Writing Is Hard

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Writing is hard, every writer knows this much. Read my opinion on the "plot" guidelines every single book in the history of any book ever follows. You may agree, you may disagree. You might think I'm onto something, or you might think I'm a raging lunatic. Never-the-less, it doesn't hurt to give it a read. This work is entirely my opinion and in no way is based on facts of any sort.

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



Writing is hard.

So many rules to remember.

I only wish I could pick up a pen and start scribbling away in my notepad.

Alas, unfortunately there are rules, even for writers.

Do I consider myself a writer? Yes.

Have I ever had anything published for the public? No.

Has anyone read anything I’ve ever written? Not really, no. Not unless you count all my English teachers.

You see, I only wish that for our Provincial Exam for English 10, we would be given a laptop of some sort, and we just start to write.

We would have to incorporate as many terms as we can remember...

And it could be in Essay format or Narrative format, or however you wanted to write.

You see, if I could, I would rather just hand this in, than have to write an actual test.


There is not right or wrong answer.

So why are we marked on our writing?

Why did I get 5/6 on my Compare and Contrast Hazel and George Essay, from the short story “Harrison Bergeron”

Why didn’t I get a 6? I put so much time and effort into that essay.

Would you like to know why I didn’t get 100% on my Essay? It was because I used “was” and “is” in the same sentence.

Do you understand my problem now?

My problem is I love to write. But writing is hard. So many rules.

While writing a story, you can’t just whip something up and publish it. Readers don’t like to read bad writing.

There has to be a plot.

WHY? Why does there have to be a plot?

Why do we need to tell the reader where and when the story takes place?

Why do we need to describe in detail what the weather is like?

Can’t the reader imagine that much for themselves? For once, I’d like to write a story by my own rules.

I would like to write a fictional story in which the reader knows very little.

Where they need to be able to infer and think very hard with the few critical details I give them.

Where you know very much about the readers attitude and feelings and emotions, but absolutely nothing on their physical appearance.

Why do we need to state what gender the characters are? Does it matter? Maybe they’re male.

Maybe female, maybe they are whatever they want to be. Maybe they have no label.

Why do we need to make the first problem in the story subtle? Why can’t I start my story off with a BANG?

Why do I need to lead up to the climax? Stories are allowed to end at the climax, why can’t they begin at them too?

Are happy endings really necessary? Do I really need to tie up all loose ends before the story concludes?

NO! One day, maybe in the distant future but one day never-the-less, I will write a story on my own terms, and there will be giant lines of excited readers anxiously awaiting my bestseller.

The distant future will be my time as a good writer.

One day, writing will no longer be hard.

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