The Angel in Red

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This is a piece that is up to you to interpret, but the basic background/gist is this:
The story is told in Venice's point of view. She feels like she is not as good as her angelic cousin, Marie. She looks almost identical to Marie.
Marie is the same age as Venice, and like her, has golden blonde hair and sheer blue eyes. She is kind, thoughtful and overall saint-like.
It's up to you to decide who the angel in red is.

Submitted: May 28, 2010

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Submitted: May 28, 2010



To Venice, Marie always seemed angelic. Maybe it was the golden blonde hair, streaked with lighter highlights that ran in the Herring family or the smile that eternally was plastered on her face. Whatever the case, her beautiful cousin, Marie, radiated sunshine and happiness. Like one of those cheesy commercials that guarenteed your life would become better. Except Marie wasn't cheesy, Venice thought vigorously, she was the real deal. Meanwhile, she was just plain old average, nothing signifacant or out of the ordinary. Itt was hard to feel bitter and jaded, though. She knew, that if the time ever came, she’d give her life to protect Marie’s. Because in a world filled with darkness, there were only so many lights. Marie was one of them.

Venice's sheer blue eyes met Marie's luminous ones and she shrugged lightly. She was just being jealous. She frowned, her dimple disappearing. Jealously was definitely notan emotion she liked to possess. So when she noticed delicate white angel wings sprouted on Marie's back, she forced herself to pass it off as just a hallucination. She continued bantering with her favorite cousin, the sound of their laughter echoing like bells in a church. Marie’s hands spread out gleefully like there was no tomorrow, Venice noted. This was her normal, mortal cousin, for God’s sake. Of course it was just some stupid vision. Marie had that saintly effect on people. She just never thought it would happen to her.

"I can't believe it’s almost summer Venice!" Marie exclaimed like a little kid. She then paused at the edge of the sidewalk, waiting.

"Yeah, I can't believe it either!"

The red light shifted to a green.

They began trudging to the other side of the crosswalk quite slowly. Rushing was not an option when the sun's rays blazed down peacefully. It was a perfect day, complete with a cool breeze, Marie thought. She’d never forget it.

Marie cracked a corny joke while they walked at a turtle's pace.

The green shifted to a yellow.

Venice burst into a fit of giggles, barely able to contain herself.

The yellow light shifted to a red.

The whole world seemed to be covered in that one wretched color.

Amidst it all, an angel with pure white wings and delicate blue eyes lay weeping at her loss.



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