm, his fangs exposed, and bit into her wrist.

She cried out, yanking her arm back. Tomas released her. "You are my drudge now. Come with me."

Mellina followed, sniffling, unable to resist her vampire master's direct command. "What do you want?"

Tomas nodded matter-of-factly. "I want a child."


 chapter 30:

Otis met Vlad's gaze and held it. "He set out to create the Pravus, Vladamir. He chose your mother based on theories surrounding the Pravus myth, and made her his drudge so that she could not resist. He loved her, yes. But the love came later. First, he used her to bring about an impossible thing-to procreate with a human and bring a half breed child into the world, a child that would come to rule over vampirekind and enslave the human race. He created you for that purpose. I'm just not certain why."


chapter 33:

"Abraham. It's been too long." Vlad's dad wore a peculiar smile as he entered the clearing. Vlad raised an eyebrow at the familiarity in his tone, and he resisted the urge to sigh in relief.

Abraham's hand hesitated on his stake. His tone was full of surprise and alarm, and just a little bit of fear. He reached up and gently stroked the scar on his cheek. "Tomas."

"Oh now isn't this a suprising reunion?" Vlad turned at the familiar voice. Otis offered him a wink and then turned to face the slayer. Abraham.

"Otis." Abraham's voice held no suprise this time, like he expected Otis to be along anytime since Tomas was here. Vlad raised a sharp eyebrow. "You three know one another?"

Otis smiled, keeping his eyes on Abraham the entire time. "Oh yes. Abraham and your father are well aquainted."

"Nice scar by the way." Tomas grinned and then glanced at his son. "And Otis and Abraham are simply the best of friends."

"That's not how I recall it but my memory is fading." Abraham said. Otis took a step closer to Abraham, but, to Vlad's surprise, Abraham didn't take a step back. He stood there defiantly. Otis smiled. "Perhaps we should reminisce about old times?"

"Over a drink?" Tomas stifled a chuckle as he too stepped closed to Abraham.

Abrham gripped his stake and glared at them both, growling. "I'll have your heads."

Otis clucked his tongue. "Like that fateful day, Abraham, there are only two slayers here, and three vampires. You are outwitted and outmatched."

Tomas shook his head, stepping even closer. "And this time, we won't turn the other cheek."

Abrham laughed and by the sound of it, Vlad was preety sure it wasn't something he did often. "You actually think I'm alone? What kind of fool do you take me for?"

A wooden stake whipped by Tomas's head. He had just barely ducked it before it slammed six inches into a tree behind him. Vlad whipped his head around to see a Slayer standing in the woods, a modified crossbow in his hands.

Otis quipped, "One with a short lifespan."


 chapter 37

 He reached up with a steady hand and grasped the tip of the stake between his fingers. With all his might, he pulled on the wood until it slipped painfully from his chest. There was no gush of blood, no dizzying pain.

Vlad moved closer to Eddie and growled, "I told you I can't die."


 chapter 39

"I am so disappointed in you, son." Tomas said. Vlad's jaw hit the floor. "What are you talking about? Slayers were attacking Bathory!"

Tomas closed his eyes, as if exhausted from dealing with a young child's whims. "I have been infinitely patient. How else can I bring you to this truth?"

Vlad blinked, confused. He had no Idea what his dad was talking about. Something heavy in his chest grew heavy with fear.

Tomas clasped his hands behind him and began pacing slightly. "I have lied to you, my son, but only to protect you, only to open your eyes to the truth after all these years of lies told to you by Otis."

Something inside Vlad's chest squeezed his heart until he thought it might burst. "What did he, and you, lie about exactly?"

"There is a group who supports the coming of the Pravus. It's called Alumno and was created to do all that they could in support of bringing about the Pravus, to lay their every resource and even their lives down for the cause. But I'm nto being hunted by them. In fact, I am the group's founding member." Vlad's eyes widened, and Tomas held up his hands and hurried to explain. "You believed Otis, son, you believed every lie he spewed about our group, about how evil we are, about how the Pravus was a myth. But I assure you, this is not the case. We have an honorable cause, and you are a gift to all of Elysia."

Vlad shook his head. "I don't....understand. Why? And Otis- why would he think that your group is evil?"

"Jealousy, perhaps. Otis always was the jealous type." That didn't sound like the Otis he knew but Vlad kept that thought to himself.

