Dear Mary Jane

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this a beautiful piece of the science and art of marijuana, and contains some history too

Submitted: April 19, 2016

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Submitted: April 19, 2016



Dear Mary Jane

Mudiaga-Maxwell Iki


Dear Mary Jane,

In birth, you came with a genetic inscription;

That reveals you will stand the test of time.

Your clear jade spreads, in fine leaflets;

As their midribs and veins run in close pack,

Meeting their margin.

Your beauty is divine, a miraculous wonder;

A standout genus,

From the very stables, of the genius that stays upstairs.


Dear Mary Jane,

In history, you fly back in time,

Into the logographic inscriptions of the ancients;

Revealing your linctuses days with the ancients.

Your sea green blossoms, into the furnace

That rots the bones of men;

As you blazes and yields oily smoke,

Into the circles of man’s life.

Your beauty sometimes, blossom into their joint;

With the miraculous soothing powers of your, emblematic ointment

And the unification of bodily essence.


Dear Mary Jane,

In territory, you sit on many waters;

This confirms your anti-apathy nature.

Your be-loving youthfulness,

Shots a surge into your lover’s circle of life;

Intersecting with every moment of despair,

Resolving its last trace in time being.

You are finely clothed in ever green,

Yet your lovers prefer you in wrinkled agedness;

They say that way,

Your aromatic experiences make them go on for hours.


But dear Mary Jane,

In law, it seems your days are numbered;

As your superior lovers,

Regulates you in turns amongst themselves;

They’ve fixed serious punishments for your minor aficionados,

But I know you will stand the test of time;

Since you are well printed into the mind of men,

And that of their Princes.

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