I Am Not Okay

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Submitted: April 24, 2016

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Submitted: April 24, 2016



People look at me like I am not meant to be,

One Look, One Name, That will represent me.

Each name I am called is a cut to my skin.

Names so thick, my skin is very thin.

Cut, Cut, Cut, watching me bleed,

My arm I discipline, my emotions I feed.

One Knife, One slice, so easy to do,

Death is wanted from me, God even knew.

Cruel world, you gave me pain,

Tortured by parents, making me insane.

I am not Okay, even if I say I am so,

Fake smiles and fake Laughs,

In the end, I should go.

I'm in your e-mail, just a little Spam.

I'm nothing important, delete me if you can.

I want to die, not live in pain.

Even so, I'm in hell, with people insane.

I'm a person that's freinds with flies,

I'm not handsome, I'm nothing but lies.

No one wants me, God take my soul today,

Take me from this cruel world,

Because I am not Okay


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