Unhearing, unseeing

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explosion of thoughts

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011



Oh! How the light blinds what we see!

All and everything undercover.

How can we live and continue this-

moving, shaking, standing still

Do you have answers? So you care

to say the things and do the things

and live the eternity of living this minute.

This nowness. This time of going and coming moving to this place

that we do not see but are sure but unsure. But losing the grip because we are not strong.

We have been tricked. We have been listening and hearing but not knowing. Not thinking not really seeing.

Move your hands.

Move them please! Let me see.

Drop these fingers and do not shield me anymore. No More!

No more lies and drop them. I order you! I plead with you! I beg for you to give me this clarity to

see for me. To see for me.

Put them back, I do not wish to see.

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