Unions Curse.... The Lost General

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Unions Curse is about a boy names Austin who moves into this haunted house where General Grant use to live from the civil war and now strange things are occuring, that house has a deep dark secert and it's up to Austin to unlock the secret

Submitted: April 16, 2008

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Submitted: April 16, 2008



Unions Curse
The Lost General…..


Chapter 1: The Terrors of the Night

 As the wind bellowed and the trees were standing fierce as could ever be the terrors of the night were not yet over. BOOM!
"Whoa!" I screamed. I ran downstairs as fast as I could but I saw nothing. I knew something was down there, and this isn't the first time I heard it. Ever since I moved into this house, I heard strange noises, whispering, and felt sudden chills. I knew my house was haunted but I couldn't tell anyone because no one would believe me. My "Perfect" mom wouldn't believe me because she doesn't believe in all this ghost stuff, neither would Kyle, He's my younger brother. He would just go along with my mom to get on her "Good" side. But I believe everything. When I walked into this house my eye caught this gold bullet, with DESTRUCTION in graved into it. I never saw this type of bullet before so I decided to keep it. We had to move to 46 Avenue street because money was tight. I didn't want to move but I had no choice. From the moment I saw this house I knew it was haunted, on it had a golden plaque that said GRANT 1861, I knew it was from the civil war reckon the date. My mom said I would get use to the new house in a couple of days. I've been living in this h*ll hole for about a WEEK! Schools suppose to start pretty soon, and the cycle of new friends has to start again. Who would believe me that my house was haunted?




Chapter 2: The Whisper from Above

 "Austin," my mom said at the dinner table. "I need a favor, I need you to go check out the attic and see if there are some extra blankets, I can wash them and we could use them until we buy new ones."
"Ask Kyle." I said without looking at her. I was angry, angry at her for making us move. 
"Austin I know you mad but go right now!" she said raising her voice.
"Fine." I left my unfinished dinner there. Got a chair, and started to climb into the attic. I saw cobwebs there but I didn't bother to move them. I looked around the room for ten minutes." 
"Well no blankets." I was about to go downstairs until I heard a whisper.
"Stay out of here…." It demanded
"What!" I knew it was a ghost even if I couldn't see it, I had a feeling a strong one too. And there on the mirror I saw red… more like blood red. It said:
"Stay away from this house from this territory and all its contents, or you will regret this."








Chapter 3: The deep eyes…
 All day I had a feeling someone was watching me. It was 3 am, and I was the only one awake, I think. I was feeling real thirsty, so I walked downstairs to the refrigerator and that's when I saw him. Standing tall 6 ft 2 in. was a General dressed in blue with gold buttons ending by the waist. A grayish X was marked by the shoulders, and those beaming eyes were staring at me. It was a Ulysses Grant a Union General of the Civil war. AHH!" I screamed. My mom came running down the stairs with Comet.
"What is it!" My mom yelled.
"Its….its….a GHOST!" I managed to speak out.
We turned to the spot where the General was. He wasn't there. 
"Austin! That's it! This house is NOT haunted, GO TO BED!" she yelled.
"But mom!" she left. It was no point.  You're probably guessing why I was so serious. Well, when I was going upstairs I saw a badge, Union General 1861. It was true, what I saw was actually a ghost.
Chapter 4: The Night isn't over yet…
 Now its 6 am and I still can't get any rest after seeing what that. As I was falling asleep I heard heavy footsteps on my stairs I knew it wasn't Mom she was at work, it wasn't Kyle because he was at a sleepover. Dad… Dad was gone, he left us 2 years ago. It wasn't Comet he was right next to me. So who was it? I walked step by step down the stairs with Comet. As I walked down, I kept hearing whispering, I can't really explain it but I knew it was important. BANG! 
"Whoa!" I shouted. I heard a couple of gunshots as if it was a war or something, I couldn't take this any longer, I ran back upstairs.



