The Prostitute

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This is a brief history of Lucifer, his fall and his vengeful reign on the human mortal world. In this poem, he himself is doing everything possible to face destruction. And destruction he will surely face.

Submitted: April 17, 2016

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Submitted: April 17, 2016



The Prostitute

Mudiaga Maxwell Iki


The Prostitute was born into a glorious just dawn

In the awakening of the morning

From the sparking furnace of Venus

The Prostitute was clouded in all rareness

And was beautified in all treasures

The Prostitute’s youth was glorious and graceful

Subsequently the Prostitute laid sedge

And the Prostitute was deemed off all fairness and glaze.

Watching his hyper- transformation

The Prostitute rapidly gathered an army

And in their constellation they rage in a vengeful conduct

Saturating in pride and ingratitude

Until He empowered Michael

And Michael and the other stars

Abolished the Prostitute and his prostitution

From up north forever

The Prostitute fell through space and time

With the first of his lovers in scorching flames

And they detonated in multitude at their landing.

In amazement, they watch

As the great seal shut the great gates.

In great sorrow 

The Prostitute roared in his vendetta against His breeds,

And built an aged long acrimony.

The Prostitute rage through ages

And he split his blood and made him trend in His wrath.

The Prostitute sat on many waters in many places

Yet he walked mountainously amongst His sons

He fled as His waters burst out in rage

When His bitter rage was biting.

The Prostitute sat here and there, watching this and that

The Prostitute is apocalyptic in society

His vendetta makes his bath warm with blood

Pulling the invisibles inside his elites.

The Prostitute charged against their darker pigments,

And tooled them here and there all through many ages.

He charges across and postulate spitefulness,

But the Prostitute knew it deep indoors

That his time with Him is up!

Time to face his terrifying thousand

And everlasting condemnation

At His hands.

© Copyright 2018 iconic. All rights reserved.

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