"You have an unbreakable trust for the man. That is, until I planted evidence to shake that trust. Otis's hat will never be the same, I'm afraid. But it was important to instill doubt in your heart. Doubt that your perfect uncle was ever so perfect." The corner of Tomas's mouth lifted in a brief smile. "Depite what you may believe, it is the Pravus's place to right the wrongs of Elysia, my son, and to put humans in their proper place."

"But I'm human, Partly, anyway. And Mom...." Vlad's heart ached. "Mom...."

"I loved your mother. As much as a vampire can love a human. She knew her place, served her purpose. She was a good drudge. But she was also lacking in loyalty toward the end." The corner of Tomas's mouth twitched in irritation. "I was going to let her live. But then I learned that she'd been making secret plans to steal away with you in the night, and worse, to turn me into Elysia for my crimes. Somehow, she'd contacted Dorian- the one vampire I could not possibly control or dupe. He sent his son, Adrian, here to meet with her in secret, to investigate her claims, little good it did him."

"But Adrian..." Vlad rolled the name over his tongue. Dorian's son. And Vlad had once seen his name written in a piece of Tomas's handwriting. "I thought Otis killed him. Otis thought that too."

"Otis was too drunk on blood that night to know what was happening. I sent Adrian a note from your mother, to meet with her that night, a full day before Dorian's instruction for him to come. Adrin stole away to do so, and I used mind control powers to help Otis falsely recall draining him dry. After all, I couldn't have anyone suspecting that those were charred remains of Adrian and not me." Tomas shook his head. It was sickening and frightening and horrible how easy it seemed to be for him to discuss such awful things with such a casual tone. "I had no choice, Vladamir. I bound you mother and Adrian to the bed. And once the drapes were drawn, the sun did the rest. Adrian was about as sensitive to the sun as a vampire can get."

Vlad bit his bottom lip. Hard. Until he tasted blood. Then he turned back to his father. "Who opened the drapes."

Tomas blinked as if he had no idea what Vlad was talking abourt. "Pardon?"

"Who opened the drapes, Tomas?" He didn't call him 'Dad' ,wouldn't call him that word. He wasn't acting like a dad. A dad would've done whatever he could have to protect his son.

The sound of soft footsteps approaching distracted them both, the still the cloud remained.

Then a voice broke in. Stern, full of warning and so familiar. Vikas. "Vladamir, you shouldn't use such disrespectful tone with your father." The silence returned and after some time, harsh reality hit Vlad, nearly knocking him over.

"It was you..." He moved his eyes full of wondering belief to Vikas. He looked back to Tomas. "You killed my mother. Vikas opened the drapes and... you both killed my mom." Vikas softened his tone. "She was just a human, Mahlyenky Dyavol. Besides, it was for the good of the cause." To Vlad's horror, his father nodded in agreement. "You killed my mom!" He shoved his father, but Tomas didn't even flinch.


 chapter 39:

"No one can steal your Pravus powers until you have fully developed them and you just have. So isn't my timing remarkable?"

Tomas merely smiled. "You will break, my son," He whispered. "We have our ways."


 chapter 40:

A cruel hateful expression crossed Tomas's eyes. "You have a choice to make, my son. Kill Otis now and I will let Nelly live. Don't kill him and I will drain every drop before your eyes.

Vlad looked from Nelly to Otis in shock. "But...Why?" He asked. Tomas's voice sounded deeper. "Because it amuses me. Now choose or I shall choose for you."


 chapter 40:

Tomas gnashed his teeth into Nelly's neck, draining her in seconds. Without another word, Tomas flew up the side of the building to the roof. Nelly collasped. Otis followed Tomas in a furious blur.


 chapter 41:

Vikas said, "Don't do anything stupid, Mahlyenki  Dyavol. You were created for a purpose. Serve that purpose well."


chapter 41:

Vikas smiled. "Burned it out of me. All of Elysia's control is gone. Even the Pravus cannot control me now."


 chapter 41:

Henry flew through the air and connected with the side of of the building with a meaty smack. He fell into the Dunpster. From within the garbage, his voice croaked, "Oh please. I've had harder smacks from my grandma."


chapter 41:

Vlad whipped his arm forward and buried the stake deep in Tomas's chest before pulling it back again leaving a large, bloody hole.

Tomas was on his back, one arm stretching out toward where Vlad knelt, his face turned toward his son, eyes open. But there was no life in those eyes, just as there had been no love in them moments before.

That's all. I'll end this by stating the obvious:
Heather Brewer is a fucking genius!!!!!

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