Power of Origin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story is about a boy named Toby, who realized he had the powers to save the world from the evil powers of sins. And he began the adventures with Frieda, another virtue, peace. What will happen to Toby and his friends? Read to find out.

Table of Contents

The Dream

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,” Galatians 5?22   1 ... Read Chapter

The new girl

After I had packed my project into my backpack, I walked out of the house, yawning all the way to school. Why was I so tired? Why did I s... Read Chapter

The opposite of love

The afternoon sun today was beautiful, swiping every building yellow, leaving a lazy long shadow on the ground.   She was al... Read Chapter


The sky was painted light red. I was lying down on soft grass, counting the white spots in the atmosphere. A gentle breeze caressed my ... Read Chapter

Her missing piece

Wake up.” A voice cried. “Please wake up.”   I didn't have the strength to stretch my eyelids. Then, I felt someone hu... Read Chapter

Power of Origin

“Power of origin?” I sipped the cup of steamed coffee.   “Yes.” Frieda nodded. “Everyone has it, but my sister and... Read Chapter

The same dream, the same girl

There I was again. The same sky, the same age, the same feeling, the same girl.   “Aren't you frequent visitor?” Cara le... Read Chapter

Senders and Savers

“Hey.” Freida shook my body. “Time to wake up, princess Toby.”   “I don't understand.” I mumbled as I open my ey... Read Chapter


The night was young. Stars were starting to wake up, although the sun was set an hour ago. I was walking along the shore alone, thinkin... Read Chapter

Cara, why?

“Here we are again.” Cara hugged me.   “Am I dead?”   “No, silly.” She grabbed my arms tightly and ... Read Chapter

Never let her shed a tear

I opened my eyes to find myself in a room with a familiar ceiling, a ceiling that I grew up with. How did she know I live here? But mos... Read Chapter

Danger again

“Hey Toby.” A teenager with a strange haircut walked toward me. “Glad that you're okay.” He smiled.   My heart sank ... Read Chapter

The battle

Walk in there.” Dennis pointed at the portal that revealed a wide land.   “I thought destruction is all you bring to the... Read Chapter

Do you love her?

“Sorry for my words and actions.” I looked at my toes. “I should've known.”   “That's okay. As long as you believe... Read Chapter

Let's go find the others

I woke up, still wondering why Cara said that to me. Pass? What test or exam have I passed? What secret path has I discovered? I shook ... Read Chapter

Abby and Clarissa

After a five-minute walk, we arrived at a diner. It was just a regular diner named 'Happy Dining'. However, I saw all people carrying a... Read Chapter

The slum

We walked out of the diner, feeling relieved like the other customers. Then, we strolled for a few blocks and arrived at the worst part... Read Chapter

The fallen virtue

“It't nice to meet you two.” Suniti shook me and Frieda's hands. “Frieda and Toby. Peace and love.”   “How'd you..... Read Chapter


The church was crowded for a judgement and an execution of a virtue. I was not surprised to see politicians, businessmen, and warlords.... Read Chapter

The Big Fight

I needed to act quickly. But I didn't have the power to stop the execution. I knelt down on both my knees, struggling for a solution as... Read Chapter

Years later

“Clarissa, you ready to go?” Abby urged.   “I will be right with you.” Clarissa answered.   “Let your... Read Chapter