Stockholm Syndrome!!

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What happens when a wanted criminal kidnaps a psychotic stalker? You get a bad case of Stockholm syndrome!

Submitted: April 20, 2011

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Submitted: April 20, 2011



Stockholm syndrome.

Ya know, It's not as bad as they say.

Of course, It helps when you're already in love with your kidnapper.

Yea, that's right, you heard me. I'm in love with my kidnapper. Too bad he probably doesn't even remember me.

....Whatever.... Not like I care!


That was a lie.

Taking a look around, I only see four blank walls. Two windows, and one door. Creative much?

Though, what interests me more, is the fact that I'm not exactly the only one Reece -Yeah. That's his name. Beautiful, right?- kidnapped.
In fact, I'm one of seven. Yea, that sounds bad. Sadly though, I cant say,
"Its not as bad as it looks..."
Because that too, is a lie, and I'm no lair.


Gosh, I am such a liar today!
Reece took seven people from their house. Yea, we are such a pair! I'm a crazy stalker, and he's a wanted criminal/kidnapper!

Except he doesn't remember me. How could he not? We were best friends in middle school. It's whatever though, not like him moving stopped me from seeing him...Even though he didn't know I was there.

God, I'm pathetic.

Not as pathetic as some of the people in this room though... Sheesh.

So, for starters, there's a couple behind me, a gay couple to be exact. But, UGH, their making out RIGHT behind me. Like, can you please find a better time to fuck!? The world is NOT about to end. Reece won't kill us...
I hope that wasn't a lie...

Then, there's two chicks, who are just bawling their eyes out. As IF Reece was going to kill us...

Next, there's a chick, who I will assume is straight, because she's total clinging to the side of some dude she just met. But, what makes it worse is he's totally enjoying it. You just met for Christ's sake!

Oh, then there's me. Nothing special... Except that I am a bit strange, and I have the attention span of a gold fish or something...I forget because when whoever it was told me, I was thinking about getting ice cream...I think....

And lastly, Reece. The golden boy. Though, his hair is jet black and his skin tone pale white... Still, he's hot.

Everyone's in their own little group...except for poor old me, who no body wants to deal with... Sad face.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Reece raises his head, disturbed by the sound at the door. The chatter in the room is gone, everyone staring at the door, looking hopeful. I'm guessing no one wants to be here? Except for me, that is.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Reece relaxes, and so I assume that whoever is at the door is someone Reece knows. He gets up from his chair (Why he has a chair, and all we have to sit on the floor, I don't know. I want a chair...) and walks to the door. He looks through the weird little hole thing, and opens the door, letting in three people. There are two dudes standing on either side of some chick. The guys, who oddly look like twins, push the chick into the room. She has medium length hair, which is pulled up in a ponytail. She's wearing a dress, with really scary pointed heels. I hear the boys tell Reece her name, Nick. Short for Nicole?


Nick finally notices she's not the only one in the room, and her face becomes cloudy with confusion. Reece mummers something to the guys, and they walk out of the room, closing the door. Nick looks uncomfortable up at the front, and when she notices me starring at her, she smiles. I nod and pat the floor next to me, beckoning her over. Now I wont be lonely!!

Nick walks over to me, and sits down, before introducing herself.

"Hi, I'm Nick, And just for the record I am in fact a guy. I can show ya if you like," Nick says, winking at the end. I feel my skin get a bit red, but ignore that.

"Hey..." I say, Struggling to find something to say

"You seem shy, but you so far seem to be the only friendly person here, which, reminds me, why are we being...held hostage? I mean, one minute, I was putting on mascara, the next, two guys were hauling me from my house. They said, 'Reece needs some help, and you're going to help him' or something cheesy like that." I only nod, not saying anything.

Nick seems like a friendly guy, and if he chose to dress like a guy, he'd be pretty cute.... Wow I am horrible.

Nick's talking again, but I'm not really hearing him, because I went back to starring at Reece. God, he's hot. Reece seems to notice my gaze, because soon, a pair of cobalt blue eyes are starring right back at me. I blush, stare back down at my hands, and fidget a bit. When I look back up, Reece has a cute little smirk in place, and he's still starring at me, at least I think he's starring at me...I hope so...

