Blood in November

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

First page to my new book. Need review.
Jake and his friend Robert are on a ride for there lives.

It was a cool morning in November. The wind was blowing and the leafs on the trees were almost gone. Jake Rolland was in his house drinking his coffee. Like he always did in the morning. When he heard the sound of the emergency broadcast come across his TV. The message was none like he had ever heard before. (This is the emergency broadcasting network. A deadly virus known as M2C has been detected in your area. Local authorities have been advised. Please report to your local holding area. Local authorities will arrive shortly.)

Now Jake a man with more knowledge about things than most. Had spent years studying the NWO, UN, and NATO and had watched almost every video on YouTube about the collapse of the United States. He was a prepared man for the big fall. He knew this just didn’t feel right. Not one person in his town had been sick. He had to get out of his house and to the woods before the authorities arrived.

As Jake was rushing to grab his guns, ammo and food. He heard a knock at the door. Being very couscous slightly lifted one of the blinds. He was able to see his front porch. As he looked out he saw his best friend Robert. Jake went over to the door an opened it and said to Robert. Get in here and hurry up!

Robert ran into the house and asked Jake. Did you hear the news? Jake nodded his head as he was picking out the food he wanted to take. Then Robert helped Jake and packed the supplies to Jakes truck. Just as Jake and Robert were about to leave. They heard the sound of the tornado siren blasting in their ears. Jake put the truck in reverse and pulled out. Leaving the front of his house submerged in smoke and the smell of burned rubber.

Jake and Robert made it about 3 blocks from Jakes house when they came to a crossroad. In the crossroad sat a cop car with all of its lights on. Jake hit the brakes and came to a crawl. Robert pointed his finger in fear at the cop car and said look at all the blood! Jake noticed the policeman lying in the road by his car. His body filled with bullet holes. He also heard the police radio and the cries for backup by all the other cops. Jake looked at Robert and said things are not going to be the same. Robert picked up the 45 pistol Jake had laid in the middle seat and loaded all six chambers.

Now after they made it to the edge of town they started to feel a little easier about making it. But this was short lived. They both saw a little girl standing on the side of the road with her head hung downward looking at the ground by the Welcome to Huntsville sign. Jake pasted her up a little then came to a stop. Robert was looking at the girl in his rear view mirror. He noticed that she was bleeding from her eyes. He opened his door and got out of the truck. Walking slowly in the direction the girl was standing.

Little girl what is your name? Robert asked. He heard nothing back. Little girl what is your name? This time a little louder. But still nothing…… LITTLE GIRL I ASKED WHAT YOUR NAME IS? ! Robert was getting very frustrated. The little girl raised her head up and said in a creepy voice. The time of time is over. Nothing the same.

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Robert looked at the girl with wondering eyes. He said little girl what does that mean? The little girl with blood running from her eyes turned facing the town and started to walk away from Robert. Robert got back in the truck and looked at Jake and said I don’t understand what she was saying. Jake looked back out of the cab of the truck. But the little girl was gone.

A short time later they were next to the wood line. There were cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles abandoned by the wood line. A lot of them just left running. Jake and Robert got the supplies they had packed and went into the woods. The woods were quiet. So quiet Jake and Robert could hear their own hearts beating. After walking in the woods for hours. They heard screams from ahead. What is the Jake? Robert asked. Jake said I don’t know but it doesn’t sound good. Jake pulled his 30-30 out of his bag. They walked until the screams sounded like they were right in there ears.

Up in front of them about 100 yards. He saw military trucks on the road that ran into the woods. They didn’t have the markings of U.S military. Jake couldn’t really tell what the markings were but knew they were not his. He pulled his 30-30 up and rested the butt of the gun on his shoulder. He put his eye up to the scope. He seen the markings clearly now. They were the markings of the U.N. Robert asked Jake. Well what’s the news? Jake said not good!

As Jake was still looking through his scope. He saw two soldiers standing on the edge of the road. They were holding machine guns and pointing them at a family of three. The wife was the one Jake and Robert was hearing scream. Just then a burst of three rounds came from the soldiers guns. The mother’s screams were heard no more. Jake took his eye off the scope and puked in front of where he was crouched.

Robert looked at Jake and said we have to save the other two! Jake asked what he had in mind. Robert explained to Jake his plans. Robert walked up to the road were the four were standing. The soldiers still pointing their guns at the father and child that were clinging to each other. Robert made some noise so the soldiers heard him. The two soldiers turned to Robert and started screaming in a language Robert didn’t understand.

Jake still sitting in the woods was watching every move of the soldiers. His crosshairs were on the soldier’s face that looks to be in command. Robert put his hands in the air. The soldiers had taken direct aim at him. Just then a loud blast rang out and echoed in the woods. The solider that Jakes crosshairs were on fell to the ground. The father of the child tackled the other solider to the ground. Robert helped the man to get the gun. Robert took the butt of the gun and held it to the soldiers head like a baseball player waiting to swing.

What are you doing here Robert screamed! The solider didn’t say a word. Robert asked again what are you doing here? The solider smiled and said in a Russian voice go fuck yourself! Robert took aim with the butt of the gun and swong . Blood splattered the side of the U.N truck.

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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