Chapter 5: Jimmy
 Everyday was getting weirder and weirder, strange things kept occurring over and over again, I kept hearing gun shots and I kept hearing whispering. Today was school and it was my first time going to Casper High and I didn't want to be the strange kid on the block, I knew if I told someone they would think I'm weird or something. I got my stuff and ran out the door, I was late for school.
I boarded the bus and everyone was staring at me like I was some kind of freak. I sat down next to a kid named Jimmy who seemed really nice.
"Wait…" he managed to speak out
"You're Austin, right?"
"Yeah…"I spoke slowly
"You live on 46 Avenue Street, 7231 right?"
"Yeah that's where I live but how do you know?" I asked.
"I'm your next door neighbor, I saw you outside the other day, uhh you do your house is haunted?" He said with a stern look on his face.
"Umm…" I paused, should I tell him or should I not? I decided to tell him
"Yeah, I know it is I keep hearing strange sounds and whispering, I even saw Ulysses Grant last night!" I said, giving away everything I witnessed
"Yup, that's what everyone talks about here, the story is that General Ulysses Grant lived there, his spirit still stalks the house, why is he still there? No one ever went close to that house to find out…” Jimmy said
"Weird… just weird…" 





Chapter 6: The Plan

 After school, Jimmy said to meet him by the graveyard which is the most common place to meet, NOT! I don't even know why he wants to meet at the graveyard I know its about the General but at a graveyard at 9pm? I don't think so, but my idiot self went anyways, you can't blame a thirteen year old. I stepped slowly being afraid someone was gonna pop outta no where. Three steps in, four, five I was doing fine but I felt someone was following me, I turned but there was no one. I kept walking six steps, seven, eight, ni… I stopped a sudden chill was on my neck, I could feel it was a cold hand that was frozen on my neck holding its grip tightly.
"AHHHHH!" I shouted.
"hahaha, calm down Austin it’s just me, Jimmy!"
"Whoa! You scared the hec outta me!" I said gasping for air.
"I know," He said with a chuckle. "Anyways, Today I want you to catch that ghost on film, we can show it to the class and everyone would be amazed!" 
"Are you serious!!!?" I yelled.
"Sshhhh you don't want the ghost to hear you, just do it!" He demanded.
"Ok fine, but if he does something your on your own!" 
And that was the end of that.







Chapter 7: The Action of the Plan

 Okay so I did what exactly Jimmy told me to do, get the ghost on film. I got my video camera and I hid it between to pillows on the couch, the cam was white so it blended in. And the next thing I knew I was in bed. As I lay I was so anxious to see what I caught on camera. I'm really thinking nothing because the ghost probably wouldn't be as stupid as I thought. I dozed off after waiting for something to happen. The next morning I found out what was on the camera. The camera was broken… but it still kinda worked, so I turned it on and saw what happened, I saw a hand with a blue sleeve and then for five seconds I saw the General step out and smash the camera on the wall, then the whole screen was filled with grayness you know when a channel isn't working. I brought the tape to school and showed Jimmy secretly. 
"Whoa, that's… that's AMAZING!" Jimmy shouted.
"Sshh be quiet, it's not a big deal ok?"
"Maybe not for you, but for me its AMAZING!" He shouted even louder,
"Just play it cool Jimmy, I don't think we show this at school what if something happens… to us?" I barely managed to speak out the us part.
"Right.. Just let it be our secret, we have to know what gonna happen to the General, after all why is he still here?"







Chapter 8: Bad News

 I got a phone call from Jimmy and what do you know, he has to go out outta town for two weeks!
"What??!!" I shouted on the other end of the phone.
"I didn't want to go but they're making me!" Jimmy squealed.
"Fine.. but what about the General?" I said.
"Sorry I guess your on your own… Sorry"
I hung up the phone, I was furious! But eventually I would get over it in a day or so. Now that Ghost, WHAT DOES HE WANT HERE!?? All of a sudden I felt a sudden breeze, a breeze of icy, cold, air. And then I heard gunshots and before I knew it someone was actually picking me up and throwing me across the room. 
"Ahh!" I screamed. And hit my funny bone on the floor wood, I hate it when that happens I feel all ticklish on my elbow.
"Stay away from this house and all its Contents!" The voice shouted.
"What??? How do you expect me to live here then? My mom will never agree to move again she loves her NEW job!" I asked with a fierce look on my face.
"Well, then expect the worse, BEWARE! Its coming and the results are not so good, you shall not perish if your fate shall not desire but you may suffer deadly consequences that may result in death, beware the confederates are coming…." The voice cracked.
"What?? Can you speak the 21st century please???" I said but then the voice just left.





