Tired of waiting of worrying of everything that is. Tired of what he does to me.

Your attack on my emotions

To many tears to fill the ocean

crying seems now too excessive

yearning for your love and acceptance

wondering where? why? and who?

am I strong enough to love you

seemingly endless roads that I face

you and your essence feel every space

I fall asleep thinking of you

all that you are everything that you do

you consume my thoughts

drive me insane

I think about you everytime I'm in pain

if he was here what would he do?

would he comfort me or whisper to you

I feel so weary so scared and afraid

if only I had you evrything would be okay

My strength is fading I've given up hope

but still when I look at him it's you that I want the most

Submitted: April 06, 2010

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