The sky in his eyes

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Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



"What blue-blue eyes, reflecting a bottomless sky in this cloudless weather! They are open so wide. The fear I see frozen in them shines like a motionless, cold diamond. This face is symmetrical, pleasant, masculine and also attractive. He has such long hair, but only a small beard - real Scandinavian god, like a Viking from the ancient ballads. He is pinned here under a stone, swinging like an alga, his shockingly beautiful hair flowing around him. How did he get here, under this rock? "

The mermaid tried to pull the foot of the drowned man out of the narrow crack in which it was stuck. But all efforts proved to be in vain, his boot was clamped there tightly. In addition, it was difficult for the fragile maid to move the body of a large muscular man on her own. Even in the water, it remained heavy, crushed by a steep wall from above.

"I'll ask my friends to help me," the mermaid thought, and swam deep into the sea in search of them.

"No, we should not approach the shore, people might notice us," said an older mermaid named the Sea Star.

"It's very dangerous, we can scare somebody to death or find ourselves under the blades of a ship," said another named Lily.

"You always find trouble; you’re always attracted to people. I did not want our mother to call you by an earthly name, but she named you Daisy. What a ridiculous, comical name - and completely stupid!" said another mermaid called Actinia.

"Do not grumble, sister, do not be so cruel! After all, he probably had a family on the coast - his wife, his children, perhaps even his parents are still alive. He is still quite young, he looks to be something around 35-40 years old," said Daisy, trying to persuade her companions.

"OK, we’ll swim there and see, but we need to be very careful not to float to the surface and not to talk loudly," Sea Star said, finally giving in.

They came to the overhanging underwater rock and surrounded the body of the tall Scandinavian man rocking back and forth in underwater currents.

"What a handsome man!" - Lily exclaimed, - "He is a real prince".

"Silence,"  Sea Star whispered. "We will take him quietly from the boot and pull it all together, only gently, so as not to tear anything off."

They took to pulling the body out of the crevice, but it did not work immediately. They struggled with his body again and again, pulling on his limbs and flapping their huge tails. Sometimes their tails slipped above the surface of the water. The rock was only a hundred meters from the shore, where half-asleep fishermen sat. However, they noticed the beginnings of a whirlpool and a stirring in the water.

"Look, what's that?" whispered one of them.

"It’s the Russians, we need to report this to the police," his stunned partner replied.

Eventually, the mermaids succeeded in freeing the Viking from the clutches of the huge stone. His body, turned face down, began to rise slowly to the surface. Daisy stopped for a while and looked into his beautiful eyes for the last time. She wanted so to see the sky there again but then she disappeared into the depths of the sea.

The next day all the Swedish newspapers hysterically wrote that a Russian submarine was seen by fishermen near the shore.

Only one local newspaper published a short article about the fact that the corpse of a fisherman was found. He was a resident of a coastal village, thirty-eight years old, with a wife and three children. His boat had likely overturned during a night storm, and he probably drowned, hitting his head on the underwater rocks. The article expressed condolences to his family, parents, friends and relatives.

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