She Sits In Front...

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Hey this is my first story so please comment and give me advice. This is just a story of Jelousy and Paranoia

Submitted: May 11, 2013

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Submitted: May 11, 2013



I watch you... Laughing, smileing.. Touching... I try to get on with this essay but all i can hear is you laughing along with him. I kick your chair to try and get your attention, to show you that im here.. Watching. Showing you that im still here, Loving You with all my heart as you laugh with him, taking his pen as he steals your pencil case. You turn around. You give look at me annoyed then look back at him and take back your pencil case with laughter. A burning pain starts in the depth of my stomach, as I believe that you no longer care for me, but for him. Why do you look so happy with him and never look like this with me? You look so happy with him. Do You Love him?  I have to fight hard to keep back breaking down in tears. The bell rings for the end of the lesson. You pretend as nothing has happened.. Like im a mad man... But I know what I saw.. I saw you fall In Love With another man.

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