Chapter 9: The Hunt for the Ghost
I was determined to tell the story of the Ghost and I was determined to find the answers to my questions. So I did what my thirteen year old brain said to do, tell my mom. I walked to the office to tell my mom the whole thing. She was typing on the computer doing her work, 
"Mom," I said.
'Well, there’s a ghost living in this house and I think we should move be…" My mom interrupted and said, 
"Austin, I don't want to hear about it, I know you don't like this house and you want to move out of it but we are staying and that's final!" she said.
"I swear to God! I'm not lying!" but that was no use, she didn't want to listen I had no clue what to do next.
Chapter 10: The Note
I was really mad and I was home alone, I had to find out, I just HAD to.
"Where are you ghost come out and tell me!" silence. 
"I know you can hear me!" all of a sudden I felt this cold breeze. 
"Go away!!" the voice shouted.
"No, I need to know why you want us to l leave!" I commanded. I heard voices out side and gunshots. 
"MOVE!" The General pushed me into the closet and I held my breath. I waited an hour before I finally came outside, nothing but a note left behind, of course I read it.
Beware, the Confederates are coming stay out of this house, you may perish in a deadly battle, we want only the best of you. Return the bullet to us!

General Grant


Chapter 11: The Attic
I was in the attic, I know it's a strange place to hang out, but it's the only place were I wont be disturbed. I kept thinking what did he mean? Right before I was about to give up, I caught a glimpse of a diary… I rushed toward it and blew the dust off of it. I read.

April 20th

The Confederates are coming soon we have to find the Golden Bullet, that is the only way to get out if this war, or it will keep happening…. I have to keep my family safe, I’m only doing this to protect Alice, she is the reason I am fighting this war. May God Protect us.

General Grant













Chapter 12: The truth…

 General Grant only wanted the best for us. Now I know why my golden bullet is so special, it’s the solution for the END of the war! I have to return it before its too late! Right before I was about to rush out and find General Grant a young girl was standing by the attic with blonde hair.
 “Stay away! Daddy doesn’t like strangers!” She said
 “Who are you!” I yelled
 “Alice, daddy’s daughter! Stay away the bad guys will get you!” Alice said.
 “But….” before I could finish General Grant came in.
 “Alice go downstairs!” he said. Alice skipped away.
 “General Grant I have the bullet! Take it! You are dead, the war has been over for more than 140 years!”
 “Don’t you think I know? I am dead. But the Confederate soldiers will not stop, even though we have won the war, they won’t stop unless you shoot this golden bullet into the chest of a Confederate General.” he said.
 “Me? I can’t! Why can’t you, what if something happens!” I yelled.
 “I cant, I am long dead they will have to affect, if a living person shoots them, they will perish… I will perish…” he said.
 “You want to die? Does Alice know she’s dead?” I asked.
 “I don’t want to die… but I will do anything for the Union to win this war, for the freedom of the slaves…. Alice doesn’t know she’s dead, how could I tell her? She’s only six!” General Grant said with a tear prickling his face.
 “Come on, I’ll tell you the plan.” he walked all the way downstairs.




Chapter 13: The Secret Room

 I followed General Grant into this secret room, which was a door hidden in our basement.
 “Take this bullet.” he said  giving me a duplicate of the real one.
 “General Lee will want you to give it to him, when you will have a gun in your hands with the real golden bullet loaded into it, and with Gods will you will blast the bullet into his body.” he said.
 “Got it.” I said, even though that was too much for me to handle. BOOM BANG BAM!
 “Hide and take Alice!” General Grant yelled and ran outside. It was just Alice and me, in the secret room, I heard thudding come down the stairs. I was ready until Alice did the worst thing possible. She was playing with the two golden bullets.
 “Alice NO!” I yelled and grabbed the two bullets from her. She started to cry. What was I to do? General Lee can come any second, and I didn’t know which bullet was the real one! I only have one hit, I can’t load them both into the gun. I toke my chance. “ Eanie Meanie Miney moe catch a tiger by its toe if he hollers let him go my mom said to pick the very best and you are not it!” Okay I admit that was a little babyish but hey who cares? I grabbed the opposite bullet and loaded it in.
 “Alice I’m sorry just be quiet!” I said. Silence. All of a sudden the door swung open. There he was. General Lee standing as fierce as ever. I looked for General Grant he was being held by the Confederate soldiers.
 “Austin, hand me the bullet, we’ll spare you..” General Lee said.
 “No!” I grabbed the pistol and aimed.
 “Austin! Don’t!” General Lee yelled. BOOM. With the bullet blasted into the heart of General Lee, he slowly was fading away. “I’ll be back…” was his last words.
 “Daddy! What’s happening!?” Alice screamed.
 “Its time to go…” General Grant said.
 “Austin, I thank you for everything you have done to help us.” He said and slowly with Alice faded away into the air. It was over, everything. No more ghosts, no more war. It was all over. I kept thinking… he’ll be back.


  The End.

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