"Going back in time..."

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A short sort of story written poem style about a dream I had. I hope you get the story when you get closer to the end.

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012



The song The Writer by Elie Goulding often seems to haunt me
and when I say haunt me I mean it someowhat inspires me
it brings me back to a dream
that gave me a weird sensation of hope
One night I fell asleep my ipod in my ears
and that exact song starting

Someone disapeared infront of me and I was crying in my dream
but then I saw myself
11 year old me
Crying in the exact same hotel that I lived in for a while when I moved to Illinois
The song was blasting around my ears when this was going on
like a music video of some sort
I came over to myself and I tapped my old head
crying me looked up
and we hugged

Then I seemed to go through my life in the past few years before this move
Frome 6th grade and insisting my old self to talk to my now friends and meet them
to 7th grade, going out with the boy of my dreams and then holding myself when I cried when he cut and broke my heart
also losing my first love and best friend
then to 8th grade, Becoming student council president and joining drama club
finding my true self
and taking a chance on a girl who I thought I'd later be able to break up with
and falling in love

But over time old me started to look like me
But I looked sick
like I was dieing
When we finally turned 14
Old me was growing very sick
I began to feel worried

Then it came to the day that we both were currently at
Old me collapsed
She couldn't breathe
I fought and I fought to keep old me alive
But she was dieing right infront of me
Then old me vanished
just like that
Tears were already brewing around my eyes
running down my cheaks in sadness

We'd been through it together
I'd always known what was going to happen next
and how hard it was for me to go through it alone
So I had helped her through it all
I'd been the friend
That I always needed then
and now she was gone

But... something changed at that exact moment..
a low voice came from behind me
"I know this is confusing to you now"
My body trembled
"but later you will understand."
I whipped my head around
To a mid-sized blonde
With someone
She had black hair and several percings
I didn't know the black haired girl but the blonde looked familiar

Blue green eyes
Ruffled short hair
and a bit of stubble
Did I know this person?

"You didn't tell me you we're so cute when you we're 14..."
the black haired girl giggled
Sam blushed and held out his hand to me

"Come on we are going to get you through the next 6 years"
Sam said
I grabbed the hand and woke up in my bed
even though there was tears scattered around my pillow
nothing could hide the smile on my face
so I turned off my ipod
and drifted into a soft sleep

No longer alone


No longer unaware I was never alone...

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