Chapter 2 planetside fan fic story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 of the fan fic. New Conglomerate forces have successfully captured a Vanu controlled tech base, but now the terran republic want their piece of the pie.

Chapter 2
 The N.C.  had successfully invaded a Vanu controlled territory only to learn that the Terran Republic are nipping at their heels.  Thanks to the combined effort of an elite Specter , a member of an advanced infiltrator unit, the N.C. unit managed to take control, but  not without heavy losses.
“Someone, give me a report on current assets.” The commander now visible on a holographic display. The field C.O. replied after taking a heavy breath.
 “ Well Sir, we lost most of second platoon in the orbital strike, spare 5 or 6.  And first platoon is down to 20 infantry and 2 maxx units.”
 “ And what about vehicles, Harris”
“ Well sir, we have acquired the tech labs vehicle depot and only have about 6 people qualified for vanguards and a handful for other light armored. “
“ Alright harris,  get your hands on those 6 vanguards and a vindicator”
“ But Sir, theres at least 15 prowlers , even with the anti-vehicle turrets repaired we cant handle them AND keep a defense inside the base.”
“Very true,  but I do have an orbital strike available.”
“Sir, you know as well as I do that those prowlers can out maneuver the orbital strikes, at most you may hit afew , if were lucky”
“ Noted Harris, which reminds me, how many smoke canisters can you muster?”
“Smoke Canisters? I don’t understand sir”
“You don’t have to understand, you just have to do it”
“Understood sir”
( Terran Republic)
“ Prowlers,  30 seconds till we approach the apex of the hill. Everyone spread out, straight line, parallel with the front gate.”
The 15 prowler tanks began to divert from their formation and  form a line , each prowler with  5 meter gaps in between. As soon as they had settled, they remained there motionless for a moment. “ Satellite images show a scan of roughly  two dozen soldiers. Prowlers will get us through the gate but were gonna have to get you inside somehow. So were gonna sit out here a bit and wait for them to make a move. Well wittle them down to the aerial bombardments start and well make our move.”
The leader of the prowler division pressed the vehicles release switch and the doors slid open and he hopped out.  A few seconds later the crackle of an electric current began to fade and a terran infiltrator unit appeared within feet of the prowler leader.
“ Ah good you’re here. You know what you need to do right?”
The infiltrator gave a simple nod, then faded out of sight once again.
  He took a breath as the infiltrator left, his heart actually was racing for a second as the Phantom class infiltrator actually caught him off guard.
" Those phantoms are as creepy as hell"  He thought to himself.
Harris’s jaw nearly hit the console in front of the hologram when he heard the order from his commander.
“Sir, you want us to do what?? We cant just do that? How is that going to help us? We wont be able to use our sensors, and they’ll be able to waltz right in!”
“ Harris, you’re going to have to trust me.  You just make sure you get those vanguards pushed up to the front as soon as possible.  Line half of your remaining men along the top of the front entrance and wait for my orders.”
“Sir, I don’t think this is a good idea”
“ Ill make sure to put that on your gravestone when you die, harris now get it done”
“ Heads up everyone , vanguards leaving the vehicle depot and  moving towards the front entrance.  We will buy our phantom friend a few seconds and help him slip in through the front.”
As the prowler leader informed his men of the plan,  a vindicator and the sixth and final vanguard loaded up front forming  a wall of vanguards.  The vanguards were the heaviest armor ground vehicle between all of the factions.  Its used as a two man vehicle with a driver and gunner position.  Its maneuverability was akin to that of sleeping bear, but its damage and defensive capabilities were second to none.
“ They’re setting up a defensive barrier around the wall.  Such a waste of nanites and men.  They know they cant take us in this condition.”
Without warning the Blue shielding that once protected the base slowly began to dissipate and all external lights went out. The Prowler leader couldn’t help but let a laugh out at the N.C.’s expense.
“Poor bastards , used the last bit of their energy from the generator to produce these vanguards. Thisll be even easier than I thought. We should be able to take this without the aerial bombardments.”
Before he could even finish his next thought, canisters came crashing down to the ground in the proximity of the vanguards. Slowly ,columns of smoke began to billow out from the tiny canisters. The tightness and sheer number of canisters fully enveloped the line of tanks and even further.  The prowlers line of sight was cut off.
“ The hell is going on?”  Within ten seconds  of the smoke, vindicator peeled out from the smoke and headed back to the base. Cries of confusion could be heard over the radios between the prowler group. No one could make sense of what was happening. The prowler leader was just as perplexed.
“ CUT THE CHATTER! Don’t lose your focus! Prepare for a rush through a smoke , they might be pulling more vanguards to attack us.”
