The end of my car

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
A person’s regular trip to an auto station ends with him buying a new car.

Submitted: January 10, 2019

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Submitted: January 10, 2019



New York , Bronx. Time was 10.30 in the morning. I drove my car on route 87 to the West ,from New York to White Plains. For historians of cinematography, White Plains was a place,there Marlin Monroe got married to Arthur Miller, but for me that was a location of the nearest Honda service center. I had to drive to that center to change engine oil, because a day earlier its yellow indicator on an instrumental panel turned on. Life of engine oil has reached its limit.But I was nervous , because I have almost reached another limit.
That day for me there isn't a way to avoid to get a ticket for a traffic violation. It is general rule that it doesn't matter how safely and accurately your driving is. At some point of time you would get ticket. According to my calculation each 2000 thousands milage costs me one ticket for traffic violation.
And that was 1990 miles since I got the last one. That's why I was so nervous.
Then I almost reached exit from route 87 to route 100, I saw in a rear mirror a police car just behind me with its flashing lights on. As required traffic law, I pulled over, but the police car didn't stop, and just was passing by my car.Thanks God! That was a relive. They didn't want me.
I parked my car at the entrance of the service center being in a good mood. . A service center's manager said to me :

"You don't know how lucky you are. "

I answered :

"You aren't right,I know"

" No, you don't! Today we have a special discount for changing oil,Instead of regular price of 60 dollars, you have to pay only 59 dollars and 50 cents.
I thought :
" What could I buy for 50 cents? May be small battle of water in a discount story. But, but it didn't matter. This day was definitely my lucky day”
After oil was changed, the manager said to me:

"Bay the way, we have a new models Honda on sale, do you want to take a look?"

Full of excitement I answered:

"Why not"

And we went to a sales department. On a way to the department two other managers joined our company. The first manager was on my right, the second one was on my left, and the third one was right behind me. That started to resemble me some scene I saw earlier somewhere. And I recalled. That resembled me a scene from a movie "The Green Mail",when on death row Joan Coffey was escorted by three guards to an electrical chair. I started to worry.
In the sales department the fourth manager was very straightforward:
"Do you want to trade-in in your car for a new one, we can give you a good deal"

I answered :

"I am here to change oil, but not for buying a new car"

The Manager said:

"We give you a good price for your old"

I answer :

"I appreciate your proposal, but I am not ready to buy today"

"We give you a car with sunroof for a price a car without sunroof "

"Thank you,I don't like cars with sunroof"

He continued to insist:

"It's okey, I don't like cars with sunroof myself. But a new model has a camera on the back. You can see what is behind you, when a car moves backwards. Do you want to take a test drive?

I said:


But in 10 minutes I drove a new car. Indeed, a rear camera was very useful, especially, when I parked the car.

We returned in sales department.

I said :

"The new car is very good,but I need to speak with my wife, I can't buy the car without her permission.

That was a killing argument. I saw in eyes of the manager that he knew the danger of doing anything without a wife's permission. I was safe.

Suddenly,I herd behind me familiar voice:

"Hi ,Igor."
I turned around. Indeed, that as my neighbor Mikel. I didn't know that he works here. But he continued :

" I am glad you eventually decided to buy a new car. I herd you your wife saying yesterday that she doesn't like your old car".That was the end of my car.
Two hours later I drove a new car back New York. I felt good. That was pleasure to drive a new car. At my halfway back I saw in a rear mirror a police car with flashing lights on. I pulled over. The Police car stopped behind me, and I got a ticket. It turned out that my calculation wasn't completely accurate. Estimation that 2000 milages costs one ticket was right, but it apples not to a car, but to a driver.


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