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Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



The wave came, embracing my relaxed body with salty foam. The caressing sound of the surf lulled me in a light sleep, within which I dreamed of ships on long voyages. On the deck of one of them stood my brave captain, my corsair, fighting with sea monsters. Standing tall, he was my Flying Dutchman, frightening superstitious sailors, my god, who protects me from the strong winds that bring misfortune.

I woke up, even though I did not want to part with a sweet dream in which I could distinctly smell the ocean breeze. My captain was laying by my side, sweetly snoring in his evening slumber. I turned to him, kissed him gently on the lips, rubbed my nose against his stubble and nibbled his ear. I stroked his curly hair and suddenly realized that parting with my dream had a connection with reality. The next morning was going to back to his homeland, and we will not see each other for a year a whole long year. Human life is too short to lose so much time just waiting. But there was no other choice, however maybe it was just that we never gave each other a chance.

He opened his eyes, looked at me in awe, and I began to sink into the abyss of his caressing gaze. His kiss covered me with a sweet blanket of goosebumps; my body began to melt in his strong hands. I pressed myself against him; I wanted to babysit and play with him, as I would  with a small child. We made love all night many, many times. We tried again and again to enjoy each other, but we could not satisfy our desires in any way. It felt like I was dawn, blazing over the boundless steppe, but there the light was caught up and my impatient rays of sun were captured, not letting me fly forward and give the way of rising sun. We wanted the morning to never come, but it did not care and it snuck its first rays of sun through the window anyways.

In half an hour a taxi would arrive, we needed to get up and get ready. He was going to fly away and returned to his other life a life of which I have never been a part of. What that life looked like - I only knew from the photos on his phone and from his stories. He asked me to go back with him, but my pride and thirst for freedom did not allow me to agree. I did not want to live on his ranch among his horses; I did not want to be one of his mares. I would die from boredom there. It's better for me to stay in my cramped apartment on the outskirts of the city, far from the metro, but very close to the city dump and incinerator (which stink around the clock). But here I am my own mistress, completely free and left to my own devices. Now on my way to work in the morning, crushed against many people on a smelly train, I'll remember these minutes of separation and the future minutes of reunion and it will warm my heart.

In the taxi we sat in silence, immersed in our thoughts. Unfortunately the ordinary morning traffic jams on the endless highways of the city provided little distraction. For the first time I was thankful for traffic, it did not bother me, because maybe there was a chance he would miss his plane. Then he could stay with me a little longer, maybe a day or two,  or maybe only a few precious hours before the next flight. The glass hulls of the airport grew before us like silent idols of ancient civilizations. The roar of the airport terminal, more than ever, frightened me with its irrepressible energy.

Time was short. After getting though the line to check in, we hurried to the security checkpoint. That was the insidious moment of parting, because from there I could not go any further. We embraced, he bent down and pressed himself against my breast, and I felt the beating of my heart echoing through the crown of  his head. I did not want to let him go, I clung to him as long as I could and then finally released him. A tear rolled from his eyes, stopping at the tip of his nose, like a raindrop. No, I will not cry, I'm a strong woman. He took his bag and walked through the airport security. I did not budge; I only stood there and watched him. I could still see him from the doorway. From there, in the distance, as from another world, he waved to me for the last time and disappeared.

I was left alone.  Alone in the middle of a huge hall, teeming with people I did not know, alone on a huge globe, dangerous and alien. I went to the window from which I could see the boiling life of the airfield. Tears poured from my eyes, self-pity and pain flowed through my veins like bitter venom. The planes landed and then took off, reminding me of firebirds from children's fairy tales. It seemed  to me like there was something magical and extraterrestrial about them. He will soon fly away in one of them.

"Everything burns and hurts between my legs!" read a humorous SMS from him.

"Between mine too" I answered.

Then he sent me a smiley – so unusual and so lovely. I kissed the phone, imagining that I was kissing him.

How many times did I see someone off here, and then ran immediately to the express train or to the bus to get home hurriedly - through the endless jungle of a big city. But at that moment I did not want to go anywhere. He was still there, although I could not see him, I could still feel him. He had not yet flown to his other world, to another galaxy, he had not dissolved into the fluffy clouds stretching along the blue sky.

"I'm on the plane, getting ready for take-off" read another message from him.

 I remained there, looking out the window at the firebirds flying away. In each of them I imagined him, a beautiful prince, leaving me for an eternity, returning to his fairy tale. Yes, my brave captain, my pilgrim, I will wait for you!

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