A once peaceful world is now threatend one again by the ancient threat of a demon king who wants dominion over all the known world...

Can our heroes of the light triumph over the darkness?

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Kingdom of Majesty,
Filled with a demonic travesty,

A world filled with dragons and dolphins,
And a God’s arm that is open,

Static and magic,
Hope that is tragic,

The Demon King had a son,
And he is The Chosen One,

Who would ally with the Kingdom of Gold,
As The Book of Genesis told,

Removing the sword made the sun shine,
And gave The Knights new strength from Thorvald The Divine,

A poor wizard stuck in a fiery dimension,
Fighting a demon with no comprehension,

Forever The Wizard will dwell,
Trapped in The Oblivion of Hell,

At least the world can now heal,
From the ancient threat that was real,

Welcome to...





Centuries ago, the world of Majestica lived in peace and prosperity until the darkness rose up against its inhabitants. Malaphixias, Gods right hand angel, was gifted with the power of free will and wanted dominion over all the earth and so, he was cast out of heaven to live in the underworld in darkness and shadow...

The primordial war was fought between the humans and elves against great evil beings commanding the living dead. Without Malaphixias in the flesh, the darkness stood no chance for victory.

The mortal birth of Malaphixias was prophesied to be born of a descended and resurrected virgin who would give birth to The Demon King.

With forces of evil rallying in The Dark Lands, they will surely make a move on Majestica once their master is alive to leave an impact on the world and bring death and suffering to all!

The Golden Empire was founded by King Herald The First after the elves foresaw the end of Majestica and sailed home through the portal in the middle of The Crystal Sea. The Golden Empire is now ruled by King Leoric The Brave, and like all kings, comes from the royal blood line.

There was once a great wizard blacksmith of The Golden Empire and his name was Thorvald The Divine. He tempered weapons and armour out of steel and gold near the earth’s sun and thus, gets the name ‘Sun Forged Regalia’ that gives the bearer superior strength and wisdom on natural sunny days.

Thorvald’s last creation, 'The Sword of The Sun' claimed his life by pouring too much energy and concentration into the blades creation at the same time of his beloved daughter’s death. The sword fired back into the earth along the coast and penetrated a stone; the coast is now named ‘The Sword Coast’.

Many people tried removing the sword but it won’t budge. If any unholy hand grasps the blade, it lays waste to them.

When our God created The Heavens, The Earth and The Angels, including Malaphixias, one third of The Angels followed Malaphixias into The Underworld. These angels are now fallen angels, or demons who take pride in bringing suffering to all.

For every damned soul that descends to the underworld, are doomed to an eternity of pain and anguish. Malaphixias gains power from every soul that screams in oblivion.

Dragon Mountain, just north of the gates of The Golden Empire is home to the majestic creatures whose will is controlled by head master Andanté by a great artefact. The dragons were proud beasts that reigned the skies until the elves trapped their will into a sceptre now known as ‘The Sceptre of Dominion’, which was passed on from generation to generation before the elves travelled home.

If the sceptre falls into the wrong hands, the will of dragons will be used against them. Andanté would have no choice but to destroy it before that happens.

There was a girl born when the planets where aligned which opened her spirit up to the demonic realm. She was haunted by demons since birth, and one tragic night, the demons made her take her own life. She descended to hell and being the mother of The Demon King; was spared from torture. The spirit of Malaphixias impregnated her and then she was released from hell and came back to life.

9 months later she gave birth to a boy, Malaphixias, who would lead The Armies of Darkness to assault the light and turn myth into legend.

The Wizards of The Sword Coast is a school that trains gifted students who are perceptible to magic. The school of magic is headed by Titulus The Wise. His two most gifted apprentices are Andaria and Benedict.

One evening, a Demon Knight had an assignment from The Demon King to assassinate Titulus and steal the ancient scrolls to further the demons magical abilities. Weak from studies of arcane magic, The Demon Knight possessed Andaria’s mind and turned his will against his friends. Delphina, Benedict’s elven girlfriend was killed by the possessed Andaria. Observing was Benedict, and now filled with rage and no logic, swore an oath to avenge Delphina.

Benedict fled to lament on his own.

