Trudi Wolfe

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A 1st person story about a Sniper who is tired of what she is doing in a Civil war.

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013



Most soldiers don't get a clean line of fire. If your on the front line you shot blindly and carelessly and hope you hit an enemy. Snipers do. They know who their hitting and they get to see their targets faces before they die. I am not longer my fatherland's hope but I am human weapon. Used for killing of millions. A massacre, not a war.

I lined the gun up with my target. The back of the head was always the quickist. I pulled the trigger. The shot was almost silent, save for the impact. The human target a middle aged male cilvian fell dead to the ground. I grabbed my rifle and ducked. They were armed if found me, they'd shoot me.

'I was ordered to kill a whole school today, teachers and kids. No problem, I said. It took me less than hour.' My knuckles turned white as I gripped my water bottle. The desert terrian made us all thristy. I was no stranger to killing but that doesn't mean I enjoy it! 'I can't believe there doing this! Making us some sort of human murder weapon? I hate it!' I cried while shaking my head. My squadron turned to face me. The one who perviously spoke was higher ranking than me. Major Katon.

'Do you know what's worse than murder, marksman?' Katon said, his hard coal-like eyes resting on the rifle leaning on my right knee. 'Leave it, Katon.' 1st Lieutenant Marcos warned. Katon caught eyes again and continued ignoring his subordinate. 'The only thing worse than death is to avert your eyes from it!' Katon stood up and strode over to seated me. He knelt down and grabbed my chin ruffly. 'Katon!' Marcos barked again but it went unnoticed.

I tried to shake my chin from his grasp but Katon's grip was too strong. 'You look at the people you kill in the eye, and you remember them. Because I promise you,' He leaned closer to my ear. 'They will never forget the person who killed them.' Katon stood up as the superiors ordered us back to our 'work'. 'Did you really think once you put on that uniform, you wouldn't be asked to kill?' Katon laughed crazily as he walked off. Did I?

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