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Just putting some words down, like if enjoyed, in a bad mood today

Submitted: May 13, 2013

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Submitted: May 13, 2013



Just.. How am i supposed to know that you Love me, if you don't show it?

Just.. How am i suppose to feel you, if you're not there? Ignoring me, rejecting me, you may as well burn my soul.

Just... Why don't you just leave? We both know you're not happy, not into... Me.

Just... Why are you even with me? We both know you could be with many other guys.

But... No. You chose me. The freak. The unsocial. The Nut job. The ugly.

But... When I'm with you... You make me the Loved... The Beautiful... The most happiest person alive. Your quirky ness makes me look sane.

But... Why am I like what I am? Was I born like this? Is it something to do with my bruised past? You try, and you try to fix what's left of me.

But... What if.. Theres nothing left to fix? Are you wasting your time?

But... What if in the future the only thing I can hold onto is a box half empty of anti-depressants? Will you still want me? The freak, the unsocial, the nut job, the ugly. Will you make me into something better? Or something worse?

But... This is me. You're just going to have to put up with it. The mood swings, the angry outbursts. The suicidal thoughts.

Just... Leave, for your own sakes. Nobody should put up with me. The Freak. The Unsocial. The Nut Job. The Ugly.

Or make me into the The Loved.. The Beautiful... The Most happiest person alive, if you just stay by my side, never leaving. Always by my side.



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