101 days to go (2)

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The second episode of the main character's story. It is about how he met the leader of the revolution syndicate and what actions did the group take in order to gain power. In the end the main character made a decision to join the group.

Submitted: December 27, 2015

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Submitted: December 27, 2015



It was a long ribbon, I had to make something out of it in order to evade the strict guards in town. The country has been very quiet since the people elected Vincent as chairperson because military troops and police were sent to monitor every move of its people, if someone was caught because of doing something against the government, they would be sentenced to death in front of the national TV. Some died because of commenting Vincent, some was beheaded because he stepped on a poster on the floor with Vincent's icon on it. But most were dead because of their resistance of going into the fight. Therefore, a troop of special police was sent near my town once I was announced the participant of the event. If I want to survive and fight back, I have to be smart.


The next morning, I strolled out of my house, trying to stay as calm as I could to avoid attention as I walked towards the park. But everything happened really fast once I stepped into the park. My sight went dark in a sudden and I heard a few gun shots then the street was quiet, I could hear a mosquito fly in that silence. I removed my blind to see a man facing me with his back wearing a brown leather jacket and a hat. His hands were holding two pistols, and there was still smoke coming out from its pipes. I glanced around to see all people in the park laid dead, even the so called special police, who was supposed to protect me from getting injured by anyone except the crusher in the ring. Then, the tall and brutal man put the guns on his belt as he turned to face the flinching teen. It was anyone's surprise, the man was Crazy Jim, the psycho from the asylum in a nearby village, but he looked so different today. Normally, he would be dressed in a T-shirt and a pair of unwashed trousers and scream on the streets. But he stood like a normal person and his face was all cleaned up from the dirt in the landfill where he lived. And his eyes were like an eagle, so sharp that it could catch any prey in the fields. One stare from him made me feel like I was stranded on an island while the eagles were swirling up my head.


His voice was deep, unlike his crazy high pitched annoying tone. “Nice trick on the watch, very creative.” he said in a low tone. I held up my hand and looked at my watch, which was tied with a yellow ribbon on its strap by myself the night before. “Nice trick on the guns.” I answered. He laughed while a black jeep drove near us. The door opened and the driver shouted “What took you so long, it's a waste of time blindfolding the new guy. Get in.” Jim smiled and led me into the jeep.


He introduced “This is Toto, our driver, the best you can find.” “Nice seeing you, kid” Toto said in a thick voice, like a Viking, with his long beard and wide shoulders. “My name is Adam, Adam Yeung.” I said with a smile to show my courtesy. “Now back to business.” Jim snapped his fingers. “I am sure you are desperate for help to evade the fight. So you decided to join our society to play against the rules.” “What rules?” I asked. “Taking down every law that Vincent's council had passed, and we start by taking down the riches.” He answered “Eliminating the fight won't change the way they behave.” I said “But it sure scares them as most of their fortunes are placed as bets in the fight. Stock market isn't that lucrative anymore once robbing is legalized, the same in this case, where the rates are sky high.” He said as he looked at the window. And suddenly I noticed, there was not a single siren horning behind us. Jim took out a tablet below his seat and turned it on in front of me. What I saw from the tablet was the police station in my town blown up into pieces whereas the all the police vehicles were burnt to ashes. The next footage was more shocking, I saw masked men carrying rifles and machine guns shooting police officers in the streets. With all that mess in town, no wonder there was not a police car behind our tail.


Jim took out a mobile phone from his jacket and dialed and number. It was a quick conversation, he said only three words : is it done? And he nodded with a grin as the other side replied. He turned to me and said in a firm tone “Don't worry, your parents are okay. The rest of the town will not be threatened by any law again.” He swiped to another video and I saw the masked gunmen tearing down the flags of the country and hoisting a blackened flag with a giant red X in the middle. A man announced “You have been freed by Mr.Red, let us all cheer for the new leader.” “Fight terror with terror, classic.” I said ironically while Jim put away the tablet. Jim stared at me for a moment and managed an ugly smile. “Welcome to the club, my friend.” He thrust out his hand. I shook it firmly, like grabbing onto the last tree in a tornado, let alone the bad roots it had.


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