Thirty seconds passed by  but still no movement from within the smoke. Trigger fingers hovered over each prowlers main cannon firing mechanism. Hands beginning to grow increasingly unsteady. 
“ What are they waiting for? Why aren’t they mov---“
Suddenly an overly anxious prowler opened fire.  One by one more prowlers opened fire through the smoke. Flashes of light and flames expanded through the smoke casting it aside , spreading the thinning smoke. Dust and explosions replaced the smoke as each prowler fired round after round.
“Hold your fire, hold your fire!!! HOLD YOU FIRE GOD DAMNIT!!”
The explosions ceased after a few minutes and once again the prowler division lay in wait for the smoke to clear. They were greeted with no surprises.  The remains of what appeared to be 6 vanguard tanks  now reduced to chunks of metal and smoldering ash.
“Well , I don’t know what they were planning, but it doesn’t matter now.  Weve reduced their forces by about half. This day just keeps getting better and better. All prowlers move in, charge through that front gate.
“Sir, vanguards are out at the front, and the prowler division have set up above us”
“Good. And the vindicator?”
“Its ready sir”
“All units at position Alpha, toss smoke canisters in front of the vanguards”
As soon as the smoke began to rise up and the line was no longer in sight  of the prowlers. The vindicator opened up its rear doors.  The driver of the vindicator smacked the side of his vehicle as his signal.  On cue all the vanguard drivers, opened up the hatches and boarded the vindicator. After piling in the vindicator, it took off behind the smoke and headed back to the base.
“Sir, that was a waste of perfectly good vanguards. What good did that do . We have no power, and now, we have no tanks to hold the line. Sir I hope you know what you’re doing”
“If I didn’t , I would be calling you “ Sir” Harris.”
“ Understood Sir”
The prowlers broke their formation and started their descent down the hill.
“ All prowlers through at once.  Through the doors and surround the inside of the buildings, don’t let them have a chance at an escape. 
“Sir, they are almost here.  10 seconds from breach of front gate.”
“ Very well, ..3…. 2..1.. NOW”
The lead prowler tank was a  dozen meters shy of the front entrance, when suddenly a bright blue wall appeared in front of him.  He slammed on his brakes, but his reaction time was too slow and his prowler collided directly with the front gates main shield. “ What the F---“
His fellow prowler tanks collided with him from the sudden stop. A conga line of prowlers stuck together momentarily  by the sudden braking .
The prowler leader in the rear stopped immediately “ How did they get their generators running!?”
“ 3…2…..1.  NOW!!  Activate Generators!”
The tech inside of the generator room hit the consoles main button and reactivated the generator and immediately all lights and capabilities to the base were restored.
“All units! Toss E.M.P. grenades!”
The drivers of the prowler division sat in awe for a second at the event, until the sound of electrical pulses surrounded them.
“ MOVE MOVE! Get out of there!”
As the prowler leader continued to shout, the sky appeared to open up for just a moment. A bright light began to drop from the sky down to the center of the pile up of tanks. The consistent flow of e.m.p. grenades kept the prowlers from backing away. Panicking soldiers tried to get out of their vehicles, but the E.M.P. blast had sealed their doors shut. No power, no way to open the hatch. The light dropped down and began to grow wider. Soldiers slam their feet into the pedals of the vehicle, but no reward for their efforts.
“Get the hell outta there! Orbital STRIKE, ORBITAL STRI—“
Simultaneously each prowler tank was torn asunder in an almost immediate chain of explosions. The remnants of the prowler division were scattered across the  front gate.
The New conglomerate troops burst into cheers,  guns pointed up to the sky and fired random bullets upwards.
“Sir, perfect hit, the entire division of prowlers have been destroyed”
“Satellite imagery showing one remaining person”
“ What, where?”
