Lost Love

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I wrote this when I was 16 for school

Submitted: May 27, 2013

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Submitted: May 27, 2013



Luke Cyrus groaned in his sleep; his mocha hair sticky with blood, his forehead stitched together like patchwork quilt. In the darkest recess of his mind he could hear a distant voice-"girl, dead, accident". The unforgettable odour of disinfectant assaulted his nostrils as he struggled to make sense of the situation. Slowly, realisation began to dawn...

Tentatively, he opened his eyes. The bright lights stung as the pale walls swam In and out of focus, like an ancient camera trying to find its subject. The room was sparsely furnished and in the corner he could vaguely distinguish the silhouettes of two crumpled, worn figures. "Luke darling" sobbed his mother "oh Pete he's awake".

Her voice was, like her, weary and torn. For hours They had deliberated how to tell him. The time had come. His father muttered something incomprehensible, incoherent; word which made no sense. His ears rang, the room spun uncomfortably as nausea overwhelmed him and he retched uncontrollably; his body heaving and bucking against the white sheets. He closed his eyes. He was back in his powder blue convertible, Mia by his side. Music pumping, her blonde mane tumbled and teased by the gentle breeze.

They didn't see it coming, didn't stand a chance. The stolen car hit them as speed, propelling them skyward, a crumpled, mangled wreck spinning in its wake. Like a broken film, his mind toiled to reconnect the fragments of his memory. Mia, lying there broken and twisted, her ruby blood staining every surface, her fingers reaching for him. A desperate, final gesture of hope. He saw it then. A metal pole impaling her torso, pinning her to the seat. Her glass green eyes vacant and expressionless. Gone. "I'm sorry son" mumbled his dad; "so sorry". Luke turned away-unable to bear it any longer, he wept, wracking sobs tearing him apart. He agonised for Mia. Keened for himself, lamented his lost love.

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