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What I understand and was taught about the music today.

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013



I don’t understand music kids listen to

Either it’s crap

Or it’s more crap

Rarely a soothing note approaches

To match the tone to the message of

Falling in love or a mistake they made

Rather than

Rah rah Satan

Or yo yo do drugs, kill people


This hip hop is form horrific to repetitive nonsense

And “screamo” is dangerous because of wrong impression kids get the devils music of hell in my ears

With unrealistic personalities

This is the interest;

Be fake

Act fake

Live fake


What happened with the soothing violin to sweet guitar literally shredded like paper

Growing up to music of Hendrix and the Tears of the Sahara my father used as a lullaby

Or just music that has a message of a foxy lady or a Fur Elis my ears can dance to

I will not hold my satisfaction of music over the other

But I can draw a clear line

Between when a person has a different taste and poop


I highly doubt that even a deaf person can enjoy listen to what what or ass fifty times

The producers call that their “introduction”


I find that I could make money screaming into a mic behind a drummer hitting his crash and double bass over and over again

Thanks to this way of singing or just killing a pig

Elders get the impression that all of youth worship Satan

Elders getting impressions, mainly Catholic elders

Catholic Elders are on Jesus like cheese on Cheezits


Thanks but no thanks

I don’t want to hear

Or taste

Or smell


It smells different for a start

Toss it in with the other songs

They all smell like crap

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