The day I went Back to School

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my journey in going back to school

Submitted: August 24, 2013

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Submitted: August 24, 2013



Lost, with no direction, no hope nor future dreams,
No ambition, or goals in sight, this was how it seemed.

Then one day it came to me, It never seemed so clear.
I could choose to lead the pack, or always take up the rear.

Everyday a struggle, an existence filled with strife.
It wasn't till I found the key, it opened up my life.

This was how it was for me, everyday a fight.
Thank God I found my way, my goals are now in sight.

The futures I use to fear, no purpose had in sight
But fear no more, I have a dream,  future now burns bright.

Going back to school, learning a new career
a degree in HVAC its impact is oh so clear.

Learning the basics with refrigeration and air
preparing for the future, with installs and repair

Furnaces, split systems, package units and more I am learning to service made easy, with tools from Hilmore.


Apprentice now, but just waite and see,

for i now can see the future and contractor to be......

you st

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