poems that are made by me

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The girl that said bubba

she said bubba bubba in her own sweet tone he says go like he did all before she was sad and ... Read Chapter

Roses have thornes

every thorn has it's rose some are nasty some are colorful some are just plain awful some just are blackjust like the... Read Chapter

Drip drip

drip drip is all she here's drip drip there it is again she is scared and she fears for the worse she is shaking ... Read Chapter

The prophecy of the girl

she crays in the middle of the night wishing she can survive she was made to die she was bor... Read Chapter


the moon was full and bright casting it white ... Read Chapter

the wind

the wind blows the roses sprout the sun shines, the Crystal waters shine like ice you can here the wind saying ... Read Chapter

i am specking and i am blinking and i am ... Read Chapter

they run

we run for are lifeor at  least we try   ... Read Chapter

the girl that was falling

i felt a peace i felt like wind was coming... Read Chapter

the girl that was weak

i was weak i fell to the ground and fell ... Read Chapter

to save her

she was full of danger and choosing to save ... Read Chapter


some pets lick you some pets hurt you and ... Read Chapter


  there was a diamond that was shining in the horizon and the silver lining ... Read Chapter


maybe someday life is here and there and every ... Read Chapter

the cage

this cage filled with loneliest and pain lets go outside into the light   ... Read Chapter


chocolate is so sweet and so lovely to eat ... Read Chapter

neon green + icecream


the sad girl

she was lying on the ground and she was cr... Read Chapter


i am sleeping when you are with me and i ... Read Chapter


i was running  then you came i was lost but now i am happy you have came to ... Read Chapter

the shooter

the shooter heard me he turned around and shot ... Read Chapter


some say hey some say by some just don't know what is in there life ... Read Chapter


she crys he crys wishing they could just die wishing for there life to end and become a new beginning  out of the darkne... Read Chapter

the cake

they were sitting there eating a very dealicious cake they loved the taste the way it will melt like chocolate that is stre... Read Chapter

thr cat

the cat kept begging for food kept on going on and on  like a recorded tape on replay ... Read Chapter


the light was shining the ocean wa calling and the waves were calling they say '' be ok'' to the people on the waves the... Read Chapter