Titulus awoke from meditation and sensed a demonic presence, so he located and terminated The Demon Knight.

In the garden of Halamane, outside of the gates of The Golden Empire was King Leoric’s wife, Queen Dania. The Queen was smelling the flowers until agents of darkness abducted her and bought her back to The Dark Lands for Malaphixias’ evil plans.

The demon king chose royal blood to give birth to a son that could take over his kingdom if Malaphixias was to die. Queen Dania gave birth to the demon kings son, born half demon half man and names him Proximus who was taught the dark arts from The Demon King himself. The Queen died after giving birth to Proximus.

In The Book of Genesis was written of the one who was torn between both good and evil who would light the evil kingdom, bring balance to Majestica and free all the damned souls.

He would grasp the legendary steel of the Gods with pride and honour. The blade would only endure one fight and crumble when its destiny is fulfilled.

In The Caves of The Dark Lands where Proximus was raised seeded the horrible and tragic rape and torture of innocents, who begged for death. Too much blood was spilled before Proximus’s human eyes and so, in a God ordained moment, Proximus denied his dark heritage and escaped from the clutches of his father and master, Malaphixias!

Malaphixias now at maximum strength and his army at full battle ready; leads a siege on The Golden Empire to make his impact on Majestica. The Golden Knights are at guard against The Armies of Darkness with thunder and storm striking the skies. King Leoric blows The Golden Horn to summon Andanté and The Dragon Riders then lights the beacon to alert Titulus and his wizards.

The battle is underway and Andanté arrives with the dragons to fight the black winged demons and what a challenge it is. Moments later, Titulus teleport into the battle with his wizard’s to fight magic with magic.

Standing next to The Demon King is Benedict and he is poisoned with darkness and rage. Andaria tries to reason with him, but Benedict does not want to hear it and Benedict leaves Andaria no choice but to kill him.

Andanté is on a killing spree and Malaphixias notices he is a threat. Waving The Sceptre of Dominion with pride is he, and in a vulnerable moment, Malaphixias destroys the sceptre. The will of dragons is now lost forever and the dragons are now flying astray turning on all beings in their path!

Victory is near for the forces of evil… The Golden Knights look up to the sky and pray for a miracle.

Proximus awakens from deep meditation and suddenly hears a small still voice in the back of his mind that sounds like God, to remove the legendary sword. Reluctant is he, for any unholy hand that grasps it, turns to dust. Happy with his conscience and gift of salvation is Proximus, and so, removes the sword from the stone and finds new purpose.

Suddenly the sun shines bright and The Golden Knights find new strength to endure the battle.

On horse back is Proximus and rides to new horizons and reaches the battle in time. The almost defeated humans see Proximus with The Sword of The Gods. The humans’ war cry reaches the sky.

Titulus, the most powerful wizard of all Majestica realises what he must now do… and in an instant, takes his own life and for taking your own life that was given to him by his God, is a sin that warrants damnation.

The wizards’ spirit travels to Malaphixias’ hell. Confused and laughing is The Demon King for Titulus is now trapped in hell. Titulus uses his entire might and power to attack Malaphixias, and it hurts him, hurts Malaphixias enough to silence all of his power in the mortal world… and in that moment, Proximus strikes Malaphixias with The Sword of The Sun and kills The Demon King!

The heavenly blade shatters into hundreds of fragments for its purpose has been fulfilled. All the damned souls now ascend to heaven and Malaphixias has no power.

King Leoric proclaims peace and a national day of healing to all of Majestica as he hosts a banquet with the most expensive foods and ales.

The Jesters will be singing songs and telling tales about this victory for ages to come as today is a day of great significance of the victory of the forces of the light.

How long can Titulus fight to contain Malaphixias’ spirit in his hell and keep him at bay? Until Titulus becomes weak, Malaphixias will find new power… power of an unimaginable force for Titulus was the most powerful wizard of all Majestica!

The end, or is it?

Submitted: July 06, 2011

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IT's like Lord of the rings and King arthur combined lol good job

Wed, July 6th, 2011 2:07pm


Hi ShieldofWolf. Thank you for your comment on Majestica , just letting you know that iceoverdose has passed away eleven months ago

Thu, October 25th, 2012 5:25am

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