World Gone Wrong

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What has the world come to?

Submitted: April 17, 2010

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Submitted: April 17, 2010



Rain poors from the moonlit sky,

Stars glimmer just out of sight,

Silent screams from the wounded

Fill the night of the unknowing.

The painful reanactment

of the pain of men and women.

From the day it all began

To the day it will all end.

Can anyone see the beauty that lives

in the flowers below our feet?

Or is it too late?

As they get trampled below the race.

No one seems to care,

All they do is glare.

Each person against the other

Soon some die of hunger

No longer does anyone care.

No longer do people weep.

It has began

The end is soon near.

Can anyone see what the world has come too?

Is anyone left inside the shallow souls of the rich?

Is any love left in the hollowness of our hearts?

Can anyone believe,

The pain I see?

Or is all blinded.

Blinded by weakness

For all we care for anymore

Is ourself and only that.


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