Stolen Time

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Walking through moonlit woods even the bravest are afraid of the dark...

Submitted: June 14, 2008

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Submitted: June 14, 2008



The soft amber glow of the moon slowly succumbs to the darkness of the forest.

Dead leaves whisper quietly amongst one another with the gentle breeze persuading them.

Songs of the owls can be heard floating through the air and the scurry of the grounded critters meshes with the whispers.

A slow steady heartbeat pulses with fear as she traverses this unknown world in solitude.

Snapped twigs signal her every footstep and keep her company synchronized with her heartbeat.

The eyes are all on her, as she marches onward, so timidly and quietly.

Sounds of branches scraping against one another reminds her of how lonely it is.

Her footsteps pick up tempo to stay together with the slowly speeding up beat of her heart.

She sees the eyes from her nightmares.

The bright powerful yellow eyes, mystical yet terrifying at the same time.

Her heartbeat now begins to drown out the sounds of the leaves and the songs of the owls.

The twigs are breaking more and more, falling out of beat with her heart.

The eyes she sees are fast approaching and no matter how fast she runs, she can not outrun them.

She runs as fast as her trembling legs will carry her.

At the end of the path there is a road, a welcome sign for a terrified girl.

As she nears the road, she begins to slow, only to remember why she was running.

She turns around to see that the eyes have vanished and that the leaves can be heard once again.

The road finally there is cold and slippery from the rain that had fallen earlier. 

She walks along the side for miles looking for any sign of help, still fearful of the events earlier.

She sees something coming up from the distance.

Her feet pick up pace as does her heartbeat.

Safety is just around the bend.

Her eyes have deceived her.

It is the eyes, once again on a collision course with her.

This time there's no stopping them, she turns and runs, but the eyes gain on her faster and faster.

The old blazer slides on the road after trying to avoid the girl and careens into a ditch.

That tree still stands today as a memorial for the two kids lost in that car accident.

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