New Year's Eve

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A new story for a new year. It is about how Chris's ultimate confession of love to his crush, Nana on New Year's Eve. Everything was planned, the VIP seats at the waterfront, the roses under his chair, and most of all, his love for Nana. He was afraid she would turn him down, but he still decided to give it a go. Happy ending.

Submitted: January 01, 2016

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Submitted: January 01, 2016



He has been planning this for a while. The ultimate confession of love to his crush, Nana. Venue, time, actions and flowers, everything was settled. He opened the message app in his phone and selected her name. They began typing.

'Hi' He texted, shivering

'hi. What's up' she replied.

'How is your holiday?'

'so-so, yours?'

'not so bad myself. Hey, are you free on New year's Eve?'

Then she went offline for about five minutes. During that time, he was shaking nervously as he was afraid that she was thinking of the perfect line to turn him down. And it's nobody's surprise that, women always think of the most hopeful rejection lines. Such as “I think you are a good guy, but we are not suitable for each other.” or “Honey, it's all my fault. You deserve better with your good personalities.”. It often makes people wonder, if that man is a good guy and holds great virtues, why break up with them in the first place? But fortunately for Chris, he didn't receive such encouraging lines.

'Sorry, I was showering just now. Yeah, I am free on that day.'

'Great! How about we go to the waterfront to watch the fireworks in the countdown ceremony.” He typed with relief.

'Sounds great. When shall we meet?'

'11:45 at the waterfront's west gate.'

'11;45? It will be crowded by then!'

'Trust me, I've got it covered.' Chris smiled as he glanced at the west waterfront's VIP seats tickets.

'Ok Mr. Mysterious. See you there.'

'See you then, don't be late.' He added a smiling emoji at the end.

'Bye.' she also added a smiling emoji.

After he went offline, he kept thinking about her and he couldn't sleep. Even with his eyes closed, he could still see her pretty face and those charming eyes in his dreams. He was also very excited and nervous because he was finally going to confess his feelings to her, the girl in his dreams, soon she would be his real girlfriend, if the confession didn't go south. “any girl would find that romantic. It will succeed.” He comforted himself. 

He searched for his phone and headset in the dark but he made the large pile of books fall on his desk. He turned on the lights to put them back together and saw the pen that reminded him of Nana again. Afterall, it was the pen that made him fell crazily in love with her. The pen was a gift from his Math teacher as he got the highest mark in the Math standard test. As though it was an ordinary pen, it was a big approval to his hard effort to encounter one of his worst subjects. However he lost it. 

It was an ordinary day, but when he couldn't find his favorite pen in his pencil case, he could hear his heart crack and his world crumbling into pieces around him. He tried to look everywhere, the school's basketball court, his classroom, the men's toilets and every hole of the school's walls. Right when he was thinking about going into the lady's room, she showed up like the warm sun in the snow, brining an end to the hopeless winter. “Are you looking for this?” she said in a gentle tone. He looked up and saw his world assembling itself again. She was holding his favorite pen, and his heart. He nodded and took back his pen from her soft and tendered hands. “How did you know I was looking for this?” he asked, but couldn't look into her charming dark eyes. “Come on, I could hear you whisper “pen, pen, where's my pen?” from across the hall.” She smiled, like an angel. “Where did you....” “You forgot to check your pants' pocket” she didn't wait for him to finish asking. “Thanks, this pen means a lot to me.” he said, scratching his head. She giggled and said “Of course. Best in Math test, right?” He nodded with his head facing downwards. “Since you're here, can you help me solve this equation?” “Ok.” he said, still afraid to look into her eyes.

After that day, they had begun to teach each other homework. Although they were in different classes, but he would make the effort to admire her pretty face and fun personality as soon as possible. She would teach him English and he would teach her how to solve equations. They both enjoyed the quality time they had spent together as they could learn a lot from each other and mostly gossip. He loved watching her smile, it was like chewing a sweet marsh mellow in your mouth and not worrying about decaying teeth. He fell more in love with this girl each day they had met. He had to contain himself from being overjoyed from the exciting conversations they had and her most alluring smile. 

He couldn't help but think of her during the holidays. Every time he closed his eyes he would imagine himself kissing her smooth cherry lips but  always woke up in disappointment. He decided to take their relationship up to another level. A plan came up, a romantic night on New Year's Eve.

He glanced his watch 11:40, 31/12/20xx. He was standing at the gate at the west waterfront. He had double-checked everything, roses under his seat, the perfect view of the harbor and fireworks, the two VIP seats tickets to the highest row where there were fewest seats. She arrived, dressed in a light blue dress and carrying a little white handbag. “Dressing up for the scene. Nice dress and you look beautiful tonight.” he said with amazement and a bit of humor. “A new dress to welcome the new year, why not?” she answered cheerfully. “Let's go. The show's about to start.” he said as he took her by the arm. She smiled and said “What a kind gentleman.”

After they had made their way through the excited crowd and got to their VIP seats, looking at the harbor from the highest point, she said “wow. I did not expect this. How did you manage to....” “shh.” He put his finger on her lips and continued “Just enjoy the show. I am sure you're going to love it.” He took a look at his watch, 11:59. His heartbeat must have risen geometrically when the crowd below started to count “40,39,38...” He turned to her, and nervously said “There's something I would like to tell you, Nana.” “What? Make it quick.” she was excited for the new year's arrival. “30,29,28.......” He grabbed the roses under his seat and shouted bowing his head “Nana, can you be my girlfriend?” She was taken aback and didn't know how to react to the surprise. “20,19,18....” he was shaking as he slowly raised his head to see her with a red face, contrasting with the color of her dress, she was also cute when she was shy. “10,9,8...” “Will you...” he tried to repeat his sentence but it was interrupted with a kiss from her soft cherry lips. “5,4...” “3,2,1, Happy New year.” The crowd cheered as the fireworks formed flowers in the sky. “Yes, I will.” she whispered into his ear. “Happy new year, my dear.” he said as he hugged her into his chest.

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