Knife in my Back

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For anyone who has ever been hurt by a friend . . .

Submitted: January 17, 2010

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Submitted: January 17, 2010



It is placed in my back

you twist and you turn

the kindness I gave

has not been returned

I fall to the ground

the warmth runs forever

you said we'd always be friends

but I guess you meant never

the shock is like ice water

running over my wounds

if there was anyone I didn't expect

it would have been you

the hurt cannot accompany the pain felt inside

who knew that our friednship

would be such a painful ride

you thought I wouldn't know

thought I wouldn't find out

well I guess you fogot

even the most trusting friends doubt

like you doubted me

you lie and you sneak

the shadows can't hide

the way that you reek

you reek of the stink that comes from a traitor

a person you give trust to and ends up unfaithful

I guess we all learn

through the hurt that we earn

thats friends can not be trusted

no matter how much you yearn

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