“Hes in the base right now”
He had just received his orders from the prowler division leader and cloaked back to invisibility and began his descent down the hill. Running through the field was never a good idea, especially when all eyes were focused in the area he was pushing through. He took a longer path around as to make sure he wouldn’t be seen, which ended up being a good choice as he would have likely been run over or blasted from the vanguards that rushed through the front gate. He pressed his back along the wall next to the entrance. Using his peripheral vision he checked to make sure the area was clear, the push through the forcefield would most likely be noticeable.  He closed his eyes for a moment and prepared to trudge through the field.  “ Three.. two…o—“ Suddenly the force field  in front of him went dead and he stopped for a moment to make sure he wasn’t walking through a trap.   “ Well…. That’s uh. Convenient”  he thought to himself. He followed a small section set of stairs that crossed back and forth in front of each other and made it to the top floor of the base. The door 5 meters from him opened up as  a dozen troops began to file out and move towards the top of the front gate.  He took the opportunity to slip inside the doors and began to creep towards the command console. He could hear the firing of the prowler tanks unloading their rounds what felt like just on the other side of the wall.  He followed the path directly, until it lead him to a twisting corridor . His slow creeping walk had to be maintained to help maintain his cloak, there was no point in hurrying. The terrans had the N.C.’s at bay and he would get through with no problem.  His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the build up of a large strike,  scattered screams, then the sounds of an immediate but vast explosion. The cheers of the N.C. didn’t sound like things were going well , so he needed to get a move on .  He checked over his shoulder to make sure no one was approaching and he stepped into the Command Console room.
 He stepped up to the console and pulled out his equipment.  A tiny gun like piece that pulled up the schematics of the base. He had nearly finished  installing the virus, when he heard the faint sound of metal scraping against metal. He immediately shifted his body to the right and turned his body to face behind him. His peripheral caught the tip of the knife pierce the console and shortly after the crackle of electricity sounded and moved through the apparition in front of him. “ A specter?” He thought to himself.  “ Whats a specter doing here?”
The specter was resting from his mission momentarily. It had been about 2 days since he got a few hours of sleep. The sounds of victory,  urged him to rest his eyes for a moment, remaining cloaked as a precaution.  He had barely gotten his forty winks, before the door to the Command Console opened , but appeared no one was there. He stirred awake , remaining quiet as ever, but focused intently on his surrounding. He heard the shuffling of an equipment back and knew what was happening.  He slowly rose to his feet and reached his hand to the side of his back and pulled out his knife. He went in for the lunge, but the phantom had dodged his attack by side stepping to the right. His knife penetrated the steel and become momentarily lodged in side the panel. The phantom turned  counter clockwise to face him, using the momentum to swing his right arm forward. The specter raised his left for arm to block the incoming swing, while using his right hand to pull out his blade from the pedestal. The specter rotated his left wrist and cupped his palm around the phantoms right forearm just shy of his elbow. After pulling the blade free from  the panel he lunged the knife at the phantoms abdomen.  The phantom twisted his hips to the side and dodged the impending knife. The specter pulled his knife back and made another pass, but the phantom twisted in the other direction and dodged his knife again. 
The phantom pulled his head back for a moment and closed it in, and  forcefully bashed the specters skull with his own. The specter fell back being stunned. He crashed hard to the floor, looking up to the phantom standing over him. He grasped at the floor for his knife  but as he looked up he realized the phantom had pulled it from him during the fall. The specter  noticed his range from the phantom, extended his left foot and placed it front of the phantoms ankle, and hooked his right leg behind the phantoms knee, causing the phantom to buckle to the ground. The specter rolled to the side and stood to his feet, as the phantom got up as well.  The phantom charged the specter holding the knife out to the side, blade pointed behind him.  The phantom swung his right hand to the side, leaving enough distance that the blade  would reach at the specters throat.  Once again the specter blocked his assault with a firm  thrust of his forearm and returned with a punch to the center of his stomach. The specter turned his body back to back with the phantom, holding on to the right arm  with his left hand still, gripping  his other hand around the wrist. Using his body weight the specter tossed the phantom over his shoulder, dragging the arm up and over his body and launched him into the ground. The specter quickly thrust his knee into the phantoms throat holding it. The specter  slowly pried the knife away from the phantom, as the phantom fought for air at the mercy of the specters knee. Little by little the phantom grew weaker, his finger nails scraping against the metallic cover of the specters knee plating.  His face turning blue little by little then finally purple. Cheeks and nostrils flaring, spit billowing from the corner of his lips until finally the struggled ended.  The specter released the pressure on his knee and checked the phantoms pulse.  He was dead. He brandished his knife and preceded to cut a mark on the side of his wrist guard. A series of markings on wrist guard as a bunch of tally marks.  He sliced another one into it, to match the other Fourteen.
“ Sir I can see our support coming over the horizon”
“ Figures doesn’t it , harris?”
“ What you mean?”
“We finally get support from one fight, and were about to get another one?
“ Another sir?”
“Yes harris, The terran  air and ground vehicle and infantry from satellite scans show their arrival to be any minute now.”
“Already sir?”
“Yes… and the vanu are making a run at us from the north, similar strength and numbers”
“ What do we do?”
“Good question, harris.  Good question”



Submitted: April 06, 2012

© Copyright 2020 iceuhk. All rights reserved.

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