Death Is A New Life

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Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016



With the girl of my dreams,

Away with my friend.

Life has been better,

Better in the end.

Dreams filled with darkness,

My mind just dust.

Take the knife above my head,

And shank myself I must.

There will be pain,

But not for long.

Slowly, but surely,

My soul with be gone.

No more physical pain,

No more fear.

My chest opened up,

and dust will appear.

My sight will be black,

I won't feel a thing.

No kids, No wife,

no wedding ring.

My Death is a new life,

I won't think of pain.

With death in my sights,

making me insane.

God is dissapointed in me,

Just like everyone else.

I'm a misfit, a mistake,

A book out of it's shelf.

Death is the new life,

for me to see.

I think it's time,

For Life to destroy me.

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