My Requiem

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Not the first poem of heartbreak, of course. One of many.

Submitted: June 05, 2008

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Submitted: June 05, 2008



Would you believe it if Itold you that I loved you?
Even when I pushed you away?
I am afraid of being hurt more, yes, that much is true
Perhaps I'm a coward, a little too weak
but I know what I am, what I want, what I need
I cannot say the same for you- but you are all I seek
To the bitter end.
What have I become?
To need you so much and always want more?
and go down on my knees, weak and numb
My heartbeat sounds faintly in my ears, like a drum
After all this, I feel terrible
For dragging it out, letting it resume, this is my requiem
To what I used to call love.
Would you believe me if I said that I was bleeding?
Even if my flesh was gently colored?
and though I seem alive, I am just a hollow shell without feeling
anything but pain, the agony of a thousand Hells- this curse
My eyes no longer see, you are tasteless at my lips
These ears are failing, I hear not the bells of my own hearse
Coming for me tonight.
Would you believe me if I said that this was for you?
Even if your name is nowhere to be found?
and though I seem to live, I am slowly, assuredly dying, too
My heart feels like it's ripping apart, tearing itself to pieces
Half convinced that you were sliph, half making up every excuse
So you are all I have, and you are these creases
The ellipsis in my heart.

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