A few minutes of starring at Reece, looking down and blushing, then looking back at Reece, Nick seems to notice and starts tapping on my shoulder. Finally, I cant take the tapping anymore, and turn to him.

"Oh. Hi. Finally. I was just wondering some WHY YOUR STARRING AT OUR KIDNAPPER LIKE HES A GOD!?" Nick whispers harshly into my ear, getting louder with each word, until he's practically screaming.

"Shhh! Just shut up! Whats wrong with you, do you WANT him to hear you!?" I whisper back, glaring at him and looking nervously at Reece, who's just starring and the two of us. Nick shrugs, not looking at me anymore. I cant tell for some reason he's pissed. It cant have anything to do with the fact that I'm in love with Reece, right? That would make NO SENSE! - Heh, sarcasm!-

Arg, whatever. He chose to come over here and sit next to me, so he has to deal with my drooling over Reece. Not that I AM drooling or anything...

Nick turns to look at me, then sighs loudly and shakes his head. As if he were saying "God, your obsessive." I know I am, but hey, you got to give me credit, I planned things so well, and ended up being someone Reece kidnapped. THAT is obsession. So is stalking, but that's not what this is about. WAIT a second, what if that IS what this is about! What if Reece knew someone was stalking him, and he kidnapped all the likely people, so he could question them! If that's the case...well I'm screwed. Unless everyone ELSE in here stalks him too!

Looking around, I dismiss that as a possibility. The guys sucking face behind me seem pretty content, so I doubt they want anything to do with Reece. Unless they want to try a three way...

The chick and the guy in front of me...Oh God, now THEIR making out! What has this world come to!

The two girls, they don't seem crazy enough to stalk someone...I hope not. I would have seen them!

There's NO way Nick is a stalker...He seems to hate Reece too much.

So, I just shrug it off, no reason to go on wondering...Except I can't help but to wonder...Why ARE we here? Why all of us? After minutes of thinking about it, I have to ask. So, I do.

Gulping in a big breath of air, I sit up and walk to Reece.

"Umm...Excuse me but, why are we here exactly? I mean, I have NO objections....but why? What is the deal?" The whole time I was talking, I feel the eyes from behind me on my back, but all that matters is Reece, and his sexy, bright, cobalt eyes....

I'm quickly shaken from my thoughts, by none other than Reece and his liquid velvet voice.

"Well, have a seat, and you will soon figure that out. I'm just waiting 'till four o'clock, which is in..." He looks at a platinum watch on his wrist and then looks back up.

"In forty more minutes. So, just go sit down and wait." He smiled at me, and my heart stopped beating, then began beating faster. I wanted so badly to put an arm out and touch him, to feel his soft skin, his silky hair, to pull his soft lips to mine... But I didn't. Even if I really wanted to. I have good self control.

I think I stood there for too long, because soon enough, too soon to pull me from his eyes, Reece, raised an eyebrow in question, and nodded back towards my spot on the floor. I felt my face flush, and walk back to my spot. Nick looked at me, slightly disgusted. I just roll my eyes and stare at Reece some more... And fall asleep.

I'm startled awake by someone, most likely Nick, kicking my side. I groan, but I open my eyes and sit up anyways, immediately searching for Reece. He's still in his chair, with his eyes wandering over everyone in the room, though I SWEAR they lingered on me.

"Hi there everyone." He says smiling. Everyone moans out a reply, except for me. I scoot closer and call out to him, saying hi.

He smiles at me and continues.

"So, I assume all of you are wondering why your here," He pauses, looking at me, "And some of you want to go home."

"Well, you all will be going home, don't worry...but I'm having, issues, that I need cleared up. You see," He shifts awkwardly in his seat.

"I'm having some sexuality issues, and uh, I want some help to... learn about myself. So, that's where all of you come in!" He finishes with a smile, looking at each of us.

