The Balance Of Love

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Submitted: April 21, 2016

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Submitted: April 21, 2016



I see her standing there in front of my very eyes,

I can't touch her, hold her, and that, I despise.


When she was there along the long corridor,

I used to run towards her, but I can’t do that anymore.


My cheeks stained with the contents of rain

My body filled with the urge to walk away.


When I can’t see her, I gaze out the window

Thoughtless in reality, buried in the memories.

Imagining her standing with me,

But there’s nothing but a lonesome wind.


Much to my despair, she’s wrapped in another’s embrace

My eyes scurry away.

Maybe she dislikes that character trait,


I crave her undying angelism

To comfort the storm from within this vulnerable prism.


Hands hesitant to greet, hearts hesitant to reach.

That’s unfair to me

Because I want to be gripped by her passion.


Expensive is love, its contemplating fee

Her transcending beauty, the soul that possessed me


Our hearts are divided, the line is drawn

Separate worlds we live in, where my dusk is her dawn


Having a breakup is like getting shocked,

Although it’s not physical, the emotions are shot.


She had my heart, my organ that keeps me alive.

She ripped it apart, now there's a hole inside.

My indwelling hatred tends to present itself,

Not only to that girl, but to everyone else.


People speak her name, I am quick to walk away.

My hands filled with earthquakes and thunder,

I choose not to stay…

The Balance of Love is not easy I say,

It takes sacrifices to experience love.

What sacrifices will you make for your bae?

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