Potter Puppet Pals-Muggle Style! :D

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Well,this is a script me and my friend are working on. We haven't finished it,but I thought I'd just share it on booksie. I'll post more of the script once we get on with it,so yah. Oh,Potter Puppet Pals does not belong to me,blah blah blah. The script does,but not the actual voices,puppets,or the idea of the Potter Puppet Pals. P.S I pretty much came up with most of this

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012



Potter Puppet Pals

Muggle Style!

Intro Music:

Ron: Maths!

Harry: Of coarse it's maths you idiot! Besides,do you even know what it is?

Ron: YES!....What's maths?

Harry: *sighs* It's a subject to do with numbers,and dividingness,and subtractioness,and addingness,and....other...ness. Do you get it now?

Ron: Well.....no.....

Harry: Dear god Ron...your so dumb and it's not even slightly amusing!

Ron: I know...but thanks for the lecture Harry! I sure appreciate it

Harry: Of coarse you do! You appreciate everything about me!

Ron: Or do I Harry? Or do I?

Harry: What the heck is that suppose to mean you fat pig!?

Ron: I have no idea!

Harry: I can't believe how stupid you are! It's just not right for you to be even attending muggle school! It's shameful....just shameful! To all muggles around! Yes....even Dudley...my fat,piglike cousin!

Ron: But I thought you ha- (is cut off by Harry)

Harry: SHUT UP!

Snape enters the room

Snape: Hello children,and welcome to the very important muggle subject of maths and science

Harry: Hello Mr. Carrot nose a- (cut off by Ron)

Ron: Mmm,carrots! I love ca- (cut off by Harry)

Harry: Shut up and let me finish!

Snape: Mr. Potter. Disrupting class....100,000 points from Gryffindor

Harry: I don't give a dragon's crotch! (awkward silence. P.S This bit I came up with all on my own)

Snape: Mr. Potter! No- (cut off)

Cedric (Lol,yes! I came up with this and what he says!) Hufflepuffs' 4ever! (really awkward silence)

Snape: Me think some severe consequences for Mr. Diggory- (cut off once more by Cedric)

Cedric: Do it wen ur ded! (do it when you're dead!) (randomly jumps on random dragon and flies away)

Snape: As for you Mr Potter

Harry: God damn it!

Snape: Swearing is forbidden in class! Another 50 points from Gryffindor (Dumbledore randomly pops up)

Dumbledore: Hello Snape,hello Harry and your little orange friend

Ron: My name's Ron,professor (that's all I've got. Update this when I get more of the script done! Comment if you like it or not)

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