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Submitted: July 03, 2008

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Submitted: July 03, 2008



I am just in time
to see you fall
Just in time
to lose it all
If only I could have seen it before
Because now I know
what you tried to implore
My screams are deafening though no sound comes out
This is the worst feeling ever; my heart has quickened
Hopeless, helpless, reaching for you, I've lost count
Of the erratic beats of my heart; sickened
by my inablility, my lacking strength
I couldn't save you- I was so close
...when it comes to length
When it comes to metaphysical
I was nowhere near, though I could have felt your breath on my neck
So falsely reliable
Dishonest, every kiss was an unintentional lie in my trek
to save you, to keep you alive
but as I look into your unseeing eyes, I see- I've failed
It was in front of me all along; now, for us, I strive
In just a minute
I saw you fall
In just a moment
I lost it all
If only I could have been there a moment sooner
because now I regret
ever hearing you say, "I love her"

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