"I know, it sounds stupid, but, I had my little goons kidnap all of ya, so that I could deal with my issue. So, um...we're all just gonna hang out..For a day. You all will spend the night here, and then leave in the morning, a bit before lunch. I had my goons call in sick for each of you, so don't worry about any problems arising. Anyways, lets just, what music do y'all listen to?" Reece smiled awkwardly, and looked at me, as if he hoped to get me to start conversation.

"Well," I started, "I decided I was tired of music having labels, but I listen to anything from 'rock' to 'screamo' and anything or everything alike. Except, I cant stand 'old rock,' or whatever it'd called. I just can't. What about you?" I direct the last part at Nick, who groans and then opens his mouth a bit, thinking about it.

"Well, I'm big on country, but other than that, I don't listen to music..." And that's how it got started, Nick would direct the question at someone else, and it would go until we all said something, then I'd turn to Reece and ask him. Then, he'd ask another question, and we'd repeat.

By then end of it, at seven, I'd come to find I still had a lot in common with Reece, but we had some new interests so things would be interesting...if some 'things' were to ever arise between us.

Finally, Reece stopped the little questions game, and announced to us that dinner would arrive shortly. I was planning on staring at Reece the whole time, but Nick seemed to think I should direct my attention to him, and him only.

"I know your only here talking to me so I can't stare at Reece, but I guess its good that you're talking to me at all." I said, a bit bitterly.

Nick just rolled his eyes and looked away, before starring at me again and making up some random conversation. I listened only halfheartedly not at all interested in hearing about anything other than Reece. Eventually, there were more knocks on the door, and though most of the others in the room seemed more comfortable with being here, I could still see the glimmer of hope in their eyes. Reece stood up to answer the door, and in came the two goons that were here earlier. They both handed him a large brown bag, and the smell of turkey drifted in, carried by the slight breeze that was picking up outside. Reece turned from them, but not before saying something about beds, and then setting them off. He closed the door, and smiled widely at us all. He began walking towards a table that I hadn't noticed earlier, and set the bags on it.

He then set out to fed us, each time smiling widely at whoever he was serving. My heat stopped for three whole seconds before it beat again when he smiled at me, his eyes alight with a burning passion, for what I'm not sure of. At that moment, I wanted nothing more that to kiss him, to hold him and hug him and keep him forever in my arms. But, again, I didn't touch him at all.

"Here ya go, enjoy. After dinner, you all will get a shower, then I guess we could watch a movie, and then I guess we can all just hang out before we go to sleep." He smiled shyly at me, and my heart stopped. He knows. He has to! On nights we stayed at each others house, that was what we always did! Does that mean he remembers me? I suddenly couldn't breath. If he remembers me, that means he remembers what happened, before he moved. Oh shit.

"Wait, I still don't see why the hell you need us. If you were having some sort of 'sexuality issue' why the hell couldn't you have just gone on a date with a guy and then with a girl or something? Why do you need ALL of us?" Amy, the girl that was still clinging to the sleazy guy, Zach, was looking at Reece, an annoyed, slightly scared look on her face.

Reece only smiled, just like I knew he would.

"That would have been very affective, but I like holding people hostage." he said, his friendly smile turning into a somewhat masochist grin. Oh god he was going to kill one of us. SHIT. I knew then it would be me. He still hates me for what I did. And he was luring me in, acting as if he didn't know me, or forgot what I did, saying this was a 'test' But in reality, he wanted to kill me. I know it. Fuck fuck fuck my life is so over. Maybe, he'll take pity on my and let me write a note or something to my family?

Not likely.

After showering, most of us were all calm. Though what he said put me on edge, for some reason the other people here thought he was just hanging out with us, as if he was bad at making friends the real way. Everyone except me. Only, I have to act like I still think he doesn't remember. Because if I act all cold toward him, He'll know I know that he knows that I know. Holy flying fuck I hope I'm being paranoid. I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore. Good thing its my favorite movie, I Am Legend, because it has me good and distracted.

Only, that's probably NOT so good for me. Shit. I want ice cream.

Oh god. I'm getting nervous. Anytime I get nervous I get all random and want ice cream. Fuck fuck fu...


