I Told You ( Yuuri x Wolfram )

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( I do not own kyou kara maou ) Wolfram said he would follow him until the end.

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



\"YOU MUST DIE!\" The deranged man bellowed as he let the arrow loose. Yuuri froze up. He didn't move dispite what Ginter, Conrade and Wolfram were telling him to do. Yuuri didn't, he just stood there. And because Yuuri didn't move, Wolfram did. With inhumane speed Wolfram had shoved Yuuri ruffly to the side and the arrow went into his stoamach. Wolfram took in a shrap intake of breath and fell to his knees. The crazy let loose a vengeful scream. Ginter and Conrade had quickly ceased him and dragged him out the room. Yuuri held Wolfram's shakey shoulders. \"I WILL KILL YOU ONE DAY, YOU FILTHY DEMON!\" The angry voice seemed to be more dulled now the cause was out the room. But the damage he had done remianed.

Wolfram slumped and fell on Yuuri's lap, which was now soaked in Wolfram's crimson blood. \"Wolfram! Why did you do that?! I should of been hit, not you!\" Yuuri was shaking Wolfram hysterically. Yuuri's face was soaked with salty, warm tears. The king was not supposed to show weakness but when the one you love is dieing in YOUR arms, you tend to get a bit emotional. Wolfram however was not hysterical. He simply let Yuuri shake his slowly dieing body. On his face was not one of pain but of true and utter bliss. Yuuri stared at him in disbelief. \"Wolfram! You are dieing because of me! Why do you look so happy?!\" Yuuri stouted, gripping Wolfram's uniform. Wolfram smiled, weakly. \"You wimp! Of course I'm happy.\" Yuuri wanted to hit him so badly. \"What! Why the hell would you be happy?!\" Yuuri sheirked. Wolfram reached up with a blood soaked hand. \"Because, I'm dieing YOUR arms. I going to die defending you. And I told you, I'd follow you anywhere because I love you, Yuuri. I'd do anything to protect you. I just couldn't bear to live without you.\" Wolfram lowered his hand, leaving a large patch of his blood on Yuuri's cheek. Yuuri choked. \"WHAT ABOUT ME?! What if I can't live without you?! You jerk, you didn't even bother to think how I feel.\" Yuuri was burring his face in Wolfram's shoulder. Wolfram gently grabbed Yuuri's cheek and kissed him for the very last time. \"I didn't think about your feelings because your the Great Demon King. You have to move on.\" Yuuri shook his hand violently. \"I won't Wolfram! Never!\" But Wolfram was already gone.

Never in the whole history of the demon tribe had anyone heard a Demon scream as loud or as pained as Yuuri did that day.

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