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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


This is a story of an ordinary teenager named Samantha. She has dreams as a princess when she is a sleep but, when she is awake, she is at school as an ordinary teenager, having the same boring classes and seeing the same people every day. The classes that I’m taking are. ROTC, sociology, Art 2, Algebra 1, English 12 and office aid. The only thing I find interesting is this guy that I like his name is Jeff. He is cut, hansom and has a smile that lights up my face I just want to faint. Well let me tell my story of how my ordinary life runs trough day-to-day bases and changes at night.
Monday February 23, 2009 The day of rescanning my feelings part 1.
Well it is the usual get up around 6:20am then try not to get in trouble by my mother, Mary. She always argues about my chores. My sister Alexandra and I now are trying to have a life with our friends at school some times, Anyway my mother always says “Samantha when are you going to empty the trash in the bathroom.” As always I do the trash and try not to let the anger get the best of me, sometimes it helps a lot to relax and breathe before going back up the stairs. Then it’s off to school as always and when I get there I sit in the cafeteria where my sister and her friends sit, I also try to have conversations with them. They are kid of my friends you now try to be some one you are not.
The bell rings for students to get start to there classes, I go to my first period so I can tell the teacher that I am going to my locker to put my jacket away and then I put my stuff down and leave I always go up the northeast tower because. My locker is near there anyway I walked past this guy named Will and his never talks to me unless it is in sociology and he is talking about my crush on Jeff and if I have talk to him at all. Before my third period starts I always go to my locker then go to art. I always go down the northeast tower because that is the easiest way to all my classes. Well anyway I go down and try to get past these groups of people even though I now it is Adam and Jeff’s friends all grouped together chatting to each other about anything.
I always take a quick glance at Jeff and go to class I don’t talk nor say hello to him at all it is safer this way anyway then, I go to art with a little hop in my day even though I feel like torturing my self with the rolling around in my bed knowing I had the worst sleep in my life even though it has been going on like this for four months, but the thing is when I am sleeping. I sometimes have most wonderful expiring dreams that I can only relate to, but back to my story (by the way it is 8pm at night). Well anyway in my dream I am having a regular day as always but this day shocked me the most only because it happened in my dreams of course. I chat with my sister‘s friends and go to my class drop my things off put away my jacket then I stated to walk to class well when I was walking.
I always walk past Adam and Jeff’s friends and when I do I look at Jeff but today was a great day so I decided that there was no need for me to look at him today. When I went past all I recall was someone is calling my name I knew it was Adam because I remember his voice to well and how he called my name so I ignored him. Anyway I went past him and all I recall is spinning in a circle and getting slammed into a locker, where he is hovering over me.

He asked his friends if he could talk to me alone even though the bell has rung. His friends were leaving and when I was with him in his arms. I blushed it was the first time I did. He looked at me and then I closed my eyes because I was so embarrassed his stare was making my hart beat faster then normal. I open my eyes to see that he kissed me it was the most soft and passionate thing I have ever witnessed being done to me it was so wonderful. I knew that this kiss had to end so I bused myself back to breath so I blushed even more I looked at him and he was chuckling at me I guess I had a very illuminating expression that made him laugh. I started to run because it was to embarrassing and he grabbed my arm saying, “Samantha please don’t leave” so I stayed and looked in his eyes he was on the floor still holding my had and he ask me, “Princess Samantha will you accept becoming my bride?” I was totally in shock I just was in lost for words that I said as he started to get up were.
“Can I give you my answer tomorrow? I promise I will give you an answer, just let me think about it.” He said “ Ok that’s fine tomorrow then well you better get to class” he gave me another kiss on the cheek this time and was gone. I went to my ROTC class the students haven’t started yet on class so that was the worming bell then I toke my set and then class ended so quickly. I went to sociology and the class was up stairs so I walked to the northeast tower as always and when I went strait to class my other class art 2 was also very quick it was ending so fast the only thing that was reached about school was English 12. We had to go to the library to grab lab tops and we had to do a project and it was the whole class. Well the library only gave use one cart so Adam and me had to go to the library and go to the computer lab to get our projects done.
We were alone and I was starting the computer up and all I felt was him pressing his lips to mine I was trying to get him off of me. He kissed me and it was a very deep kiss I am glade that no one could see us at all. He kept on kissing me, on the neck the face the hands but nothing past that point he respected the way his friends asked me about if I was going to do some thing that only a boy and girl can do and my answer to that question was that I was not going to do that unless I was married first the maybe yes. I got back to my writing even though he was still kissing me on the neck breathing so close to me I almost was dizzy but then he got serious and asked for my hand in marriage.
I just didn’t let it get to me at all I pushed him off again and told him to stop because it was not right for him and me. Luckily Mr. Cain asked if we were done I got up immediately and said “Yes I am done” and left when the teacher did I was so confused. The day for school was ending and I had a lot to think about tonight it was so hard to decide between Adam and Jeff they both loved me and my heart pounded when I was near both of them. Then I woke up it was 6 a.m. in the morning and I know that when I woke up the next night tonight that dream will come again to me.