Shit. Its only when I'm really edgy and nervous that I start singing song lyrics.

I. Am. So. Screwed!

Now I'm starring at the clock.







Time is going so slow right now...I'm tired...

I fell asleep. And it's only at 9:50, when everyone is going to bed, that someone wakes me up. Reece to be exact. Though I lean into his touch, I'm scarred shitless. After all, I did kind of kill his mom and dad. But it was an accident, I SWEAR! Well, sort of an accident...

I don't think he cares.

Anyways, He wakes me up, saying, "I know that cant be a comfortable position to sleep in, so come on, lets get you up and into a nice, comfy fold out bed!" His voice is soft and overly cheery. God I love him.

Yawning and stretching, I stand up and walk the three feet trip to the 'bed' I will be sleeping in. I lay down, and Reece tucks me in, kissing my forehead.


I love him. A lot.

He mummers something that sounds like him missing me, but I am just to tired to tell. Yawning a goodnight, I snuggle deeper into the bed thing, and fall asleep.

Its 3:20 Am, and I just woke up. Everyone else is asleep, except Reece. And I cant pretend to be asleep because I didn't know he was up until I yawned and stretched and sat up in the bed.

"Right now would be a good time to kill me." I say, quietly, just wanting to get it all over with. Even if I made it out of here alive, He'd come after me. I know he would.

He looks up at me, his blue eyes heavy with danger and arousal, and his voice is husky from sleep.

"Now why...Why would I dream of killing you?" This sets me on edge. What if me telling him to cut the crap makes him mad? What if he doesn't remember, and talking to me about it makes him remember? Oh my god, what have I gotten into?

"I...Uh I uh I mean, umm...Shit" Is all I manage to get out.

He chuckles and leans close to me, still feet away.

"I don't know what I'm saying... I say crazy thing when I'm sorry." I say, sheepishly looking down at the ground when he steps closer.

"Mmm don't play stupid babe. I know who you are. I could never forget eyes like those." He steeps closer again, now only inches away. He reaches his hand out and strokes my cheek, sending shivers down my back. I lean into his hand, and I swear to god I didn't mean to purr.

He laughs at my reaction, and his hand goes down my arm, stroking it softly. I step close, touching his chest, but his grip suddenly tightens and he growls.

"How the hell could you do that to me!? After everything we've been through. You killed my parents...But the worst part? I still love you. I still want you." His grip tightens even further, and I gasp, getting scared. Reece is strong. Way stronger than me.

"Reece, Reece please let me go your scaring me..." I murmur, desperately trying to get out of his grasp. He lets go of me, but continues speaking.

"I love you, and you kill my parents? Who does that! I know I may have been horrible and I guess even sadistic, but deep down I always loved you...And I thought you loved me too!? But you killed my parents and left me. I got adopted quickly, but I never wanted to leave you. You were the one who killed my parents and I only wanted to seek comfort in you! WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!?" He growls at me, almost screaming. The others start to stir, so he gabs my arm again and pushes me outside.

Its really dark, but all thoughts of the outside world zoom from my mind when Reece's soft lips meet my own. I gasp, and he takes the advantage to slip his hot tongue into my mouth. I immediately respond, kissing him back. But I can't let this go. Not like him. I have to set it straight...

"Reece," I say pushing away from him. His eyes darken and he almost ignores me but I still manage to speak.

"Reece I'm sorry for what I did. I guess I didn't take those damn anti psychotic pills, and and my mind just kind the better of me. I thought they were trying to take you away from me and I got possessive. And I killed them. Afterward, I felt horrible, and I wanted to talk to you. But I thought you hated me and never wanted to speak to me again. So, I stayed in my house, crying. Then they took you away. I didn't think I'd ever find you. Reece, I love you. More than anything in the world. You loved me for all of my faults and dammit it I want to be with you forever. I'll do anything. Just...please forgive me?" Reece seemed shocked, to say the least, but when he smiled and kissed me, I knew I was forgiven.

"Dammit Jasper, I love you." He said to me, making me smile.

"I love you too Reece."

Yay! Now they can cuddle all they want! :D Hehe.

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