What a day!

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A story of a beach goer,who accedetly becomes naked while swimming in the ocean.

Submitted: July 24, 2018

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Submitted: July 24, 2018




What a day! Summer, vacation, ? sunny beach, waves of hot air, but I was completely frozen, walking in cold water  in fifty yards from the shore line. My swimming trunk was still dry, because of the first quarter of the moon, that was neap tide. I had to walk another fifty yards to reach powerful waves breaking line.

Eventually, I was there. The wall of water hit me. Waves turned me upside down. It happened several times. That was a joy. That was  amazing. I had a feeling that nothing separated me from the ocean. Unfortunately,  that feeling had a very practical reason. Soon ,I realized that somehow, because hit waves was so strong, I lost my swimming trunks, that meant I was absolutely naked in the water in 100 yards from a crowded beach. 

What should I do? To stay there until darkness came? But that was not possible. The water was so cold, and the day was still so young. Should I ask somebody for help?

In the water in 20 yards, from where I was, there were two pretty girls. Should I shout to them to ask for help? But that wasn‘t an option, because nose of waves was too loud to expect they understood what I want. Trying to approach them was an option. But I imagined their reaction to a naked man approaching them. They could have decided that I am a sexual manic, and rest of my vacation I could have spend in local jail. 

Eureka, I found a good way to avoid desaster . I would pretended that I was drowning. Lifeguards would come to me. I explained them situation, and they brought my clothes from my beach chair.

I saw two young guards on the closest lifeguard chair. Guys looked very nice. I started shouting


“Help me, I am drowning”


Then I started pretending that I was going under the water. To be more realistic I submerged for several seconds. Then I emerged from the water,and looked at the lifeguard chair. The lifeguard chair was empty. It looked like my plan worked. Then I looked at shoreline, and I was shocked. Instead of two lifeguard guys, a pretty lifeguard girls was running towards me. 

But that was only beginning. Suddenly, somebody on the beach  shouted : “ Shark”, and started to point in my direction. Of course, it happens often that somebody ,having watching “Jaws” in the previous night, might see  in any unusual shaped wave shark fin. I was sure that there wasn’t any shark near by. But all people on the beach looked at me. That was a catastrophe. 

At that moment I felt that something touched my  leg. Was that ,really,a shark? If so,at least I would died as a hero, and shark would be kept responsible for the missing swimming trunk. I sharply moved my leg to strongly hit the alleged predator. But instead feeling of touch of rubber like skin of sea monster , I felt  a smooth piece of fabric material on my leg. With my hand I reached that. That was swinging trunk. I put it on, in a second the lifeguard girl ask : 


“A you okay”


I answered : 




Then I ,being absolutely happy , stand at lifeguard chair. I thanked the girl for saving my life. Then I moved my eyes down to look at my lucky swimming truck,…And then I realized that it wasn’t my trunks. 

At that moment somebody started shouting from the ocean: 


“Help me, I am drowning”


Pretty lifeguard girl rushed to the water saying:


“ How it is possible to have two similar accidents one after another, What a day.”


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