Tuesday February 24, 2009 The reality that is hidden from love part 2
Well I had a regular day at school so as always I did glance at Jeff. Adam stared at me so I just quickly try to break his gaze that he was holding on me so I just started to walk away. When it was 3rd hour I went past his friends as always because my class was done stairs. Anyway Adam came up to me and started to talk to me it was peculiar so he started to say “Hi Samantha um how is your day.” I was shocked because in this reality right here he never ever talks to me. So I had to give him an answer he was waiting for me to speak but I was lost for words so I just said” I am fine thank you for asking, how are you? ”
“Oh just fine well um see you in English class then” then he turned to me again and said, “See you later then bye”. I said as he was walking away “Bye Adam see you later”. Then I went to sociology then as I was walking he was 3 people in front of me he went the other way to turn he kissed me. I was shocked because it was in reality instead of my dreams. I had the same complex reaction just like in my dream and he stared at me and chuckled and vanished. That was the same scene in my dream last night. When it was English class I tried so hard not to look shocked because that kiss was still on my mind. When that bell rang he vanished so fast I didn’t have time to blink. When I left he was right there waiting for me. “So why are you fallowing me Adam what is it that you want, you already kissed me what more do you want from me.”
It was quite and he grabbed me and led me to a room and then I heard the door lock and he was on a teacher’s desk. He pulled me towards him, then the last bell range for 5th hour he didn’t care if Jeff was waiting for him or if he had to go to gym he just stared at me with those mesmerizing eyes. I pulled myself away from him trying to run because his gaze at me was so embarrassing he grabbed my waste and was breathing on my neck. He kissed my neck more than once I tried to pull away put I was facing him now I couldn’t say any thing so I just put some strength in my left arm and was free off his grasp then I unlocked the door and ran to my Algebra class.

Wednesday February 25, 2009 Breaking decision part 3
Algebra was over before I new it I was happy that Adam was finally gone for the day it was a miracle that I got out of his glares, kisses and just how he pulls me toward him in silence it was so scary to let him breath on my neck it was making it harder to get out of his tight hold of me. Well it was done and over with knows so I can go home and get some sleep tonight. When it was 9pm I went strait to a deep consciousness that I would not get out off until 6:30 in the morning at least.
I am know in my dream it is day time and I had to chose I just couldn’t have both it would make me selfish so, I chosen Jeff because he lit up my life he used to talk to me when I went by him in the cafeteria. So now it was time to tell them my chose, it was the end of second period and I saw Jeff first. He pulled me to a classroom and just pulled me close to him as he was whispering in my ear “I know that Adam asked you to marry him. I know that you can’t get away from me because of how I touch you and how you are weak when I kiss you on your neck and lips that is your weakest point after all (not in a sexual way) that’s what make messing with you so thrilling.”(He continues)
“That’s the greatest thing I love about you along with your personality.” I was so dizzy from him kissing me that I started to fall but he caught me. “Samantha are you ok?” I said “Yes I am um (the bell started to ring) um I have to go to class before I am late Jeff you might not want to be late as well ok.” Then I start to leave, he grabbed my arm and said “I love you” then he kissed me then he let me go. I went to my third hour and that was the slowest hour I was at least happy about that because after this hour I will be in the computer lab with Adam alone just like the day before yesterday I wise that if I didn’t have such a radiating body complexion that will get me out off this bind but I know it won’t happen. Then I have forth hour it was safe for right now when I open the door. The one person that has the greatest hint of passion is Adam he was standing right in front of me and pulled me out off the English class room. He toke me to the computer lab in the media center, letting me know that it is time for the decision I think.
“Adam why are we in the computer lab, wait a minute I left when Mr. Cain came in ----“He shut me up by kissing me and continued to kiss me just like yesterday and the day before that. He stopped for a minute and whispered in my ear. “Hi Princess Samantha I can’t wait to get your answer today.” Then I started to talk again when he freed my lips, “Adam please just stop for a minute, I have a question for you and if you want to marry me then you would have a lovely answer, do you love me Adam are you serious about marriage?” He didn’t have to think he said the words with out a hint of a stupid look, he said “ I love you so much that’s why I want to marry you not because you’re a princess and your on your way to the queen’s thrown, nothing like that I just love you for you.”
I put my lips to his and had my arms around his neck I was so happy for the first time in my life. I push him away from me and finished my paper at the same time; he was done to with his. We both walked in the class room with five minutes to spare we told Mr. Cain that we were done with both of our papers. Then fifth hour started and then I went to lunch and had my naked juice in my hand not eating anything because of my decision to have Jeff as my fiancée.
I just went to the hall of champions and waited for them to leave. They walked in rhythm and saw me immediately, I walked towards them and started to talk “I know you both love me its hard to pick one of you because I love you both. Please if one is not chosen still be my friend, please promise me this one thing ok please.” Then Adam started to talk he said, “Samantha if you love someone you are going to spend the rest of your life with. So that’s all I have to say I still love you and I will always be your friend no matter what happens with this decision you make” then when he was done Jeff started to speak. “Samantha I know that in my heart every thing you do touches my life its what keeps me hoping for a brighter tomorrow that’s the days I love the most about you I love you very much with the deepest part of my heart.” Then I know that now the time for me to make my decision. “I know that I love you both but my decision is (pause) Jeff”.
He hugged me and then kissed me on the lips. Adam was waiting for Jeff to stop hugging me. When Jeff was done, I was hugging Adam I said “We are still friends the best of friends please don’t forget that, don’t you guys have to go home right know?” They left will Jeff gave me a good bye kiss and Adam just looked at me and gave me a hug as he said in my ear “See you tomorrow Princess Samantha have a great night sleep” then I was awake at 6:30 a.m. in the morning it was a great day because Adam is my boyfriend in reality but in my dreams Jeff was my beloved fiancée.

Submitted: November 28, 2010

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