Harvest Day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is about how a young man fall in love with a kind female his age; and how the girl suppress her feelings for him, but eventually she became weak against the power of passion and gave her kiss away in a romantic evening.

  1. He was glancing at her from time to time.  She was distinctive from the crowd of villagers, who were talking to each other cheerfully, mostly half drunk, with each other's arms on other people's shoulders. She appeared to be quiet as she was smiling along with the others but not singing or dancing. Today was the happiest day of the year because it was harvesting day, and the great news was the harvested crops increased. So people decided to celebrate the day with an extravaganza and a feast. After three drunk farmers finished their dances on stage, people clapped and cheered. But she was different, she didn't shout, instead she remain joyfully seated and applauded with excitement. 

    Someone gave him a small pat on the shoulder. He reluctantly turned his head and gave him an angry look, as he didn't want to be disturbed while he admiring the living portrait of true beauty. That person was his friend, Paul, a big and muscular young lad, which the villagers named him Handy Man, he was most wanted when someone needed a lift of large bags of crops and wheat. Go talk to her, don't be shy. The Handy Man gave him a push. He shook his head with a forced smile and ate his bowl of food, trying to avoid the embarrassing conversation.

    She, on the other hand, has been nervously waiting for him to come over and talk. She remained calm and quiet at her table whereas the other girls were chatting loudly with others or dancing on the table. She would be the one who was dancing if he wasn't sitting nearby. She reminisced the awkward experience as she sipped her cup: It was a hot summer's day, she was in her house cooking lunch for her father as he passed by her house and fainted on the road. She rushed out once she noticed a young and strong man her age fell so suddenly onto the ground. When she got in front of him, he was breathing heavily and mumbling water, water in a weak tone. Since everyone was out on the farm, she lifted his right arm and carried him into her house. Then she poured a glass of water into his thirsty throat while tenderly holding his back of the head. He fell into a deep sleep after swallowing the glass of fresh water, like an exhausted warrior back from the fields finally having his peaceful sleep. She took care of him until her father came back for lunch, he was shocked to find out a weak teen laying on his bed, and went out to get the doctor. 

    When he woke up the next morning, he was startled to find himself comfortably tucked into a bed sheet and placed with a cool towel on his forehead. But most surprisingly, he saw her laying beside his leg. She was sleeping soundly while the morning sunshine gently embraced her. Her soaked hands and the bucket of water beside her indicated that she was the wet girl who took good care of him. She woke up slowly rubbing her eyes from the sunlight and tried to remove the towel from his head but she didn't notice the patient was already up, and thinking of ways repaying the angel who saved his life. She was astonished when she found out the head wasn't at its place, and more stunned when she realized he knew everything. She dropped the towel onto the floor in shock and disbelieve, and they both reached for it. He got the towel first, but she grabbed onto his forearm and said Please rest. Let me do all the work. There was a moment of silent as they both looked into each other's eyes. She was attracted to his dashing eyes and looks while he was nervously glancing at her alluring and exquisite face. She then let go of his hard forearm and dashed out of the room. His strength was back thanks to her. He slept a whole day and left in the evening. When he left the house he expressed his gratitude to her father who let him stay and found him a doctor. But he was disappointed as he couldn't thank her in person.

    Then came an opportunity on harvest day as she was sitting near him, but he was too much of a coward to get near her, let alone saying sorry and thank you. He kept promising himself that he would make a move after the next dance or song, but he hadn't move an inch from his seat after the last dance was finished and everyone was leaving in satisfaction. He shrugged his shoulders and strolled away from the venue. He walked along the riverside with the luminous moon painting everything blue in sight. She was standing beside the river admiring the nice view of nature. She was dressed in the colour of the evening, making her the queen of the peaceful night. He slowly walked towards her, afraid that his steps would scare the goddess of the night away, ruining nature's peaceful dusk. There was the moment their eyes both met at the same time, it was like two pieces of rubies shining under the moonlight, charming and alluring. He started with a gentle tone Thank you for all your treatment. Your father mentioned how you've taken care of me that night. He continued with his head bowing down And I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable that day. Little had the foolish young prince charming knew, she was the one who wanted to apologize for being rude for not being there to wish him farewell that day. So she said in a level voice I am sorry for .. I am sorry. I can't hear you. he said as he walked closer. She suppressed her voice even more as he was closer. She was too nervous to open her mouth when there was only a gap between them. He noticed something wrong, so he leaned his head in front of her and asked Are you okay?There was that moment of silence again, two pairs of eyes searching for answers from each other, trying to interpret and crack the code of each other's hearts.

    They were too close that they could feel each other breathing heavily and nervously. He wrapped his arms around her waist and gave his first kiss away, also taking hers.

Submitted: December 18, 2015

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Tolerance Writer

Masterful storytelling, just needs proofreading

Fri, December 18th, 2015 2:50pm


Thanks. Advice taken. Will keep improving.

Fri, December 18th, 2015 9:09pm

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